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This project will endeavor to provide actual transcriptions of Marriage Applications, and other Marriage Records, as found recorded in the county court house and state archives. We encourage these transcriptions to be entire marriage books and/or rolls of microfilm, although individual files will be happily accepted.
Transcripts will be accepted and files will be placed in the USGenWeb Archives directory of the State and County, where the marriage records were originally recorded.

Please send Nothing copyrighted, unless you have written permission from the author. 


Multiple Marriages

File Description Size Date Submitter
 Marriages: Brides A-G 20K   Lin Wright
 Marriages: Brides H-Z 22K   Lin Wright
 Marriages: Grooms A-G 26K   Lin Wright
 Marriages: Grooms H-Z 17K   Lin Wright
Rev. James P. Cooper - Clarke Co. 1906-1931 8K   Phil Petty 
Misc. Marriage Records-Willoughby, Pridgeon, Durham, Giles, etc. 5K   Jim Willoughby


Individual Marriages

File Description Size Date Submitter
Anderson, Virginia Cary  - Goss, Isham Hamilton  January 27, 1903 1K Dec 2008 Meredith Clapper
Bass, Nina Lu - Griner, Adlai Bee December 21, 1924 2K Feb 2008 Lena S
Carter, Miss Ida  - Carithers, Mr. J. G. 1K Apr 2005 Phyllis Thompson
Espy, James W.- Prince, Ann F. 1K   W.F. Mitchell
Gillespie, Bertie  - Eberhardt, Thomas P 1K Feb 2006 Pandora Weeks
Goss, Agnes Clifton - Hughes, Hugh Lawson Dennard June 26, 1919 1K Dec 2008 Meredith Clapper
Hardeman, Jessie Wayne  - Hale, Cecil Howard  February 14, 1928 1K May 2007 Meredith Clapper
Hardeman, Louise Barrow - Breeden, Thomas Verne June 26, 1920 1K May 2007 Meredith Clapper
Hardeman, Martha Eugenia - Thilenius, Edward Albert November 18, 1922 2K May 2007 Meredith Clapper
Hill, F. Augusta - Noble, Wm. G.  June 14, 1859 1K Sep 2007 Carolyn Shank
Hubbard, Eudocia - Mitchum, Nathaniel J. 1K Sep 2004 Alta M. Durden
Kirk, Eliza  - Summers, Ruel 1K Aug 2005 Connie Bond
Lord, Candace  - Wallace Greene 1K Aug 2005 Connie Bond
Payne, Van Frances - Hardman, Robert Lamar December 20, 1883 1K May 2007 Meredith Clapper
Price, Lou - Hinton, Jr., John W. 1K Nov 2003 Phyllis Thompson
Prater, Malinda - Riley, John 1K Aug 2004 C Epps Bond
Smith, Armind  - Kisselburg, James C. 1K Jul 2005 Jan Kisselburg
Wells, Mary F.  - Gresham, Albert Y. 1K Feb 2006 Ken Doggett





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