Floyd County Marriages

Marriage Books
File Name Record
index.txt Index to Marriage Records
1834marr.txt Marriages 1834-1849
brideb.txt Section 35 - Boa-Bob to Boe to Bol
brideg.txt Gra - Gre - Gri - Gry
bridet.txt Bride Surnames "T"
caldwell.txt Caldwell Surname
cooperb.txt Cooper Brides
cooperg.txt Cooper Grooms
female.txt Female Index to Marriage Records - Section 35
foster.txt Floyd & Gordon County Foster Marriages
lumpkinb.txt Lumpkin Brides
lumpking.txt Lumpkin Grooms
mb11t.txt Marriage Book T - Partial Marriage Book
nmb2floydcou.txt Marriage Book - Floyd County Marriages - Partial Marriage Book
nmb3floydcou.txt Marriage Book - Floyd County Marriages - Partial Marriage Book

Individual Marriages
File Name Record
mr912king.txt Grace King and H.M. Calahan
montgome463gmr.txt Mary O. Montgomery - Hon. Dunlap Scott
simmons1116gmr.txt Simmons, Ellie - Harris, L. C. December 2, 1879

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