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    Richard Arnaud 9     Contributor - Acadia
    Winston Boudreaux 36     Contributor - Acadia
    Alfred DeRosier 6     Contributor - Acadia
    Darlene Wyatt Griffin 13     Contributor - Acadia
    Christine Beard Guidry 1     Contributor - Acadia
    William Holly 2     Contributor - Acadia
    Mike Miller 717     Contributor - All Parishes
    Becky Millet 10     Contributor - Acadia
    Deanne Pardue 23     Contributor - Acadia
    A. P. "Red" Quebodeaux 52     Contributor - Acadia
    Florence & Anthony Roy 1     Contributor - Acadia
    Becky Sonnier 1     Contributor - Acadia
    Denisha Trouard 1     Contributor - SW Louisiana
    Bryant Walker 1     Contributor - SW Louisiana

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