Sumter County Marriages

Individual Marriages
File Name Record
dodson2007mr.txt Bertha Dodson - Joe H. Williams
dupree2020mr.txt Annie Belle Dupree - Laco Harvey
gmb2notitle.txt Sarah Cook - Goodman Dixon
gmr195stalling.txt Fannie Kate Stallings - Walker Collins Lane
mr1375butler.txt Emily Butler - Harper Black
mr1543reid.txt Fannie Reid - A.J. Tison
mr1555hawkins.txt Emma Hawkins - J.W. Dozier
mr1580hawkins.txt Mattie Hawkins - A.C. Bivins
mr1602caldwell.txt F.E. Caldwell - Ben Harvey
mr1610drane.txt Minnie Drane - Mr. Oliphant
mr1614mcgarrah.txt Alice McGarrah - Will Drane
mr1646glover.txt Macie Glover - George Harper
mr1653goodman.txt Alice Goodman - E.L. Cherry
mr1663allen.txt Minnie Allen - John T. Taylor
mr1795wheatley.txt Kate Wheatley - A.J. Cleghorn
mr1848harper.txt Lena M. Harper - L.D. Lockhart
mr1849hancock.txt Grace Hancock - T.D. Jackson
mr1850davenpor.txt Leila Davenport - Lawson Stapleton
mr1967johnson.txt Lilla Belle Johnson - Norman Clarence Miller
mr1977hamil.txt Miss Hamil - A.G. Duncan
mr335walker.txt Nettie Walker - George Dozier
mr495mcmurrie.txt Elizabeth T. A. McMurrien - William W. Bryan
mr554thomas.txt Nell Morgan Blassingame Thomas - J.A. Thomas
mr934walker.txt Belle Walker - James A. Dupree
preston2037mr.txt Mattie L. Preston - H.S. Crockett
ranew2013mr.txt Mona Ranew - Cooper Doster
baisden2229mr.txt Charlie Wynn Baisden - Mr. Smith
baisden42nmr.txt Charlie Wynn Baisden - Mr. Smith
fuller2264mr.txt Ruth Fuller - Oscar English
weisiger2253mr.txt Sue Davidson Weisiger - Hill Stapleton Kelly

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