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Unidentified Union Parish School in an Unknown Year
This school photo with all the names on it was given to Bobby Bayles,
but he doesn't know the school name or the year it was taken.  Many of the
last names are the same as in the other photo - brothers & sisters, cousins
of the first group.  If you know the where and when, let us know.
Again, Bobby was fortunate to get the identifying e-mail response below.

Back Row, standing, left to right:
Miss Causey (teacher), Earl Colvin (principal), Dave Hendrick, Gene Rogers,
Woody B. Malone, Maurice Malone, Lessie Rogers (standing in front of Gene -
Everett Malone & Kelden Aulds)

Middle Row, standing, left to right:
Cedric Rogers, Troy Nolan, James Rogers, Travis Dumas, Roy Nolen, Ben Ward,
Min Bedford, Pat Nolan, Buck Ward, Doris Dumas, Marty Ward, Zuma Nolan,
Welard Morris, Coleen Nolan, Awel Nolan, Dale Malone.

Front Row, left to right:
Lester Nolan, Woodrow "Bill" Nolan, Herbie Rogers, _______ Nolan (brother to
Coleen Nolan), Loy Nolan, E. B. Malone (?), Lovie Dumas, ________ Morris,
Louise Malone, Louis Nolan (Aukie Boy), Earline Nolan, Gray Ward,
________ Morris, Mattie Lee Hendrix, Pauline Ward, Myrtle Nolan


The school in this second picture is also Antioch School. It's the same
building, same front porch location as the 1918 picture with my mother and
her siblings. Many names are familiar, but I can't place them specifically.
I think I remember my mother saying that Mr. Earl Colvin was the principal
at Antioch School. That would have been at least before her parents moved to
Ouachita Parish in 1923, and he could have remained there long after.
Chloe Webb

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