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Note:The individual township maps that show sections without landowners indicates those sections are part of either the Red Lake Indian Reservation (Miskwaagamiiwi-zaaga'igan) or the White Earth Indian Reservation.

County Overview

1st Row:
Hangaard - T151 R38
Winsor - T150 R38
Greenwood - T150 R37
2nd Row:
T150 R36
Pine Lake - T149 R38
Leon - T149 R37

1st Row:
Sinclair - T149 R36
Eddy - T148 R38
Holst - T148 R37
2nd Row:
Dudley - T148 R36
Popple - T147 R38
Copley - T147 R37

1st Row:
Shevlin - T147 R36
T146 R38
Nora - T146 R37
2nd Row:
Moose Creek - T14 R36
T145 R38
Minerva - T145 R37

1st Row:
Bear Creek - T145 R36
T144 R38
Rice - T144 R37
2nd Row:
Itasca - T144 R36
T143 R38
T143 R37

State Park - T143 R36

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