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March 2010

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The names are in alphabetical order.  All of these obituaries are in one file.  Click Here to view the obituary files.
Those names that include photos are followed by an icon "".  Click on the icon to view the photo.
Name Photo
Arledge, Robert "Bob", Sr.  
Armstead, Alice  
Aucoin, Shelby Joseph  
Bailey, Debra K. Robicheaux  
Barrilleaux, Della Mae 
Barrilleaux, Jim, Sr.  
Bellanger, Madalyn Rose  
Bertrand, Eldridge "E.J.", Sr. 
Black, Annie "Mable" Johnson  
Blackwell, John W. 
Bonvillain, Percy John
Borel, Emile J.  
Brown, Mary Louise Bryant  
Businelle, Ella  
Butaud, Ellen Carbullido  
Champagne, David Luke 
Charles, Lashana Collins  
Chauvin, Beverly J. LeBlanc
Chube, Oneal Leon, Jr. 
Cissna, John E.  
Clements, Eva Doris Naquin 
Desormeux, Charles, Sr.  
Elmore, Flavia Elliot  
Francis, Katie Richardson  
Francis, Myrtle Oliver  
Gardner, Charles R. "Pete"  
Giandelone, Euil "Peachy" Giroir  
Giordano, Annie Belle Monte
Godfrey, Brace B., Jr.  
Gonzales, Theresa "Bee Bee"  
Gooding, Florence C.  
Guillory, Jules, Sr.  
Hamilton, Lawrence  
Jewett, Roy, Sr.  
Johnson, Rhea 
Joiner, Gladys  
Jones, Donald Joseph 
Kiheman, Louis Frederick, Jr.  
Lacoste, John Charles  
Land, Laura Simoneaux  
Lodrigues, Teloria M. "Toto"  
Logan, William E., Sr. 
Lombas, Norma Breaux 
Lovelace, Melissa Ann "Dooda" Bowman  
Matthews, Ara M. 
McDonald, Ronald, E.  
Melancon, Timothy Lee  
Mello, Douglas  
Melvin, Charles "Charlie" 
Mendoza, Gwendolyn "Gwen" Rita Michel  
Miller, Estelle "Grandma"  
Mitchell, Sidney  
Murdock-Thorn, Betty Lee  
O'Gara, Susie Ann  
Owens, Bob  
Paul, Leola "Doris" Jones Griffin
Pepper, Michelle Marie  
Perez, Tex  
Powers, Barbara Darnall  
Richardson, "Aunt" Ida Lee Ray Gilchrist
Simon, Norris "Loul"  
Smith, Douglas Paul  
Smith, Jules, Jr.
Smith, Lillian Josie Armelin  
Terry, Garry James
Tillman, Thomas, Jr.  
Tran, Quyet Van  
Vaccarella, Sam 
Vaughn, Lillian Berthelot  
Verdun, Joseph, Sr. 
Warren, Gloria Rita St. Pierre 
Wiese, Maria Guarisco 


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