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Note: Township 155, Ranges 50 through 39 actually include Sections 1 through 6 and portions of Sections 7 through 12 from Township 154, Ranges 50 through 39 which is mostly in Pennington County south of Marshall. Section 6 and portions of Sections 5 and 7 of Township 155 Range 42 (Agder) are actually included in Township 156 Range 42 (East Valley).

County Townships Overview

Eagle Point - T158 R50
Donnelly - T158 R49
Sennot - T158 R48
Augsburg - T158 R47
Nelson Park - T158 R46
Lincoln - T158 R45

East Park - T158 R44
Huntly - T158 R43
Como - T158 R42
Thief Lake - T158 R41
Moose River - T158 R40
Linsell - T158 R39

Fork - T157 R50
Parker - T157 R49
Tamarac - T157 R48
Wanger - T157 R47
Wright - T157 R46
West Valley - T157 R45

New Maine - T157 R44
Spruce Valley - T157 R43
Cedar - T157 R42
Whiteford - T157 R41
Rollis - T157 R40
Veldt - T157 R39

Big Woods - T156 R50
Bloomer - T157 R49
Middle River - T157 R48
Oak Park - T155/T154 R50
Vega - T155/T154 R49
Warrenton - T155/T154 R48

Alma - T156 R47
Foldahl - T156 R46
Marsh Grove - T156 R45
McCrea - T155/T154 R47
Comstock - T155/T154 R46
Viking - T155/T154 R45

New Folden - T156 R44
Holt - T156 R43
East Valley - T156/T155 R42
New Solum - T155/T154 R44
Excel - T155/T154 R43
Agder - T155/T154 R42

Mud Lake - T156 R41
Eckvoll - T156 R40
Valley - T156 R39
Grand Plain - T155/T154 R41
Moylan - T155/T154 R40
Espelie - T155/T154 R39

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