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February 2010

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The names are in alphabetical order.  All of these obituaries are in one file.  Click Here to view the obituary files.
Those names that include photos are followed by an icon "".  Click on the icon to view the photo.
Name Photo
Adams, Warren "Bub" J., Sr.  
Alcina, John Joseph  
Arcemont, Nick J., Jr.  
Bancroft, Madilyn D.  
Bates, Ora Mae  
Belanger, Joyce 
Bilbo, Edward 
Blankenship, Bobby Shayne  
Borne, Michael P.  
Boudreaux, Delores Pellerin
Boudreaux, Leo Ashley "Bob"  
Buck, Uston Matthew  
Bui, Nguyen Van  
Calderon, Jessica Lynn Grow  
Carlton, Milton "Ray" 
Charpentier, Sterling P. "Buster", Jr. 
Colbert, Nicodemus, Jr.
Couvillier, Donna Lynn Hopkins  
Culter, Frances Scherer  
Darbonne, Vernice F.  
Davis, Beulah M.  
Denby, Desiree Gibson  
Dewar, Erin Renee Pete  
Dixon, Theo Adele Kramer  
Duhe', Esther Mae Adams  
Dunnehoo, Francis Kyle  
Duplan, Rita Jones 
Duplantis, Wilna Landers  
Fontenot, Betty Darcey  
Francis, Daisy Jones  
Gray, James "Jim"  
Guidry, Mary Belle Mel "Grannie"  
Guy, Alzena Hatcherson  
Hebert, Dean Wilfred 
Hebert, Lillian  
Helms, Katie Sue  
Hinton, Betty Gilmore  
Hunt, Joseph, Sr.  
Ivy, Nathan Wayne 
Johnson, Charles David  
Landrum, Hubert Wayne  
Laughlin, Mary Catherine Asping 
Lemoine, Lawrence "Larry", Sr.  
Liner, Karl James  
Longman, Lillian Gaithe 
Loustalot, Allen Bernard, Jr.  
Mancuso, Faith Chauvin  
Melton, Ella Moses  
Notto, Frank, Jr.  
Pepper, Jimmy Joseph, Sr.  
Peterson, Louis, Jr.  
Picard, Audrey Pontiff  
Preus, Michael Alexander  
Richardson, Anna Leona 
Rink, Merideth Elizabeth Moore  
Robicheaux, Kerry M.  
Robinson, Helen Williams  
Rock, Earl Joseph "Boo", Jr.  
Roy, Marie Romero  
Scully, Lois mary Duplantis  
Shugart, Ava B. Newton  
Simoneaux, Rudy Louis 
Singleton, Bertha Mae 
Solar, Raymond Joseph, Jr.  
Stokes, Idell 
Stroud, Peggy Ponvelle  
Tabor, Leslie John  
Tate, Andrew  
Terry, Pallie "Mollie" Hood 
Thibodaux, Wayne Joseph  
Thomas, Audrey  
Toups, Edgar Joseph, Sr.  
Trahan, Linda Fay Freyou  
Uze' Darrel J. 
Vaughan, William Floyd "Bill"  
Walker, Junious "Billy", III 
West, Marguerite Christine See 
Wiggins, Matthew Paul  
Young, Emma Gene  


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