Wilcox County Marriages, Alambama

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marrto1825.txt Marriages to 1825, Wilcox, Alabama Marcella Davis
hboutwell.txt Henry Boutwell & Ellen Luke Bert
gmr12melton.txt Leila Melton - Claude Swink Stephen Lee
gmr10deramus.txt Beesie Deramus - F. M. McConnico Stephen Lee
gmr11mcree.txt Gertrude McRee - J. P. Stuart Stephen Lee
gmr13colosia.txt Nellie Christina Colosia - Ephriam Pharr Boltz Stephen Lee
gmr14mccreary.txt Mamie McCreary - G. F. Boykin Stephen Lee
gmr15cannon.txt Pencie Cannon - Paul Ayres Pressly Stephen Lee
gmr16fitzgera.txt Rose Fitzgerald - Claude T. Luckie Stephen Lee
gmr17dale.txt Lois Dale - Joseph B. McWilliams Stephen Lee
gmr2partin.txt Lena Partin - E. E. "Pete" Peters Stephen Lee
gmr3hunter.txt Mattie V. Hunter - J. D. Bryant Stephen Lee
gmr4benson.txt Fannie Sue Benson - R. C. Richards Stephen Lee
gmr5watson.txt Olive Watson - Bosil Watson Stephen Lee
gmr6damrell.txt Maude Damrell - William T. Henderson Stephen Lee
gmr7watts.txt Julia Marie Watts - J. Bracey Jones Stephen Lee
gmr8gaillard.txt Anita Augusta Gaillard - William Whitfield Croom Stephen Lee
gmr9vaughan.txt Mamie Vaughan - John Fuller Stephen Lee
mr100peake.txt Annie H. Peake - J. H. Outlaw Stephen Lee
mr101felts.txt Maude Felts - N. A. Jordan Stephen Lee
mr102tate.txt Mrs. Maude Tate - Clarence Haynes Stephen Lee
mr103farish.txt Sallie Farish - G. W. Watson Stephen Lee
mr104sharpe.txt Minnie B. Sharpe - M. B. Hays Stephen Lee
mr105bonner.txt Sallie Belle Bonner - James Sneed Stephen Lee
mr106moore.txt Mabel Mayer Moore - Thomas P. Johnston Stephen Lee
mr107kelly.txt Alma Kelly - Robert Francis Anderson Stephen Lee
mr108bigger.txt Robbie Bigger - H. Alexander Hayles Stephen Lee
mr109moore.txt Mamie Spurlin Moore - A. E. Van Heynigen Stephen Lee
mr110fail.txt Mary Fail - Paul Everett Jones Stephen Lee
mr111kirvin.txt Ella Kirvin - McLean Pitts Stephen Lee
mr112obrien.txt Mary Lorene O'Brien - Maury Fontaine Howard Stephen Lee
mr113tait.txt Helen Tait - Ervin Vass Stephen Lee
mr64mabry.txt Theodora Mabry - John Paul Jones Stephen Lee
mr65crocker.txt Nora Crocker - Daniel S. Cooper Stephen Lee
mr66wilkinso.txt Lorine Wilkinson - Oscar E. Davis Stephen Lee
mr67cowart.txt Lula Cowart - G. K. Ptomey Stephen Lee
mr68godfrey.txt Nannie Godfrey - T. R. McLellan Stephen Lee
mr69nettles.txt Annie Laura Nettles - S. D. Andress Stephen Lee
mr70west.txt Mamie Kate West - Franklin Walter Spurlin Stephen Lee
mr71stallwor.txt Pearl Stallworth - John A. Buck Stephen Lee
mr72hurst.txt Margaret Louise Hurst - Alexander M. Garber Stephen Lee
mr73hearst.txt Nettie Hearst - W. K. Grimes Stephen Lee
mr74jones.txt Mary Jones - James E. Parker Stephen Lee
mr75oton.txt Adeline Oton - John Boone DeLossure Stephen Lee
mr76farish.txt Alberta Farish - Albert Davis Kelly Stephen Lee
mr77farish.txt Alberta Farish - Albert Davis Stephen Lee
mr78brown.txt Rachael Brown - E. Roberts Stephen Lee
mr79jones.txt Julia Lee Jones - Thomas Edward Huey Stephen Lee
mr80stallwor.txt Laura McDuffie Stallworth - James Terry Moore Stephen Lee
mr81mccorvey.txt Maud McCorvey - Edmund Dennis Stephen Lee
mr82baggett.txt Clementine Baggett - J. L. Baggett Stephen Lee
mr83davis.txt Macie Bedford Davis - John S. Blalack Stephen Lee
mr84irby.txt Helen Earle Irby - Bejamin Francis Hatch Stephen Lee
mr85bowden.txt Cora Bowden - L. W. Hardy Stephen Lee
mr86hester.txt Angelino Hester - J. H. Fuller Stephen Lee
mr87mccloud.txt Sallie F. McCloud - Otto Van Werdt Stephen Lee
mr88steen.txt Alma Steen - Edgar Stuart Stephen Lee
mr89hooks.txt Lucy Hooks - Robert E. Gordon Stephen Lee
mr90packer.txt Mrs. Belle Packer - F. Y. Pressly Stephen Lee
mr91grandiso.txt Georgiana Grandison - Jimmy Bonner Stephen Lee
mr92alford.txt Georgiana Grandison - Jimmy Bonner Stephen Lee
mr93price.txt Nettie Vivian Price - John Franklin Loper Stephen Lee
mr94miller.txt Minnie McDaniel Miller - James Heustis Stephen Lee
mr95dickson.txt Alma Elizabeth Dickson - George Henry Stephen Lee
mr96kasner.txt Rosa Kasner - Charlie Miller Stephen Lee
mr97hybart.txt Nettie Hybart - Professor Oakley Stephen Lee
mr98davis.txt Clara Davis - William Edward Cook Stephen Lee
mr99knox.txt Carrie Byrd Knox - John Fail Stephen Lee
n_kennedy_sd_moore.txt Nellie Kennedy and S. D. Moore Stephen Lee
mr114hughes.txt J. C. Harrison - Melia Hughes; Jesse Hughes - Mandy Bird Stephen Lee
mr117fitzgera.txt C. H. Lewis - Ruby Fitzgerald Stephen Lee
mr118dear.txt George Farr - Mary E. Dear Stephen Lee
mr119fulton.txt D. J. McWilliams - Georgia Fulton Stephen Lee
mr120savage.txt McCown - Savage Stephen Lee
mr121jones.txt Clement R. Jones - Marguerite Jones Stephen Lee
mr122strother.txt Deer - Strother Stephen Lee
mr123watson.txt COBB - WATSON Stephen Lee
mr124ghent.txt Lily Ghent - H. E. Stillings Stephen Lee
mr125lake.txt Julia Lake - Ernest Hopkins Planck Stephen Lee
mr126johnson.txt Lathram - Johnson Stephen Lee
mr127collier.txt Geo. A. Phillips - Fannie Collier Stephen Lee
mr128dickson.txt Jewel Sinclair Dickson - Daniel Robbins Nettles Stephen Lee
mr129thigpen.txt Bertha Thigpen - Guy Potts Fuller Stephen Lee
mr130feagan.txt Mary E. Feagan - Mario E. Lazenby Stephen Lee
mr131stollenw.txt Mary Gaston Stollenwerck - Rev. R. R. Jones Stephen Lee
mr132cooper.txt Ruby Cooper - Leo Clark Stephen Lee
mr133arringto.txt Julia G. Arrington - I. Don Huston Stephen Lee
mr134majors.txt Sallie Majors - R. S. Hamilton Stephen Lee
mr135shultz.txt Cilie Schultz - Harris Olensky Stephen Lee
mr136slade.txt Willie Leona Slade - Hamilton Gaillard Stephen Lee
mr137stallwor.txt Lall Stallworth - J. Willis Hybart Stephen Lee
mr138watts.txt Minnie Watts - Sam Laird Jones Stephen Lee
mr139watkins.txt Clarice Watkins - Lyman Berry Stephen Lee
mr140spiva.txt Stella Boyd Spiva - Mims Davis Stephen Lee
mr141ludingto.txt Marie Louise Ludington - William Jefferson Hearin Stephen Lee
mr142watson.txt Sarah Olivia Watson - John Marvin McClurkin Stephen Lee
mr143mcmurphy.txt Ellie McMurphy - George Markham March Stephen Lee
mr144roberts.txt Maggie Mae Roberts - Will W. Garrett Stephen Lee
mr145mckenzie.txt Sudie McKenzie - Leon Davis Stephen Lee

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