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This project will endeavor to provide actual transcriptions of Marriage Applications, and other Marriage Records, as found recorded in the county court house and state archives. We encourage these transcriptions to be entire marriage books and/or rolls of microfilm, although individual files will be happily accepted.
Transcripts will be accepted and files will be placed in the USGenWeb Archives directory of the State and County, where the marriage records were originally recorded.

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Multiple Marriages

File Description Size Date Submitter
Marriages 1826-1850 - By Bride (A-M)      
Marriages 1826-1850 - By Bride (N-Z)      
Marriages by Bride, 1851-1898 (A-E)      
Marriages by Bride, 1851-1898 (F-I)      
Marriages by Bride, 1851-1898 (J-P)      
Marriages by Bride, 1851-1898 (Q-Z)      
Marriages 1826-1850 - By Groom (A-M)      
Marriages 1826-1850 - By Groom (N-Z)      
Marriages by Groom, 1851-1898 (A-E)      
Marriages by Groom, 1851-1898 (F-I)      
Marriages by Groom, 1851-1898 (J-P)      
Marriages by Groom, 1851-1898 (Q-Z)      


Individual Marriages

File Description Size Date Submitter
Amos, Nannie - Small, Jack      
Anderson, Buck - Terrell, Anna      
Arnett, Mabel - Grafton, Joseph M.      
Arrington, Mary - Hester, Millard      
Bailey, Maud  - Bradley, J. W.      
Beulahngton - Hathaway, Theodore      
Beasley, John  - Bodie, Mollie      
Berryhill, Eli - Hudson, Ellen 1830      
Berryhill, John -Hudson, Rebecca  1830      
Brennan, Kate - Simms, Charles R.      
Britt, Lola - Barker, Kenney      
Brittain, Sarah - Cobb, Jim      
Bolt, Minnie  - Jones, Sam      
Borders, Daisy  - Britt, Guy      
Bradshaw, Annie Blanche  - Darden, Hugh      
Brown, Alice - McDowell, B. W.      
Briley, Allie  - Hartley, William Jonah      
Cato, Mrs. Narcissus - Cofield, W. W. August 1925 1K Jun 2006 Candace [teal] Gravelle
Chapman, John C - Hill, Monttie      
Copeland, Sallie - Boone, Dan November 7, 1878      
Croker, Cora - Cofield, G. Newton      
Edwards, Merritt  - Boulware, Milda D.      
Fargason, Maude - Wilkes, W. D.      
Glass, Iris  - Young, Leonard      
Goldsmith, J. A. - Waller, Rebecca  1853      
Guthrie, Lillian  - Brannan, Robert J.      
Hanson, Annie Lee - England, Alton January 29, 1928      
Horsley, Eunice - Sharman, Howard      
Hudson, Geraldine  - Thompson, T.      
Huguley, Ada Alice  - Lanier, LaFayette      
Keeble, Sallie  - Knight, Durrell      
Lamar, Ethel Lee  - Hornsby, Jenkins      
Lovelace, Ella - Buckner, Charley February 20, 1879      
McDonald, Mary - Law, James Reed June 25, 1828 1K Oct 2006 Peter Law
McNamee, Anna Kate - Roby, James W. January 1887      
Morris, Ethel  - Swint, Hobson      
Nolen, M. A.  - Breed, J. H.      
Norred, Fannie Mae  - Reaves, J. W.      
Orme, Janie - Harrington, William Henry October     Valerie [ Johnson ] FreemanThe Registry
Prescott, Saralou - Burns, Awbrey B. August 16, 1925 1K Jun 2006 Candace [teal] Gravelle
Wilkinson, Carrie - Wilkinson, T.J. February 7, 1894 1K Dec 2005 Harris Hill The Registry


File Name Record
mr1924nunnaly.txt Nunnaly, Sarah  - HarrisonGeorge R.
ogletree504gmr.txt Ogletree, Mable  - Jesse Sanders
oneal2415mr.txt Ina O'Neal - Proctor, Roy
phillips358gmr.txt Phillips Owens, Mrs. Elizabeth Virginia Jane  - Philliips, Mathew Augustin , Jr
parrish506gmr.txt Lurline PARRISH - Joe SHARMAN
philpott2410mr.txt Cora PHILPOTT - Tucker BROWN
claudiep524gmr.txt Claudie PRATHER / Mattie McKAY - Marvin PRINCE /William SMALLWOOD
riley2407mr.txt Nannie Pearl RILEY - Bishop HOWARD
ringwilk.txt William Nicholas Ringer - Mary F. Wilkinson
sims541gmr.txt Rosie SIMS - Grady FINLEY
2409mr.txt Exa Smallwood / Miss Wade - Laney Boyd / Oates Manley
smith998gmr.txt Smith, Mildred Beatrice - DeLoach, James Clifford October 30, 1945
wadswort525gmr.txt Leo WADSWORTH - Howard LANE
waldrep521gmr.txt Codie WALDREP - John E. WHITE
mr663ely.txt Clair Wilburn Ely - Eldon Scott Longley
mr1269wilkinso.txt Carrie Wilkinson - T.J. Wilkinson
head.txt Sidney Bathurst Williams to Georgia Harriett Head, 1943
yearta493gmr.txt Pauline YEARTA - Tom GOODWIN
young509gmr.txt Fannie Mae YOUNG - James VINSON





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