Henry County Marriages

Marriage Books
File Name Record
bmarr1.txt Henry County, Marriages, by Bride, A - L, 1851-1900
bmarr2.txt Henry County, Marriages, by Bride, M - Z, 1851-1900
gmarr1.txt Henry County, Marriages, by Groom, A - L, 1851-1900
gmarr2.txt Henry County, Marriages, by Groom, M - Z, 1851-1900
marriage.txt HENRY CO., GA - MARRIAGES - Miscellaneous Henry Co., GA
marriagesb.txt HENRY COUNTY, GA - MARRIAGES 1822-1829 BRIDE INDEX
marriagesg.txt HENRY COUNTY, GA - MARRIAGES - 1822-1829 GROOM INDEX

Individual Marriages
File Name Record
bryant1052gmr.txt Bryant, Miss - Yancey, Edgar May 1898
turner1055gmr.txt Turner, Pauline - Sloan, Robert April 20, 1898
bernhard.txt Miss L. J. Bernhard - J. W. Rawls
crumbley.txt Record of Marriage Licenses Issued - Henry County Georgia for the family CRUMBLEY
ebermarr.txt Mrs. Cynthia (Morgan) EBERHART - Daniel FORD
gmr133rosser.txt Rosser, Dora - Jefferson, James
gmr168hunt.txt Hunt, Mary - Welch, B. B.
gmr33moore.txt Susan E. Moore - J. D. R. Wise
gmr51gresham.txt Gresham, Carrie N. - E. Brown, Parker
gmr57crockett.txt Crockett, Mary A. - Tye, Dr. L. M.
gmr91cawthon.txt Cawthon, Miss Mary E. - Williams, Chas.
martin.txt Mrs. A. F. King - R. F. Martin
moore2.txt MOORE- Brides Index Henry County, Georgia
moormar.txt MOORE- Grooms Index Henry County, Georgia
mr1290barnes.txt Barnes, Miss Virginia - Woods, Mr. J. L. G.
mr1292chambers.txt Chambers, Miss Belzoria - McDonald, Mr. Alex
mr1392doyal.txt Doyal, Miss Annie - Kimball, W. B.
mr1468mcneal.txt McNeal, Mrs. Lizzie - Terry, Mr. J. I.
mr1469lilly.txt Lilly, Miss Anne - Carmichael, L. R.
mr1479lilly.txt Lilly, Miss Anne Adele - Carmichael, Lemuel R.
mr1480sloan.txt Sloan, Miss Laura Barry - Smith, Mr. Joel E.
mr1491welch.txt Welch, Miss Sallie - O'Neal, Mr. Woodard
mr1492mcmullen.txt McMullen, Mrs. Nancy - Jackson, Mr. P. W.
mr1493price.txt Price, Miss Lucy - Dupree, Mr. John D.
mr1495reagan.txt Reagan, Miss Nolly - Turner, Mr. J. H.
mr1496weldon.txt Weldon, Miss Callie - Moore, Mr. W. R.
mr1497blessitt.txt Blessitt, Miss May - Woodward, Mr. Will
mr1498chaffin.txt Chaffin, Miss Emily - Nail, Mr. Leonard
mr1499kimbell.txt Kimbell, Miss Emma - Rogers, Mr. John S.
mr1501stokes.txt Stokes, Miss Doscar - Bonnett, Mr.
mr1546brannan.txt Brannan, Willie Ruth - Jackson, Robert Emmett
mr1547lovern.txt Lovern, Miss Josephine - Miller, Carlton
mr1548ford.txt Ford, Miss Bessie - Skelton, William
mr1549berry.txt Berry, Mrs. J. M. - Mitcham, A. B.
mr1550steele.txt Steele, Miss Mary - Bankston, Charlie
mr1551gurr.txt Gurr, Miss Nancy - Pullin, Mr. John G.
mr1552norman.txt Norman, Miss Dola - England, Mr. Paul
mr964brown.txt Miss Georgia Brown - Mr. Andrew J. Combs
oglesby2104mr.txt Miss Carrie Oglesby - Mr. Wm. B. Carmichael
farris337gmr.txt Miss Minnie Farris - Mr. R. Jason Crossly
thompson2091mr.txt Mrs. Glance Thompson - Mr. Sidney W. Farrar
carmicha314gmr.txt Esther Carmichael - Mr. Arnold Evans Moore
gmr296lowe.txt Miss Mattie Lowe - J. F. Reynolds
gmr295harper.txt Miss Julia Harper - Mr. W. T. Williams

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