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This project will endeavor to provide actual transcriptions of Marriage Applications, and other Marriage Records, as found recorded in the county court house and state archives.

We are encouraging these transcriptions to be entire marriage books and/or rolls of microfilm. Transcripts will be accepted and files will be placed in the USGenWeb Archives directory of the State and County where the marriage records were originally recorded.

Please, send nothing copyrighted, unless you have written permission from the author.

These electronic pages may NOT be reproduced in any format for profit.

Any other use, including copying files to other sites, requires permission from the contributors PRIOR to uploading to the other sites.

The submitter has given permission to the USGenWeb Archives to store the file permanently for free access.

File Record Submitted By
bkamarr1.txt Marriages, Book "A": 1856 to 1876 Bill Morgan
bkbpt1.txt Marriages, Book "B" Part 1: 1876 to 1883 Bill Morgan
bkbpt2.txt Marriages, Book "B" Part 2: 1883 to 1887 Bill Morgan
bkc1.txt Marriages, Book "C" part 1: 1887 to 1891 Bill Morgan
bkc2.txt Marriages, Book "C" part 2: 1891 to 1897 Bill Morgan
bkc3.txt Marriages, Book "C" part 3: 1896 to 1900 Bill Morgan
bkc4.txt Marriages, Book "C" part 4: 1901 to 1904 Bill Morgan
bkd1.txt Marriages, Book "D" part 1: 1904 to 1907 Bill Morgan
bkd2.txt Marriages, Book "D" part 2: 1906 to 1909 Bill Morgan
bkd3.txt Marriages, Book "D" part 3: 1909 to 1912 Bill Morgan
bke1.txt Marriages, Book "E" part 1: 1912 to 1914 Bill Morgan
bke2.txt Marriages, Book "E" part 2: 1914 to 1916 Bill Morgan
bkf1.txt Marriages, Book "F" part 1: 1913 To 1917 Bill Morgan
bkf.txt Marriages, Book "F": 1918 to 1920 Bill Morgan
bkg1.txt Marriages, Book "G" part 1: 1920 to 1922 Bill Morgan
bkg2.txt Marriages, Book "G" part 2: 1922 To July 1923 Bill Morgan
bkh1.txt Marriages, Book "H" part 1: Aug. 1923 To Sept. 1924 Bill Morgan
bkh2.txt Marriages, Book "H" part 2: 1924 & 1925 Bill Morgan
bki.txt Marriages, Book "I": 1925 to 1926 Bill Morgan




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