Photograph submitted by Edna Wilson.

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UNION GIN SCHOOL, ca. 1935 - 37


1st Row - Pauline Lowery, Violet Reeves, Edna McCuller, Harold Frazier,
          Doris Fomby, and _________________.

2nd Row - Margie Rae (?), Edward Goss, ______________, Travis Hutto,
          and _________ Rogers.

3rd Row - ____________(girl), and ______________(boy).

4th Row - _______________, ________________, Francis Austin, _____________.

5th Row - _______________, ________________, W. P. Rae, _____________,
          and Homer McDougle.

Teacher - Miss (or Mrs.?) Clayton Heard

The principal (not in the picture) was Beulah Goss.  One of the unamed boys was
Arlis Simpson, but I don't know which one.
Edna Wilson

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