Sabine Parish Marriage Project

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This project will endeavor to provide actual transcriptions of Marriage Applications, and other Marriage Records as found recorded in the parish court house and state archives.

You are encouraged to submit transcriptions of entire marriage books and/or of the entire roll of microfilm. All transcripts will be accepted and placed in the USGenWeb Archives directory of the State and County/Parish where the marriage records were originally recorded.

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Note - any name listed more than once represents different marriage records.

  Dutton, Jesse
Misc. Marriages
Surnames - Eason,  Ferris and  Horton
Abbey, Charles E.
Adams, Spencer I.
Addison, Elizabeth
Addison, Elizabeth
Addison, Hiram
Addison, William
Adison, Washington
Ainsworth, Levin
Alford, Dicy
Alford, Frankey
Alford, J G
Alford, Jacob L.
Alford, Jesse P.
Alford, Joseph
Alford, Laury
Alford, M. D.
Alford, Mrs. Elizabeth
Alford, Nancy
Alford, Thomas S.
Alford, William T.
Allen, Franklin
Allen, Lodena
Allen, Mary C.
Amasker, Mrs. Mahala
Anderson, Thomas Jefferson
Anderson, Wade
Anderson, Wade
Anthony, Milberry
Antony, J. H. O.
Antony, Matilda C.
Aonede, Sarah
Armstreet, Wm.
Armstrong, J. H.
Armstrong, L. E.
Armstrong, Mary A. A.
Armstrong, R. Laurence
Armstrong, Rebeca Jane
Armstrong, W. H.
Arthur, Emily
Arthur, Soloman
Ataway, A. M.
Aten, Mary Ann
Aten, Phebe Ellie
Aten, Roady
Aten, William M.
Austin, Richard
Babb, Mary Ann
Baldwin, Thomas J.
Ball, Evaline E.
Barbee, Caroline
Barbo, R. E.
Barnes, Joseph K.
Barnes, Martha E.
Barr, Alanson, Jr.
Barr, Sarah
Bass, Mary
Bebe, Lahandra
Bebe, Vita
Bebee, Celeste
Beckum, Martha
Beddingfield, Permelia
Beddingfield, Sarah
Bennett, Adaline
Bennett, Sarah
Benson, George Washington
Besjay, Nancy
Billingsley, J. B.
Bingham, Theodore
Binns, Ann F.
Bloodworth, Elizabeth
Bloodworth, Eveline
Bloodworth, Portevent
Bolton, John F.
Bossier, Florida
Bossier, Louisiana
Bossier, Sophia
Bosteet, Jane
Boswell, John S
Boswell, Mary E.
Boswell, Rhody
Boswell, Sarah
Bozeman, Thomas
Bozeman, Thomas
Branch Jane C.
Bray, Cavell
Bray, David
Bray, Elizabeth Ann
Brown Edards
Brown, Isiah
Brown, Jane
Brown, Martha E.
Brown, Mary E
Brown, Mary N
Brown, Mrs. Martha Jane
Brown, Robert
Brurelle, Serraphim
Burgess, Elizabeth
Burks, Mary Ann
Burr, Murry
Burton, T. C.
Buscon, Helps
Busey, Landon B.
Busey, Mrs. Jane
Butler, Bailey
Butler, Elijah
Butler, Elizabeth
Butler, Gunatha Elizabeth
Butler, Jane Adeline
Butler, Joriah
Butler, Josephine S.
Butler, Julia Ann Huldah
Buvens, W. Frances
Buvin, John 
Byrd - Goff 
Byrd, Martha 
Byrd, Rhoda E 
Byrd, Rhody 
Cady, Ann 
Cain, Mrs. Lucindy 
Cain, Wm 
Callens, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Callens, W J 
Campbell, E. A. 
Campbell, Elon A. 
Campbell, Henry 
Campbell, Henry 
 Campbell, James
Campbell, R. F. 
Canady, Eliza I. 
 Canady, J W
 Cannon, Mrs. Mary Ann
Carnack, Eulojice 
 Carnahan, John
 Carnahan, Mitchell N.
Carnline, Eveline 
Carpenter, Eliza 
Carroll, Calvin 
Carroll, John 
 Carter, Artibary
Carter, Elizabeth 
Carter, Elvira 
Carter, James 
 Carter, Marion F.
Carter, Mary 
 Carter, William Redmond
Cary, Sarah Ann 
Cassady, Albert E. 
Cassady, Harriet 
Cassady, Sarah Ann 
Castee, Hosea 
Castee, Lena 
Cates, Wilson 
 Chambers, James
Chamblis, Littleton M. 
Chambliss, David A. 
Chambliss, F. M. 
Chance, Eli 
Chance, John A. 
Charnac, Ann Mary 
Charnac, Martina 
Charnac, Sanches 
Charnac, Thomas 
 Cherington, Sophia
Cherino, Encarnicion 
Cheveral, Jane G. 
 Christie, Joseph
Christy, John 
Churk, Elizabeth 
Clay, Martin J. 
Clift, James B. 
Cobb, James H. 
Cobbs, Ann 
Collins, Daniel W. 
 Collins, William C.
Colson, Mrs. Mary Ann Elizabeth 
Comalander, Louisiana 
Conerly, Harriet R. 
Conerly, Mary Jane 
Conerly, Mrs. Elizabeth 
Conerly, Wm. L. 
Connick Angeline 
Constable, George 
Constable, Thomas 
Cook, Euphema S. 
Cook, Euphima 
Cook, Henry 
Cook, Henry, Jr. 
Cook, Henry, Jr. 
Cook, Molly S. 
Cook, Talor Morris 
Cook, William 
Cook, William 
 Cook, William R.
Cooper, Elizabeth 
Cooper, Jackson 
Cooper, Samuel 
Cortineas, Hosea 
Cotton, Riley 
Cox, Martha 
Coy, Elozia De Los Santos 
Coy, Mary Louise 
Craig, Maranza 
 Craiger, Edmond
Cranford, Nancy 
 Crawford, Catherine
 Crawford, Isiah
Crier, Mary D. 
 Crimm, Martha E.
 Crimm, Sophia A.
 Crossgrove, Thomas
 Crowell, Sarah Adlin
Crump, Charles L. 
 Crump, William
 Cryer, Malcom
 Cryer, Rhoda Elizabeth
Cuberlander, Sarah 
 Cummings, Adaline
Cummings, John 
 Currie, Mary A.
Curtis, Asa 
 Curtis, Asa
Curtis, Eliza 
Curtis, Elle 
Curtis, Evalin 
Curtis, Furba 
Curtis, Harvey 
Curtis, J. S. 
Curtis, Jonathan 
Cutright, Andrew 
Cutright, Lucinda 
Cutright, William Riley 
Dainwood, Iam 
Dall, Mary Ann 
Dalley, Eliza 
Dally, Mary Ann 
Dally, Mrs. Julia Ann 
Dalton, Mary Ann 
Dandy, Louisa E. 
Dandy, Nancy Adeline 
Dandy, Sarah Ann 
Danewood, Angeline 
Davis, Andy I. 
Davis, John L. 
Davis, Martha Ann 
Davis, Martha Ann 
 Davis, Narcisa A.
Davis, S. E. 
DeBerry, John C. 
 Delrio, Estafame
 Delrio, Juana
Delrio, Susan 
Dickerson, John, Jr. 
Dickinson, Isaac 
Dillard, George A. 
Dillard, H P 
Dillard, Leuthia Ann 
Dillard, Theodore B. 
Dilliard, Columbas W. 
Dispallia, Lena 
Dixon, Samantha 
Dixson, Michael 
Dowden, A. B. 
Dowden, I. A. 
Dowden, J. A. 
Duggan, Mary
Dutton, Jesse

Dyess, William H.

Earl, James

Eason, Arabell

Eason, J S

Eason, Joanna

Eason, M C

Eason, M E

Eason, Mary

Eason, Mary E

Eason, Mrs Nancy E

Eason, Nancy Almeria

Eason, S A

Eason, Sarah Ann

Eason, Sarah E

Eason, Shadrack A.

Eason, Shadrack A.

Eason, Shadrack S

Eason, Susan

Eason, Susan A

Eason, Tabitha

Eason, W R D

Eason, William

Eaves, H. H.

Eaves, James B.

Eaves, Louisiana

Ebar, Rachel

Ebarbo, Jesus

Eddlin, Viola

Edmonson, William I.

Edner, Susan

Edwards, James

Elam, Mrs. Samantha

Eldredge, Frances F

Eliza Jane Moore

Ellzey, William

Essax, Annie

Evans, Emily E.

Evitte, Susan H.

Fairchild, John J.

Faling, Marthy M.

Farrell, E

Farrell, Thomas F.

Farris, C H

Farris, John J

Farris, Sarah

Farris, Susan

Fauntleroy, Mary T.

Fincher, Jessie F.

Flanagan, Sarah

Flanigan, Isah

Flecher, Henra

Fletcher, J. C.

Fletcher, Richard A

Fleury, Josephine

Flury, Martha

Forbis, John

Ford, Augus

Ford, Cynthia Ann

Ford, Elias

Ford, Eliza

Ford, Eliza

Ford, Martha Jane

Ford, Nancy

Ford, Sarah Ann

Ford, Thomas W.

Fore, Right

Foshee, William

Fowler, Rachel

Fox, Thomas S.

Franklin, Elizabeth

Franklin, Mary

Franklin, Thomas

Gaddy, David

Gallasby, John

Gallidet, John

Gandy, D. R.

Gandy, Daniel P.

Gandy, Martha J.

Gandy, Mary Eliza

Garcia, Manue

Garlington, Joseph C.

Garner, Martha

Garner, Virginia

Gay, Elizabeth F.

Gay, Mrs. Elizabeth

German, Virginia E.

Gibson, Gideon

Godwin, John Jm

Goff, Jerena

Goins, Joshua W. R.

Goins, Vianna

Gonsalez, Hertrutus

Goss, George W.

Gough, John J.

Grant, William D.

Graves, James A.

Grubb, Jacob

Gruber, Mrs. Catherine

Grull, Mary

Gueing, Mrs. Jane

Guerra, Maurricio

Guir, Jane

Gwin, W. L.

Hainsworth, Elisha A.

Hale or Hall, Francis Annie

Hale, C. M.

Hall, Henry C.

Hall, Mary Ann

Hall, Mrs. Elizabeth

Hall, P. A. S.

Ham, Susan

Hannah, James H

Harris, Nancy

Harris, Sarah E.

Hart, Edward Y.

Harville, D. T.

Hauskin, Charles W.

Hawkins, Mabra P.

Henderson, Margriete J.

Hendricks, John

Henigan, Jane Eveline

Herring, Mrs. Mary Ann

Hickman, Hesakiah

Hickman, Mary

Hicks, Wm. M.

Hightower, M. E.

Hill, R. L.

Hodge, Elizabeth

Holden, Hesterann

Holden, Malem

Holden, Thomas

Holder, Mangum S.

Holmes, Ed I.

Holt, Abram W.

Holt, Anner

Holt, James M.

Horne, Albert

Horton, Benjamin

Horton, H W

Horton, James J.

Horton, W P

Horton, William H

House, John

Huddleston, Frona

Huddlston, Benona

Hudleston, Wm. I.

Hughes, Caley

Humphries, Wade

Ingum, Robert

Isgitt, Jane

Jacks, Charlotte

Jacks, Elizabeth

Jacks, Elvira

Jacks, Gains

Jacks, Louisiana

Jacks, Mrs. Lodema

Jackson, Christian V.

Jackson, Hal

Jackson, Hal

Jackson, James E.

Jackson, Major

Jackson, Mrs. C T

Jackson, Sylvester

Jarroll, Vianna

Jinkins, Mary

Johnson, Berriman F.

Johnson, Dickins

Johnson, Indore Jane

Johnson, Permelia J.

Johnson, Sarah Jane

Johnston, James

Jones, Elizabeth

Jones, Harriet

Jones, Josephine

Jones, Martin

Jones, Mary E.

Justice, Jane

Kane - Thomas

Kay, Edny E.

Kay, Emily

Kay, P. G.

Keel, Taletha

Kennedy, John

Kennig, Lenora C.

Kenturo, Francisco

Kidd, Ann

Kidd, Mrs. Caroline

Kilgore, Minerva Jane

Kilgore, Minerva Jane

King, Mary

Kirkham, Milton

Kitrell, Martha

Knight, D. R.

Knippers, C E

Ladd, John

Laffitte, Delzero

Lambright, Rachel A. D.

Lane, James A.

Langton, Milley

Langton, Robert

Largent, John W.

Largent, Lorenzo D.

Largent, Nancy C.

Largent, Thomas J.

Largent, Walter D.

Laroux, Louisa

Larue, Antonie

Larue, Blass

Latham, James M.

Lavine, William

Lawson, Thomas

Leach, A. E.

Leach, Beedy

Lebo, Catherine

Lebo, Mary Ann

Lee, Franklin P

Leffitte, Renne

Legg, Caroline

Lemons, Sarah Jane

Leslie, Mary E.

Lesly, William

Lester, Henry I

Lester, Sarah E.

Lewing, Hosea

Lewing, Hosey B

Lewing, James M

Lewing, Mollie

Lewing, Octavine

Lewing, Susan

Lewis, Allan

Liles, W. L.

Linder, Alexander

Litton, Alfred

Lockwood, B J

Lockwood, Laura Ann

Lockwood, Laura Ann

Lockwood, Louisiana

Lockwood, N E

Lockwood, Susie A

Long, Thomas I.

Lorn, Nancy

Louisa Mary Ann Sneed

Lout, Alfred

Lout, Mahala

Lyles, John K

MacClendon, Sarah

Madden, J. F.

Maines, Elbert

Maines, Marion Y.

Maines, S. Agetha

Maloney, James G.

Manasco, Robert R

Manly, William A.

Mansaul, Braisine

Martin, Eli

Martin, Esther

Martin, Isaac

Martin, John

Martin, John

Martin, Levi

Martin, Louisa

Martin, Martha

Martin, Mary Ann

Martin, Mrs. Elizabeth

Martin, Rachel

Martin, Rebecca

Martin, Sarah Ann

Martin, Willie

Masters, John T.

Matthews, Ann E.

Matthews, Margaret E.

Maxamillian, John J.

Maxamillian, Louisa

Maxamillian, Louisa

Maximillian, Margaret

McAlpin, A. M.

McAlpin, Mark

McCausland, Nettie

McClendon, A. J.

McClendon, Permilia

McComic, John L

McCormic, Russell

McCormick, John

McCraw, Isabella

McCullough, James

McCullough, Robert

McDaniel, Cathrin

McDannell, John T.

McDonald, F. L.

McDonald, Francis L.

McDonald, Henry James

McDonald, Robert B.

McDonald, Robert B.

McDowell, C W

McDowell, Lizzie

McGee, Anthony

McGee, Martha

McGee, Mary Ann

McGee, Mrs. Mary (Widow)

McGee, Sarah Jane

McGee, Tabitha

McGough, Mattie

McGriffin, Susan

McKinny, Elizabeth

McLemore, Eveline

McLendon, Andrew J.

McLendon, Glendy B.

McLendon, Mrs. Uphana

McNalloy, James

McNeice - Burroughs

McNeil, Mary

Michelle, Jesus

Midkiff, J. W.

Miers, David

Miller, Charlotte

Miller, Elisha

Miller, James E.

Miller, Martha

Miller, Mary Ann Jane

Miller, Monroe

Miller, Nancy Laura

Miller, Samuel

Miller, Vianna

Miller, W. B.

Mills, Rebecca Ann

Mitchel, Lucy

Mitchell, Joshua P.

Mitchell, Magdeline

Mitchell, Martha E.

Mitchell, Thomas

Mitchell, W T

Monett, Adeline

Monney, Francis A.

Montgomery, Rebecca A. C.

Montgomery, Sarah Adeline

Montgomery, Vincent A.

Moon, James

Mooney, Isaac

Mooney, Martain

Mooney, Martha Ann

Mooney, Martin

Moore, Alice

Moore, James

Moore, Margaret D E W

Moore, Martha J. E.

Moore, Thomas I

Moorhead, Nancy

Moran, Thomas

Morehead, Bershaba C.

Morehead, Wm. W.

Morris, Amon P

Morris, George W.

Morris, Gilbert

Morrison, A. E.

Morrison, Sally A.

Morse, Enoch

Morse, James

Mosely, Elizabeth

Moss, John D.

Movin, Pol

Munson, Celeste

Murphey, James

Murphey, Matilda

Murray, Harriet M.

Murry, Mrs. Elmira

Murry, William

Muse, Ike

Myrack, Ann

Myres, Ann Eliza

Nash, America

Nash, Kazeah E.

Nash, L. J.

Nash, Leonora

Nash, Martha Jane

Nash, Thomas A.

Nash, William

NcNeil, Mary

Neal, Sarah Ann

Neal, Willis

Neel, Aaron Smith

Nelson, Charles E.

Nelson, Nancy

Oakland, William

O'Con, Bonafacia

Ocon, Jose

Oct, Elizabeth

Odom, James R.

Oglee, Amanda Susan

Oglee, Benea A. Labatha

Oglee, Effana S.

Oliff, John T.

Ostrada, Georganio

Owen, T B

Owens, T. B.

Oxley, John

Oxley, John

Oxley, John

Oxley, Lethey

Oxley, Louisiana

Oxley, Mary E

Oxley, N P

Oxley, W L

Oxley, W R (Jr)

Padeer, Benansua

Padilla, Augusine

Padillier, Maria

Pantalian, Elizabeth

Pantalion, Del Rio

Pantalion, Ovette

Parish, Martha Jane

Parish, Mrs. Elizer

Parish, Udarah

Parrilla, Louis

Parrott, Eunice

Parrott, James

Parrott, Robert

Parsons, David

Pate, James D.

Peoples, Jesse N.

Peters, Hattie

Peters, Martha J.

Pett, B. F.

Phares, John C.

Pharis, Elizabeth

Pharris, Mary J.

Phelps, Caroline C.

Phelps, Pherr A. H.

Phillips, Eliza M.

Phillips, Eliza R.

Phillips, Martha A.

Piedra, Lauva

Pike, E. K.

Pitman, Mrs. J. A.

Place, Elizabeth Ann

Plummer, J. T.

Poland, John

Posey, George W.

Pother, Ellen

Powell, Lucinda

Presley, Lanah E.

Presley, Margaret

Prewdon, Clara

Prewitt, Elijah E.

Prewitt, Rhoda D.

Prewitt, Sarah

Prine, Washington

Procela, Emanuel

Procela, John B.

Procella, Antonio

Procella, Benit

Procella, Esuse

Procella, Joseph

Procella, Maria

Procella, Maria Aula

Procella, Marrkeet

Procella, Philip

Procellar, Mrs. Hetrudas

Province, Mary Ann

Province, Sarah Ann

Pruit, Young I.

Pullan, Armanda

Pullen, Margaret E.

Pullen, Virginia A.

Quacks, Caroline

Quirk, Jack

Quirk, Luvina

Rachal, Paul F.

Ragen, James W.

Rains, Mrs. Annie - Widow

Ramires, Cecilia

Randolph, J. G.

Ready, Nancy B.

Rhodas, Rosella M.

Richards, Mrs. Elizabeth

Richardson, John

Richardson, Thomas

Richey, Ceilea

Richie, Rachal

Ricks, Fannie E

Ricks, Frances E

Ricks, Josie

Ricks, Susana

Rillers, Philiciana

Rivers, Lena

Roberts, Abram, Jr.

Roberts, Clarinda I

Roberts, Elijah

Roberts, Elizabeth

Roberts, George

Roberts, Silas

Robinson, Peter L.

Rock, Hosea

Rollins, Zachariah D.

Russell, Marshall B.

Ryan, Reuben

Salter, Arcada M.

Salter, Charles P.

Salter, Charley

Salter, Eliza Temperance

Salter, Martha

Salter, Matilda

Salter, Moses

Salter, W. J.

Salter, Zaddo E.

Sanches, Candelaris

Sanches, Deiderio

Sanches, Mary Yznorcia

Sandall, Amanda A.

Sandall, Emeline C.

Sandel, Silas D.

Sandell, William F.

Sanders, Joseph

Sanders, Oliver

Santascay, Susan

Santos, Felipia

Santos, Jesus

Saunders, Ellen

Scotham, Amanda

Self, A. A.

Self, Allen D.

Self, Ann

Self, D. W.

Self, Eli A

Self, Elmina

Self, F. D.

Self, Hannah

Self, Jas or Jos

Self, John

Self, John B.

Self, Marion

Self, Mary E.

Self, Mrs. Jane - widow of John

Self, Sarah

Self, Tharsey

Self, W. J.

Self, W. J.

Self, William

Self, William

Sepulvado, Bernare

Sepulvado, Bibiano

Sepulvado, Hilaria

Sepulvado, Jose

Sepulvado, Mary Petra

Sepulvado, Torebia

Sesstons, Newton

Shaffield, Drucilla

Sharbeno, John

Sharbino, Lewis

Sharnac, Antonio

Sharnac, Antonio

Shelborn, Nancy Ann

Shelburn, Samuel

Shelburne, Mary L.

Shelburne, Susan

Shernac, Felix

Shilling, Mary Jane

Short, Lena

Shull, Matilda

Sibley, Caroline E.

Sibley, Elizabeth E.

Sibley, Elmira

Sibley, J. C.

Sibley, Louisa J.

Sibley, M. E.

Sibley, Martha A.

Sibley, Mrs. Mary Ann-Widow

Sibley, Richard A.

Sibley, Robert K.

Sibley, Samuel T.

Simmons, James

Simmons, William

Simms, John

Simpson, Joseph

Skinner, John B.

Slaughter, Polly

Small, Mary C.

Small, Samuel

Smart, Amos C.

Smart, Elender

Smart, Emily

Smart, John F.

Smart, Letha A.

Smart, William H.

Smith, Clarenda

Smith, Dr. Elliott

Smith, Edward

Smith, Harriet B.

Smith, Henry B.

Smith, J. F.

Smith, J. Thomas

Smith, Jane

Smith, Judith

Smith, Louisa

Smith, Lusna C.

Smith, Rev. William

Smith, Samuel

Smith, Sarah

Smith, Sarah

Smith, W. K.

Smith, William

Smith, William Thomas

Sneed, Elizabeth

Sparks, Daniel

Speed, P. D.

Speight, Elizabeth

Speight, Rachel

Speight, Rachel

Speight, Sarah E.

Speights, Cammillus

Spikes, Jane A.

Stephens, Emiline

Stephens, R. J.

Stephens, Thomas B.

Stille, Joseph D.

Stoker, Celeste

Stoker, N. E. I.

Strickland, Mary

Stroud, Byrd W.

Stroud, H. P.

Stroud, James C.

Stroud, Sarah

Stroud, William

Stuart, James B.

Sullivan, Addison W.

Sweat, Amanda

Sweet, Archey

Tarvis, Maria

Tellers, Thomas B.

Thomas, Frederica Ann

Thomas, Martha E.

Thomas, Tabitha

Thompson, Lydia J.

Thompson, Mary Ann

Thompson, Sarah A.

Thompson, Virginia

Thorpe, Joseph L. A.

Tocia, Peter

Todd, John H.

Torris, Hosea

Torris, Hosea

Tramel, Martha J.

Trull, G W

Tuggle, Ellen

Turner, Martha

Tyler, Jacob

Tyler, Nancy

Tynes, John H.

Van Shebrook, Louis

VanVeckhoven - Nelms

Vanzant, Patrie

Varner, John

Varner, John

Varner, Joseph

Varner, Nancy

Vidder, Elizabeth

Vidler, Marjaner

Vidler, Mrs. Penelope

Villers, Statisia

Vines, Emaline

Vines, George W.

Vines, John

Vines, Lee

Vinzan, Repahia

Wade, Caroline

Wagley, J. F.

Waldrop, Claibourn

Waldrop, Claibourne P, Jr.

Waldrop, Frances P

Waldrop, James

Waldrop, James

Waldrop, Martha

Waldrop, Mary

Waldrop, Samuel H.

Waldrope, Hiram R.

Walker, J. W.

Walker, Mrs. Nancy

Walmsley, Thadius C.

Ward, Samuel G.

Warmack, Mrs. Mary J.

Warnack, Alice

Warner, Eliza J.

Watkins, Daniel S.

Watkins, Drucilla

Watkins, Elizabeth

Watkins, Mary Ann

Watson, E. E.

Watson, G. W.

Webb, Elizabeth

Webb, Mary Elizabeth

Weeks, D. F.

Weeks, Elizabeth

Weeks, J. A.

Weeks, James

Weeks, M. J.

Weeks, Martha

Weeks, Sarah F.

Weeks, Sarah L.

Weeks, Wiley

Weeks, Wiley Felix

Weeks, William M.

Weldon, Elias

Weldon, Green

Weldon, Jacob

Welsh, Elizabeth

West, Mary A.

West, Tabitha Ann Dorcas

West, Vicy A.

Westfall, Nancy

Westfall, Polly

Whatley, Amanda

Whatley, C W

Whatley, Dora A

Whatley, Louisa A

Whatley, Mary

Whatley, Mary

Whatley, Sampson

Whatley, Sampson

Whatley, Susan A

Wheeler, Martin

Whitaker, James

White, A. J.

White, Daniel

White, James E

White, Jas C.

White, John Thomas

White, Lewis

Whittaker, George

Wiley, Amanda G.

Wiley, Elizabeth Jane

Wiley, James

Wiley, Polly Ann

Wiley, William

Williams, Henry I.

Williams, John M.

Williams, Jordan

Williams, Marcus D

Williams, Marthy

Williams, Stephen D.

Williams, Susan M

Wilson, John

Wilson, Thomas J.

Winfrey, Lettitia

Wingate, James L.

Winget, Tempa Jane

Winslow, Thomas I.

Wofford, Samuel

Wood, Mrs. Elizabeth L.

Woods, Allen

Woods, Joe

Woods, Lidy

Woods, Lucindy E.

Woods, M. J.

Woods, Mary F.

Woods, Mary M.

Woods, William D.

Wright, Absolem

Wright, Frances D

Wright, James

Wright, Jesse

Wright, Mrs. Martha Ann

Wright, Mrs. Mary M.

Wyatt, A M

Wyatt, Catherine L

Wyatt, E B

Wyatt, Ida E

Wyatt, James

Wyatt, John D

Wyatt, John D

Wyatt, Sallie

Wyatt, T J

Wyatt, Thomas J

Wyche, Virginia J.

Ybarba, Alcascio

Ybarbo, Candelaris

Ybarbo, Carnse

Ybarbo, Isadora

Ybarbo, Lenana


As transcriptions become available they are posted and searchable.
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We are always in the need of help in getting data on-line.
If you would be interested in becoming a part of this project
and would like to contribute marriage information

Joy Fisher


Rebecca Maloney

Special Projects Coordinator


As transcriptions become available they are posted and searchable.
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