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Alabama State Maps

State of Alabama, circa 1891 (449kb) International Cyclopędia: Vol I, Struthers & Co., Engr's, N.Y., Published by Dodd, Meade, & Co.

State of Alabama County outline map. U.S. Census Bureau, 1990 (205k)

South Central United States, circa 1897, includes Arkansas, Louisanna, Mississippi and Alabama. Redway and Hinman, American Book Company (510k)

Map of the Southern States, circa 1881, including Florida, Louisiana, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi (556k)

State of Alabama, General Land Office Map, 1915, submitted by Joy Fisher

State of Alabama Map, 1850 (3.6 Mb) from an atlas published by Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co., including steamboat routes, railroads, and "roads and distances", submitted by Dean Williams

States of Alabama and Mississippi Map, Bradford Map of 1835 Alabama and Mississippi (4.4 Mb) showing Cherokee and Creek Nations before the secession of those territories; submitted by Dean Williams

Mitchell Map of Eastern States area, ca. 1890 reproduction of the 1755 map - (4.4 Mb) with detail concerning Indians, villages and trails; submitted by Dean Williams.
I will be cleaning this map up in the near future.

Mitchell Map of States of Alabama and Mississippi, ca. 1890 reproduction of the 1755 - SE portion of map above - (3.7 Mb) with detail concerning Indians, villages and trails; submitted by Dean Williams.


Alabama County Maps

Map of Baldwin County, recent (shows unfinished Interstate Highway 10)(360k)

Alabama City Maps

Perspective View of Montgomery, AL, ca 1887, (1.5 Mb)

Miscellaneous Maps

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