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This project will endeavor to provide actual transcriptions of Marriage Applications, and other Marriage Records, as found recorded in the county court house and state archives. We encourage these transcriptions to be entire marriage books and/or rolls of microfilm, although individual files will be happily accepted.
Transcripts will be accepted and files will be placed in the USGenWeb Archives directory of the State and County, where the marriage records were originally recorded.

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Multiple Marriages

File Description Size Date Submitter
Bible Records 2K Jun 2008 Jerry Carraway
Brown Family Marriages 1K May 2006 Iris Hill Brown
Harnett County, NC - County Index 2K Apr 2007 Marceline Beem


Individual Marriages

File Description Size Date Submitter
Actey, Catherine C. - Darroch, Neill December 23, 1856 1K Nov 2007 Carolyn Shank
Barefoot, James - Barefoot, Mary 1868 1K Jul 2008 Connie Ardrey
Brown, Louisa T. - McCormick, Duncan May 28, 1857 1K Nov 2007 Carolyn Shank
Cameron, Rachael E. - Patterson, William. October 25, 1855 1K Oct 2007 Carolyn Shank
Criscoe, Daniel E. - Sessoms, Suddie 21 Oct 1922 1K Jan 2006 Shirley Roman
Hartfield, Lucy E. - McKay, W. B. November 2, 1859 1K Jun 2007 Carolyn Shank
Lockamon, Bias - Stephens, Helen 25 Sep 1926 1K Jan 2006 Shirley Roman
McLean, Christian - Davis, Michael C. April 25, 1861 1K Jul 2007 Carolyn Shank
McLeod, Flora - McNeill, David December 23, 1856 1K Nov 2007 Carolyn Shank
Pettigrew, Annie B. S. - McKay, Neill, Rev. May 15, 1863 1K Sep 2007 Carolyn Shank
Robatsac, Maggie E. - Page, J. R. , Captain February 18, 1864 1K Sep 2007 Carolyn Shank
Sessoms, Henry Albert - Lockamy, Mamie 20 Dec 1919 1K Jan 2006 Shirley Roman
Sessoms, Percy - Byrd, Alva 14 Apr 1923 1K Jan 2006 Shirley Roman
Stewart, George T - Avery, Mabel Lee 1K Jun 2008 Paulette Faulkner
Wood, Lonnie - Sexton, Maranda 26 Dec 1903   1K Jan 2007 Roslyn Panichas




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