Photograph submitted by Bruce Odom

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Zion Hill dinner on the grounds ca. 1900
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Bottom right to left: Francis Marion Tucker, Jonah Murray, George Reagan. The two women in the center bottom are (r to l) Zilpha Reagan Murray and Evaline Easterling Tucker. Ethel Tucker Odom is the lady on the left end with the striped sleeves and hat.Behind her is Ellis Odom. These people were identified by the owner of the picture.
I think John Odom is sort of looking over Ethel's shoulder with the shock of dark hair and mustache. I think Willis or Marion Tucker is directly over his left shoulder. I think the guy at the top of the landscape portion on the right side with the dark hair and the hat tilted back looks like my Grandpa Ervin Odom. I hope others can be identified by people who see it here.
My source for this picture was a copy of the original taken by someone who took it in two photographs. The left part was taken in portrait orientation and the right part was taken in landscape orientation. The dividing line is obvious. Without knowing what I was doing I reassembled the photos. The camera angle was a little different between the two shots and you can see the distortion in the faces directly under the seam where the two pictures were put back together by the computer.

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