Meriwether County Marriages

Marriage Books
File Name Record Submitted by:
mwtrbrd.txt Marriages, 1851 - 1875 by Bride Dianne Wood
mwtrgrm.txt Marriages, 1851 - 1875 by Groom Dianne Wood
1828marr.txt MARRIAGES 1828-1844  

Individual Marriages
File Name Record
mr1615addy.txt Aida Lois Addy - Alton Parker Lane
gmr65alford.txt Nancy A. Alford - Isaac N. Wright
mr1854anthony.txt Pattie Anthony - Will F. Gilbert
bailey369gmr.txt Margaret Bailey - Thomas Ray
boyd.txt William - Elizabeth Boyd
mr1542bridges.txt Mrs. Jane Bridges - John Green
mr1599dunn.txt K.P. Dunn - A.E. Moore
farrow362gmr.txt Jane Farrow - Solomon Lacks
gillespi1064gmr.txt espie, Ilie - Fincher, Mr. ?________ May 2, 1878
gilmer363gmr.txt Mary Gilmer - John Ray
gilmore366gmr.txt Harriet Gilmore - Daniel G Ray
gray.txt Emanuel Gray - Mary Ann McSwain
mr1566green.txt Lucy Green - James Turner
hardaway371gmr.txt Eppsey Ann Hardaway - Robert H. Taylor
mr1579jackson.txt Leila Jackson - Miles H. Dillard
lovett.txt Ben B Lovett - Elvie Exem Bartee
mr1257lucas.txt Ruth Estella Lucas - Arthur Clyde Dupriest
mclaughlin2.txt Jonathan I McLaughlin to Virginia Ola Bell
mclaughlin.txt Louis H. McLaughlin - Nanna Keith
gmr22pinkston.txt Frances Helena "Lena" PINKSTON - (Dr.) William Rufus McCrary
ray368gmr.txt Nancy Ray - John Ross
mr1633revill.txt Minnie Louise Revill - Roswell J. Atkinson
ross370gmr.txt Margaret Ross - Joseph F. Taylor
tailor364gmr.txt Mary Tailor - Franklin Farrow
taylor367gmr.txt Elizabeth Taylor - Daniel Ross
mr834wise.txt Annie Ruth Wise - W.P. Lee
whittle2587mr.txt WHITTLE, Susie - LILES, (Ethelbert) "Elbert" December 18, 1873
whitton365gmr.txt Catharine Whitton - Ransom Ray
wynn.txt Mr. J. T. Wynn - Miss Minnie Lee Smith

Miscellaneous Marriage Records
File Name Record Submitted by:
marr.txt Select Marriage Records Helen Pate Ross

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