Polk County Marriages

Individual Marriages
File Name Record
gmb23marriage.txt William J. Adams - Rose Mae Mann
mr1420alexande.txt Miss Omie Alexander - Oscar Smith
mr835booz.txt Mildred Catherine "Kate" Booz - W. H. Garrett
mr836booz.txt Lillian Dale Booz - Andrew Willis Evans
brannon999gmr.txt Brannon, Mary - Hunt, J. W. 1887
gmb15marriage.txt Jess John David Cuzzort - Ida Belle Smith
dempsey1111gmr.txt Dempsey, Mary F. - Mull, J. M. 1879
gmb3marriage.txt L. O. Dill - Miss Annie Smith
mr1394dodds.txt Miss Lula Dodds - Dr. Louis Ledbetter
gmb20marriage.txt Ross Clyde McElwee - Viola Smith
gmb12marriage.txt William Green - Frances Oval Smith
gmb7marriage.txt Seaborn Wright Green - Estella Marie Smith
mr1397jones.txt Miss Maggie Jones - R. D. Vann
gmb4marriage.txt James Everett Little - Elizabeth Ann Smith
gmb10marriage.txt Harris Lunsden - Miss Mary Arrington
gmb5marriage.txt Allen Mann - Miss Francis Smith
gmb11marriage.txt Solemon R. Moon - Sarah Ferguson
mr1396morris.txt Miss Della V. Morris - Clarence William Garner
gmb13marriage.txt James Porter Mullinax - Susie Annie Smith
mr1398munroe.txt Elizabeth T. Munroe - W. M. Hatch
presley1106gmr.txt Presley, Mary E. - Jones, Seaborn May 25, 1879
gmb9marriage.txt William Redding - Fathy Smith
gmb24marriage.txt Albert Slaughter - Miss Vinnie Collins
gmb14marriage.txt John Franklin Slaughter - Faither Smith
gmb25marriage.txt Leamon Andrew Smith - Nancy Odarline Stephenson
gmb17marriage.txt George Washington Smith, Jr. - Miss Mozelle Tant
gmb6bookesta.txt James Thomas Smith - Kate Rose Mathis
gmb19marriage.txt William Anderson Smith, AKA, William Everett Smith - Nedeth Belle Bady
gmb21marriage.txt George Washington Smith - Minnes Lee Stephens
gmb8marriage.txt John E. Smith, AKE, John W. Smith - Georgiann Roxie Ray
gmb22marriage.txt Issac Tanner - Pearl Willie J. Ferguson
mr1415tanner.txt Elizabeth Tanner - Thomas Smith
mr1416tanner.txt Rhoda A. Tanner - Thomas Smith
mr1413smith.txt Frances Smith - William Green
mr1419smith.txt Betty Joyce Smith - James William
mr1414turner.txt Sarah Willie Turner - William H. Smith
mr1395waddy.txt Miss Maggie Waddy - James A. Dodd
mr1418wilson.txt Betty Wilson - Danny Myers
gmb18marriage.txt Franklin Leon Womack - Betty Joyce Smith

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