Bedford County Pennsylvania, Township Map

Image Map:

This is a clickable image map of townships and boroughs in Bedford County Pennsylvania. A text list of the township maps is shown below. The township images are cropped from a 1/50,000 USGS Geological Survey Map of Bedford County dated 1987; based on 1/24,000 maps dated 1949 through 1971. The adjacent counties shown on the image map are links to their USGS maps.

Note: Union Township's name was changed in 1993 to Pavia Township.

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Bedford County Townships

List of Bedford County Township Maps

The list below shows boroughs and villages within each township; however, some townships may be combined in one map. To search for cemeteries, villages and other features visit the USGS GNIS site. Check here for information on how to order US Geological Survey Maps of Pennsylvania counties.