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Family of Lt. Governor William Wood Farmer

         The following information on the family of Lt. Governor William Wood Farmer comes from a Family Bible. This transcription retains the spelling and punctuation of the original record. The original Bible is contained in the collection of Mrs. Leila S. Davenport. Ms. Holley submits this information with the permission of Mrs. Davenport.

         More information on this family can be found in various Farmer obituaries .

Transcription of William Wood Farmer Family Data
Page Two – Births
  • W. W. Farmer was born in the now Parish of Union the 29th of April 1813.
  • P. A. Mixon was born in South Carolina on the 22nd of October 1815.
  • Strother Hilliard Mason was born in Wilcox County Ala. on the 31st of August 1835, son of Mrs. P. A. Farmer by her first marriage.
  • William Mills Farmer was born in Union Parish La on the 29th of March 1840.
  • Frances M. Farmer was born in Ouachita La on the 11th of December 1842.
  • Julia Arabella Farmer was born in Ouachita Parish on the 12th July 1847.
  • Susannah E. Farmer was born in Ouachita Parish La on the 13th of Sept 1849.
  • The name of William Mills Farmer was changed to William Wood Farmer in 1861 out of respect and in memory of his father Lt. Gov. William Wood Farmer. Farmer Morrison, son of Fannie Farmer and Charles H. Morrison, was born in Monroe, La, on the 8th day of February, 1876 and was christened by Rt. Rev. Bishop Wm. F. Adams at the family residence May 18th, 1876.
Page Three – Marriages
  • William Wood Farmer and Pamelia A. Mason, originally P. A. Mixon were married in the Parish of Union, La. on the 21st of March 1839.
  • Fannie Farmer was married on the fifteenth day of May A.D. 1875, at the residence of her brother, Captain William W. Farmer, in Monroe, La., to Colonel Charles H. Morrison, of Ouachita Parish. She was always called Fannie and, after becoming of age, was known to a side circle of friends as Miss Fannie Farmer. She was named when a child Frances M. Farmer.
Page Four – Deaths
  • William Wood Farmer – son of Mills and of Susanna Farmer; born in Union Parish La on the 27th of April 1813 – died, in New Orleans, of Yellow Fever – on October 29th 1854
  • Julia A. Farmer died on the 27th of August 1848 in OUachita Parish La.
  • S. H. Mason died in Union Parish on the 4th Feb 1851
  • Susannah A. Farmer died in Union Parish on the 28th of July 1851
  • Mrs. Pamelia Ann Farmer died at the residence of her son, Capt. William W. Farmer in Monroe, La., of pneumonia, on the 22d day of November, 1874. She was the oldest daughter of Joel and Feriba Mixon, both of whom died in the Parish of Jackson. She was left a widow October 29th, 1854. From that day, to the day of her death, she devoted herself to the happiness of her two children, William and Fannie. She lived for them and loved them with a perfect and changeless love. She was totally unselfish. All who knew her loved her and even the poor dumb animals learned to love her who was always kind to them.

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