Fulton County Marriages

Individual Marriages
File Name Record
mr1519adams.txt Annie Mae Adams and George Wallace Davis
mr424atkinson.txt Beulah Atkinson and A. W. Redmond
mr429bray.txt Claribel Bray and Hugh Hodo
carr.txt Mr. W. J. Carr (Karr) and Mrs. May Morrison
chapman.txt Ben Hill Chapman and Willie Idelle Shields
mr425clements.txt Evelyne Clements and Phillip B. Patureau
mr91.txt Zoma Cole and Thomas Bryan McLean, Sr.
mr426coleman.txt Frances Ethel Coleman? and Harold D. Stiles
mr1695condon.txt Maud Condon and L.J. Gartrell
cooper304gmr.txt Mary Lou Cooper - George Renfroe Trippe
mr428davis.txt Sarah Davis and Herbert Dobbs Pyron
mr511deloache.txt Allie DeLoache and Robert Clayton Townsend
mr466dennis.txt Katherine Dennis and Charles R. Morris
mr527desaussu.txt Mary Chestnut DeSaussure and Alexander Field
mr514evans.txt Kathrina Eugenia Evans and William Edward Mumford
gay305gmr.txt Ethel Gay - Phillip Kunzig
mr1693gordon.txt Fanny Gordon and Burton Smith
mr1712green.txt Annie Green and Bob Lawshe
mr77.txt Jewell Handley and Forest Ray Derrick
mr90.txt Betty Jo Harrell and Thomas Bryan McLean, Jr.
nw409grahamha.txt Lorah Lena Harris and Rev. Benjamin Graham
mr1782hemphill.txt Lula Belle Hemphill and L. D. Teakle Quinby
howard1050gmr.txt Howard, Lizzie - Candler, Asa G. January 1878
hudson2590mr.txt Hudson, Anna L. - Alsobrook, E. P. November 3, 1902
hughes507gmr.txt Janie Hughes - Bob Burden
jones485gmr.txt Miss Cora Jones - Dr. Leroy Austin
mr434lewis.txt Bennie Lewis and Henry Danner
mr464lindsey.txt Jennie Lindsey and Samuel Baldwin
lowe422gmr.txt Anna F. Lowe - C. W. Dill
manning513gmr.txt Melba Manning - Fount R. Lane
manning514gmr.txt Melba Manning - Fount Reginald Lane
marchman1077gmr.txt Marchman, Malvin P. - Huff, J. W. March 9, 1879
mr89.txt Willie Martill Maddox and Joe Glenn McLean
mr430martyn.txt Margaret Martyn and John Donald Rung
mcdonald2222mr.txt Miss Lettie McDonald - Prof. M. L.Brittain
mr88.txt Bernice Lois McLean and James Franklin Puckett
gmr60mclin.txt E. R. McLin and W. K. Keith
gmr287mozley.txt Mrs. Mary Mozley - Herman Lester
phirl311gmr.txt Miss Clara Lou Phirl - William H. George
mr525randolph.txt Miss Frances Randolph and Frank Howard Steele
ragland539gmr.txt Mrs. Clara Ragland - Prof. J. L. Moore
gmr59raney.txt Martha Raney and John B. Jackson
reid529gmr.txt Annie Hayden Reid - J. Bracy Brumbeloe
mr642savin.txt Mary Emilie Savin - Hugh Livingston Cheek
mr526sciple.txt Marie Sciple and Stanley Douglas
shanks522gmr.txt Thelma Shanks - E. C. Rork
shellnut535gmr.txt Jessie Mae Shellnutt - James DeAvoren Holley
mr432shepard.txt Willie Louise Shepard and J. Theo Meador
mr431smith.txt Clara Smith and Harold Dickert Deckert
talliafe1005gmr.txt Talliaferro, Miss ?_________ - Noble, Dr., George H. June 1884
gmr48walker.txt Tite Walker and A. N. Eddleman
ward540gmr.txt Kate Ward - W. A. Green
waters481gmr.txt Ruby Lee Waters - Vary Huyler
mr423witcher.txt Pauline Lee Witcher? and H. McCoy VanDevender
mr421worley.txt Mary Arminda Worley and Robert Jefferson Holt

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