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Filename Date Submitter
G.A. Allen Sep 2002
Mrs.Sarah Allen Sep 2002
Weyman Millard Applewhite Nov 2007 Joy Fisher
Glenda Barton Oct 2007 DeWanna Lindo
John H. Beard Jan 2002 Jo Ellen Castillo
Mrs. Nell Beard  Jan 2003 Jo Ellen Castillo
Otis Eugene Bolyer Feb 2002 Doug McBroom
Brunson, Barbara Davis Hedpath Oct 2010 Doug McBroom
Bullock, Eura Levinia Hays Robertson Oct 2010 Doug McBroom
Bullock, James Henry Oct 2010 Doug McBroom
Robert Q. Bullock Mar 2010 Debra W. Dame
Isaac M. Callaway Mar 1998 Mike Miller
Anna J. Cheshire Mar2010 Doug McBroom
James C. Coburn Mar 2010 Doug McBroom
Leetha Byrd Stiles Coburn Mar 2010 Doug McBroom
Mrs. Emma Crow Mar 2007 Evan L. Broussard
Capt. J. J. Crow Mar 2007
Elijah M. DeLoach Mar2010 Doug McBroom
Katie H. Dick Feb. 2000 Michael Drewett
Connell Fort Apr 2000 Michael Drewett
William Gamble Apr 2002 Laura Bonde
Cora Hall-Walker Feb 2008 Peggy Hale
Harper, Noel Barwick Dec 2011 Doug McBroom
Nina Mae Chapin Hawk Mar 2010 Doug McBroom
William C. Hawk Mar 2010 Doug McBroom
General Glen Holcomb Sr. Mar 2010 Doug McBroom
Myrtis Matlock Kilgore Mar 2001 Kay McMahan
Barney J. Langley Mar 2010 Doug McBroom
Mary Lee Peavy Langley Mar 2010 Doug McBroom
Mrs. M. J. Lee Sep 2000 Pat Foster-King
James Luther Aug. 1999 Bryan Price
Eldred Ford Lowe Sr. May 2003 Billy Hathorn
Martin, Daniel Webster "Webb" Oct 2010 Doug McBroom
Della Jewel McIlwain Aug 2004 B. Jo Branch
Miller, Iva Lee Frye Oct 2010 Doug McBroom
Miller, Mary Lucille Plunkett Oct 2010 Doug McBroom
Montgomery, Irene L. Aug 2012 Debra Dame
Moseley, Dr. Benjamin Thomas Jun 2015 Mary K Creamer
Pace, Oscar Samuel Nov 2010 Doug McBroom
Pace, Sallie Gamel Nov 2010 Doug McBroom
Plunkett, Jr., John Walter "Red" Oct 2010 Doug McBroom
Plunkett, Margaret Marie Youngblood Oct 2010 Doug McBroom
Karen B. Robison Mar 2008 Peggy Hale
Rowe, Kenneth A. Oct 2010 Doug McBroom
Jerry Royer Sep 2003 Jerry Royer
Harold Sanders Feb 2008 Peggy Hale
Sexton, Olie Baugh Oct 2010 Doug McBroom
Simpson, Aden Whitfield Nov 2010 Doug McBroom
Simpson, William Norman Nov 2010 Doug McBroom
William Stevens Aug. 1999 Evelyn C. Cunningham
Robert Brooks Van Horn Mar 2008 Peggy Hale
Robert Lee Walker Aug. 1999 Debra W. Dame
Mrs. Willie Pearl White Mar 2008 Peggy Hale
Mary McDowell Wilkie Oct 2007 Peggy Hale
Young, Bobby F. Oct 2010 Doug McBroom
Thomas Glenn Ziegler Mar 2008 Peggy Hale


We are looking for any historical documents, articles, photos, etc. Everyone is urged to donate transcriptions of Webster Parish bible records, cemeteries, court records, old newspaper articles, biographies of residents, old letters, census data, obituaries, family histories, parish histories, military records, old photographs, etc.

The USGenWeb has provided an easy to use form for submitting a RECORD of any type to the Louisiana GenWeb Archives. It will be forwarded to me for the Webster Archives. You can still submit a free form text document if you choose not to use the form provided. Click here to go to the FORMS page or send your formatted documents, according to the GUIDELINES below, to Bryant Walker if you would like to contribute to the Webster Parish Archive Project.

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