Thomas County Marriages

Miscellaneous Marriages
File Name Record
vitals.html Thomas County Marriages, USGenWeb Archives
thommarr.txt Miscellaneous marriage Records
enterprise.txt Marriage Notices from the "Southern Enterprise"
misc1.txt Miscellaneous Marriages

Marriage Books
File Name Record
bride.txt Thomas County Georgia Marriages - Brides
groom.txt Thomas County Georgia Marriages - Grooms
groom-a.txt 1851 - 1900 Grooms Surname A
groom-c.txt 1851 - 1939 Grooms Surname C
groom-e.txt 1851 - 1939 Grooms Surname E
groom-g.txt 1851 - 1938 Grooms Surname G
groom-h.txt 1851 - 1938 Grooms Surname H
groom-i.txt 1851 - 1938 Grooms Surname I
groom-k.txt 1851 - 1938 Grooms Surname K

Individual Marriages
File Name Record
futchm.txt Mose Futch - Eliza Bevins
gmr183browning.txt Martha Ann Browning - Brantly M. Tait
gmr184hart.txt Sarah Jane Hart - James H. Tait
mr113polhill.txt Angeline Dekle Polhill - J. Harvey Trice
mr121rehberg.txt Miss Jewel Rehberg - Mr. Lyman Rogers
Miss Cleo Hall - Mr. Paul Russell
mr122redfern.txt Miss Allie Mae Redfern - Mr. Ray Miller
mr79.txt Lydia "Lettie Ann" Futch - Edmond Dekle
mr80.txt Welthy Ann Futch - Adam McNealy
ferrell2182mr.txt Unice (Eunice) Ferrell - John Browning
johnson2181mr.txt Elizabeth Johnson - John Browning
truluck2180mr.txt Luah (Sarah?) Truluck - Daniel Browning
hawthorn2169mr.txt May Hawthorne - Charles G. Crittenden
tisontys354.txt Sarah Tison (Tyson?) - David B. Browning
browning355.txt Elizabeth Browning - Book A. Gandy
browning356.txt Martha Browning - Ignatious Stamfell
browning357.txt Caroline Browning - Denis Adams

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