Irwin County Marriages

Marriage Books
File Name Record
bride-ab.txt Brides A-B
bride-cd.txt Brides C-D
bride-ef.txt Brides E-F
bride-gh.txt Brides G-H
bride-ijk.txt Brides I-K
bride-lm.txt Brides L-M
bride-nop.txt Brides N-P
bride-qrs.txt Brides Q-S
bride-tuv.txt Brides T-V
bride-wyz.txt Brides W-Z
groom-ab.txt Grooms A-B
groom-cd.txt Grooms C-D
groom-ef.txt Grooms E-F
groom-gh.txt Grooms G-H
groom-ijk.txt Grooms I-K
groom-lm.txt Grooms L-M
groom-nop.txt Grooms N-P
groom-qrs.txt Grooms Q-S
groom-tuv.txt Grooms T-V
groom-wyz.txt Grooms W-Z

Individual Marriages
File Name Record
mr1098conner.txt Miss Ella Conner - Chas. P. Webb

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