Wilkes County Marriage Records




Marriage Books
File Name Record
vitals.htm Wilkes County Marriages, USGenWeb Archives
19251963.txt Marriages 1925 - 1963 Alphabetized by Groom
19251963b.txt Marriages 1925 - 1963 Alphabetized by Bride
brideab.txt Bride Index A - B
bridecd.txt Bride Index C - D
brideefg.txt Bride Index E - F - G
brideh.txt Bride Index H
brideil.txt Bride Index I - J - K - L
bridem.txt Bride Index M
bridenp.txt Bride Index N - O - P
brideqr.txt Bride Index Q - R
brides.txt Bride Index S
bridetz.txt Bride Index T - Z
bridesac.txt Marriges 1964 - 2001 Brides A - C
bridesdg.txt Marriges 1964 - 2001 Brides D - G
brideshl.txt Marriges 1964 - 2001 Brides H - L
bridesmq.txt Marriges 1964 - 2001 Brides M - Q
bridesrs.txt Marriges 1964 - 2001 Brides R - S
bridestz.txt Marriges 1964 - 2001 Brides T - Z
groomab.txt Groom Index A - B
groomc.txt Groom Index C
groomd.txt Groom Index D
groomefg.txt Groom Index E - F - G
groomh.txt Groom Index H
groomil.txt Groom Index I - J - K - L
groomm.txt Groom Index M
groomnp.txt Groom Index N - O - P
groomqr.txt Groom Index Q - R
grooms.txt Groom Index S
groomtz.txt Groom Index T - Z
groomsab.txt Marriages 1964 - 2001 Grooms A - B
groomsce.txt Marriages 1964 - 2001 Grooms C - E
groomsfh.txt Marriages 1964 - 2001 Grooms F - H
groomsim.txt Marriages 1964 - 2001 By Grooms I - M
groomsnr.txt Marriges 1964 - 2001 Grooms N - R
groomssz.txt Marriges 1964 - 2001 Grooms S - Z
scmarr.txt Marriages in McCormick County South Carolina of persons residing in Georgia. ca 1916 - ca 1950
wlkbride.txt Marriages and Marriage Licenses 1791-1837 (Brides)
wlkgroom.txt Marriages and Marriage Licenses 1791-1837 (Grooms)

Individual Marriages
File Name Record
mr1607anderson.txt T.P. Anderson - W.F. Bynum
dentmont.txt Joseph Manning Dent - Assenath Montgomery
grant2205mr.txt Ann R. Grant - Abram B. Ragan




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