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This project will endeavor to provide actual transcriptions of Marriage Applications, and other Marriage Records, as found recorded in the county court house and state archives. We encourage these transcriptions to be entire marriage books and/or rolls of microfilm, although individual files will be happily accepted.
Transcripts will be accepted and files will be placed in the USGenWeb Archives directory of the State and County, where the marriage records were originally recorded.

Please send Nothing copyrighted, unless you have written permission from the author. 

Individual Marriages

File Description Size Date Submitter
Adams, Lillian A  - Chatham Dr., Joseph C February 19 1860 1K July 2003 Virginia Crilley
Allen, Annie May - Kennedy, Walter  July 5 1903 1K Sep 2003 Carla Miles
Arnold, Laura  -  Adams, B.J.  June 3 1903 1K Aug 2003 Carla Miles
Beall, Jinnie - Beall, Allen February 3 1887 1K July 2003 Lorenda Carter Todd
Brantley, Nora  - C.R. Pringle May 21 1861 1K Oct 2003 Virginia Crilley
Brown, Mr. J. C.- Edmondson, Miss Mary 1K   Larry Childs
Byars, Elmer L. - Savage, Christine 2K
Davis, Leyla Belle - Raines, Robert 1910 1K Jan 2004 Carla Miles
Marriage License DeLoach - Parker Image July 2006 Susan DeLoach Uribe
Fallin, Ada Margaret - DeLoach, Ira Arthur September 5, 1897 2K July 2006 Susan DeLoach Uribe
Ferguson, Janie Claire - Johnson, William Clayton June 3, 1942 1K May 2007 Harris Hill The Registry
Hamby, Nancy Ann - Self, John  August 25, 1864 1K   Barbara Hamman
Hannah, Dr. G.W.T. - Thurston , Mrs. V.E. 1K   Lynn B. Cunningham
Hanson, Annie Lee - DeLoach, Fred C. August 27, 1921 1K Oct 2006  
Harrison Jr., Col. George P.- Drake, Fannie M.  1K   Lisa Graham
Harvey, Amanda E. (Mrs.) - Stewart, Thomas November 30, 1868 1K Feb 2008 C Aultman
Hudgins, Florence O. - Deloach, Samuel Jefferson August 24, 1888 1K Jul 2006 Susan Deloach Uribe
Mallory, Leila - Turner, Ardie Green June 12, 1910 1K Dec 2006 Lynn Cunningham
Mathews, Dora  - Harvey, M. H.  April 2 1896 1K Jun 2004 Larry Childs
McCoy, Fannie  - Hale, James Carey February 15 1880 1K Jun 2004 Larry Childs
McDaniel, Miss Mattie - Slaughter , Mr. John December 3 1891 1K July 2003 Lorenda Carter Todd
Mealur, Miss Jane - Mauldin, Mr. James  September 28 1859 1K Jun 2004 Larry Childs
Middlebrooks, Miss Mattie  - Bevel, Mr. Gordon 1K   Lisa Graham
Morgan, Joice - PIerson, Elisha October 28, 1852 1K Mar 2005 Richard Hobbs
Parker, Mary Jane - DeLoach, Samuel Jefferson October 13, 1867 1K Aug 2006 Susan DeLoach Uribe
Sandwich, Miss Carrie - McDaniel, Mr  Jno. W.  June 16 1859 1K Jun 2004 Larry Childs
Sims, Mr. Howard - Mrs. Roberts 1K   Larry Childs
Sparks, M.R. - Smith, Mary L. 1858 1K Jun 2008  
Spivey, Mr. John W. - Choice, Miss Fannie 1K   Virginia Crilley
Stringfellow, Thelma - Phillips, Dayton 1942 1K May 2007 Harris Hill The Registry

Multiple Marriages

File Description Size Date Submitter
Barker Marriages 1830-1927 2K   Nancy
Britt Marriages 2K   Rozine Britt Sheets
Hicks Marriages 1830-1927 2K   Nancy
Misc. Marriages 1893-1914 6K Jun 2008  
Miscellaneous Marriages 1825-1900 18K Sep 2002 Lynn Cunningham
Marriage Volume A - B 1825-1860   81K   Melissa Johnson





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