Union Parish Louisiana

Index to Early Marriage Records
Marriage Book
Marriage Book M, 1839 – 1846
bride index
Dec 1999 Judy Cole
Marriage Book M, 1839 – 1846
groom index
Marriage Book 1, 1850 – 1852
bride index
Marriage Book 1, 1850 – 1852
groom index

Newspaper Marriage Announcements
Couple's Names
Year Date
Elisha T. Sellers & Sarah A. Hodge 1873 Nov 2006 John A. Sellers
Lee Goyne & Etta Heard 1894 Dec 2006 T. D. Hudson
Fletcher G. Wilson & Alice Honeycutt 1895 Aug 2004
R. S. Smith & Amelia Kennedy 1898 Jun 2002 Debbie Richard
James M. Smith & Miss Eva May Slaton Mar 2001
Robert Henderson & Rosa Bearden Dec 2006 T. D. Hudson
George W. Phelps & Stella Tucker
Sidney C. Selig & Ethel Dean

Marriage Records of Union Parish Residents
Couple's Names
Year Date
Sallie Ellis Marries I. J. Harris in Denison, Texas 1903 Dec 2008 Shawn Martin
Jerry Thomas Pardue of Marion Weds Mary Sue Garoutte 1965
Union Parish Carter Marriages
Nov 2006 Clara Connell
Green A. Davis & Lucinda Burk 1841 Apr 2002 Mary Davis-Odom
Ruffin G. Pleasant & Rosanna Moore
Oct 2001 John R. "Bob" Reeves
Charles Akers & Ella McAdams
Feb 2001 Shawn Martin
Peter Oliver Price & Charlotte Charity Boatright
Feb 2000 Jim Lee
William McClellan Moore & Elizabeth J. Cook
Mar 2001 Bobby Bayles
Nedum R. Bryan & Lizie Pardue
Sept 2002 Mary Bryan
Allen Futch & Ann Matthews
Jan 2000 Jane Hinton
M. W. Holley & Delly N. McAdams

Feb 2001 Shawn Martin
Bussie Holley & Molly McAdams

W. J. Kelly & Malinda J. McAdams

William P. McAdams & Mollie Martin
Hosea McAdams & Mary McGarity

John C. Davis & Nannie Maud McGarity

Robert J. McAdams & Etta Cranford

James R. McAdams & Mamie Murray

James R. McAdams & Mary Ann Tubb
Joseph F. McAdams & Lena Brooks
E. J. McAdams & Judith Sophia Goyne
Rufus H. McAdams & Dorcas Post
James T. McAdams & Sallie A. Washuam
Levi Seals & Rachel McAdams

David J. Post & Lou Anna McAdams

Benjamin W. Odom and Sarah F. Dick

July 2002 Mary Davis-Odom
James D. Odom and Zilpha E. Agerton
James E. Taylor & Rushie Post

Feb 2001 Shawn Martin
Benjamin Taylor & Maria McAdams
Jessie A. Traylor & Ella McAdams

Young White and California "Callie" Hendricks

Feb 2003  Stacy Cooper
Charles M. Yossett & Molly McAdams

Feb 2001 Shawn Martin

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