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Sabine Parish Funeral Surname Index T

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Filename Soundex Yr. of Death Submitter
Tabb, Lyndon Carl T-100 1975 Pat Berel
Tabor, Barbara Jean T-160 1999 Michael LeRoy
Tabor, Bernice Virgil T-160 1980 Pat Berel
Tabor, Burnie Lee T-160 1998 Michael LeRoy
Tabor, Doris Virgina T-160 2001 Pat Berel
Tabor, Elizabeth T-160 1961 Pat Berel
Tabor, James Atkins T-160 1955 Pat Berel
Tabor, Jessie T-160 1975 Pat Berel
Tabor, John B. T-160 1970 Pat Berel
Tabor, Roy J. T-160 1991 Michael LeRoy
Tabor, Ruby Loraine T-160 1994 Michael LeRoy
Tabor, Susie Marie T-160 1998 Michael LeRoy
Tabor, Walter C T-160 1975 Pat Berel
Tabor, William Bruce T-160 1991 Michael LeRoy
Tabor, Willie J. T-160 1981 Michael LeRoy
Tabor, Willis Lee T-160 1974 Pat Berel
Tackett, Leonard O'Neal T-230 2001 Pat Berel
Taiclet, Hugh Ted T-243 1979 Pat Berel
Taiclet, Irma T-243 2000 Pat Berel
Talbert, Robert W. T-416 1967 Pat Berel
Talley, Daniel Elbert T-400 1967 Pat Berel
Tanksley, James Richard, JR T-524 1995 Pat Berel
Tannehill, Marie Cecile T-540 1995 Pat Berel
Tannehill, Richard Marion T-540 1989 Pat Berel
Tanner, Mattie V. T-560 1983 Michael LeRoy
Tant, Maureen Anne T-530 1988 Pat Berel
Tapia, Miguel H. T-100 1986 Michael LeRoy
Tarkenton, Richard Lee T-625 1983 Michael LeRoy
Tarpley, Delma Mae T-614 1978 Pat Berel
Tarpley, James R T-614 1989 Pat Berel
Tarpley, John E T-614 1974 Pat Berel
Tarpley, Lula T-614 1950 Pat Berel
Tarpley, Robert Wayne T-614 1981 Michael LeRoy
Tarpley, Spencer Allen T-614 2001 Pat Berel
Tarpley, Infant Twins T-614 1952 Pat Berel
Tarpley, Vivian T-614 1970 Pat Berel
Tarver, John T-616 1975 Pat Berel
Tarver, Louis Alva T-616 1983 Michael LeRoy
Tate, Charles H T-300 1972 Pat Berel
Tate, Ernest Elgin T-300 1984 Pat Berel
Tate, Mary Ella T-300 1980 Pat Berel
Tatum, Amy T-350 1970 Pat Berel
Tatum, Annie Permelia T-350 1965 Pat Berel
Tatum, Edgar Earnest T-350 1963 Pat Berel
Tatum, H.H. T-350 1977 Pat Berel
Tatum, John Mitchell T-350 1975 Pat Berel
Tatum, John Mitchell, Sr T-350 1951 Pat Berel
Tatum, Lester Smith T-350 1979 Pat Berel
Tatum, Mary Selma Lites T-350 1996 Michael LeRoy
Tatum, Mattie Fannie T-350 1990 Michael LeRoy
Tatum, Pierre T T-350 1975 Pat Berel
Tatum, Sallie Jane T-350 1950 Pat Berel
Taylor, Bertie Mae T-460 1976 Pat Berel
Taylor, Carro Brooks T-460 1973 Pat Berel
Taylor, Cordie T-460 1983 Michael LeRoy
Taylor, Edward Price "Buster" T-460 1997 Pat Berel
Taylor, Ella Emmaline T-460 1949 Pat Berel
Taylor, Grover Cleve T-460 1970 Pat Berel
Taylor, Hoy Lee T-460 1954 Pat Berel
Taylor, James Frank T-460 1951 Pat Berel
Taylor, Joe Dowdy T-460 1949 Pat Berel
Taylor, John Emmitt T-460 1966 Pat Berel
Taylor, Martha Lauicie T-460 1951 Pat Berel
Taylor, Mary Dianne T-460 1953 Pat Berel
Taylor, Minnie Lee T-460 1995 Pat Berel
Taylor, S.M. T-460 1965 Pat Berel
Taylor, Willard James T-460 1959 Pat Berel
Teague, Edna Mae (Moore) T-200 1986 Michael LeRoy
Teal, Edwin E., Jr. T-400 1978 Pat Berel
Teasley, Bobby Curtis T-240 1991 Michael LeRoy
Teasley, Bobby Lynn T-240 1950 Pat Berel
Teasley, Ealie N T-240 1966 Pat Berel
Teasley, Ed. G. T-240 1971 Pat Berel
Teasley, Helen T-240 1965 Pat Berel
Teasley, Myrtle T-240 1993 Michael LeRoy
Teasley, Randall Curtis T-240 1996 Michael LeRoy
Tedder, Gilbert Henry, Sr. T-360 1985 Michael LeRoy
Tedder, John Henry T-360 1952 Pat Berel
Temple, Mrs. R.C. T-514 1964 Pat Berel
Terrell, George Washington T-640 1995 Pat Berel
Terrell, Tommy Ree "Marie" T-640 1996 Michael LeRoy
Terrell, Woodrow Troy T-640 1984 Pat Berel
Thames, Carrie Eddie T-520 1972 Pat Berel
Thames, Colon T-520 1973 Pat Berel
Thames, Howard Ellis T-520 1970 Pat Berel
Thames, Ida Bell T-520 2000 Pat Berel
Thames, Jep Colon T-520 1997 Pat Berel
Thames, Maurice Bill T-520 1983 Michael LeRoy
Thames, Ollie Adair T-520 1971 Pat Berel
Thaxton, Decie Jane T-235 1989 Pat Berel
Thaxton, Jason Douglas T-235 1993 Michael LeRoy
Thaxton, Mackey T-235 1995 Pat Berel
Thaxton, Mary Loise T-235 1992 Pat Berel
Thaxton, Mora T-235 1971 Pat Berel
Thaxton, Tommy Lee T-235 1963 Pat Berel
Thaxton, Troy G T-235 1979 Pat Berel
Thaxton, Vernie T-235 1993 Michael LeRoy
Thaxton, Vollie Jackson T-235 1976 Pat Berel
Thedford, Annie Maude T-316 2000 Pat Berel
Thedford, Douglas Dewitt T-316 1977 Pat Berel
Theriot, Elvin T-630 1999 Michael LeRoy
Thibedeaux, Albert Monroe T-132 1970 Pat Berel
Thibodeaux, Alexander Forrest T-132 2001 Pat Berel
Thibodeaux, Beatrice T-132 1997 Pat Berel
Thibodeaux, Bertie T-132 1976 Pat Berel
Thibodeaux, Charles Andrew T-132 1988 Pat Berel
Thibodeaux, Charles Cleo T-132 2001 Pat Berel
Thibodeaux, Charles David T-132 1990 Michael LeRoy
Thibodeaux, Emmitt E T-132 1975 Pat Berel
Thomas, Clara T-520 1967 Pat Berel
Thomas, Clarence Benjamin T-520 1974 Pat Berel
Thomas, Dorothy Ada T-520 1986 Michael LeRoy
Thomas, Eva Gay T-520 1977 Pat Berel
Thomas, Gerald Ray T-520 1951 Pat Berel
Thomas, Mrs. H. H. T-520 1972 Pat Berel
Thomas, Harvey Lee T-520 1983 Michael LeRoy
Thomas, Henry H. T-520 1954 Pat Berel
Thomas, Lillie T-520 1981 Michael LeRoy
Thomas, Maude T-520 1975 Pat Berel
Thomas, Nancy Emily T-520 1951 Pat Berel
Thomas, Oscar Allen T-520 1996 Michael LeRoy
Thomas, Rena Elizabeth T-520 1976 Pat Berel
Thomas, Robert Clenard T-520 1992 Pat Berel
Thomas, Vera Lee T-520 1980 Pat Berel
Thomas, William Floyd T-520 1969 Pat Berel
Thomas, William Floyd, Jr. T-520 1999 Michael LeRoy
Thomas, Willie M. T-520 1983 Michael LeRoy
Thomason, Diane T-525 1956 Pat Berel
Thomason, Hazel T-525 1992 Pat Berel
Thomason, Joe Donna T-525 1960 Pat Berel
Thomason, Lizzie A T-525 1962 Pat Berel
Thomason, Woodrow Wilson T-525 1990 Michael LeRoy
Thompkins, Gertrude T-512 1960 Pat Berel
Thompson, Alma T-512 1969 Pat Berel
Thompson, Alma T-512 1987 Michael LeRoy
Thompson, Angeline T-512 1957 Pat Berel
Thompson, Donald Ray T-512 1949 Pat Berel
Thompson, Louise T-512 1994 Michael LeRoy
Thompson, Luna Fay T-512 1970 Pat Berel
Thompson, Malva Marie T-512 1986 Michael LeRoy
Thompson, Raymond Pardue T-512 1989 Pat Berel
Thompson, Willa Mae T-512 1994 Michael LeRoy
Thomson, Ferrol Louise T-525 1966 Pat Berel
Thomson, George H. T-525 1968 Pat Berel
Thornton, Bassiel J T-653 1974 Pat Berel
Thornton, Daisy T-653 1988 Pat Berel
Thornton, Harriet T-653 1960 Pat Berel
Thornton, James E. (Rev.) T-653 1964 Pat Berel
Thornton, Kittie I T-653 1969 Pat Berel
Thornton, Richard Eugene, Sr. T-653 1992 Pat Berel
Threadway, John Thomas T-630 1982 Pat Berel
Tibbets, Henry Gaston T-132 1951 Pat Berel
Tibbetts, Theresa Ann T-132 1958 Pat Berel
Tibbitt, Ernest Mayo T-130 1977 Pat Berel
Tibbitt, Mable Grace T-130 1998 Michael LeRoy
Tibbitts, Nettie T-132 1988 Pat Berel
Tibbitts, Ollie T-132 1976 Pat Berel
Tidmore, David Homer T-356 1984 Pat Berel
Tidwell, B.J., Jr. T-340 1982 Pat Berel
Tidwell, B.J., Sr. T-340 1987 Michael LeRoy
Tidwell, Bertha T-340 1983 Michael LeRoy
Tiffin, Alphonso E. T-150 1951 Pat Berel
Tillery, Kathryn T-460 1966 Pat Berel
Tilley, Mary (Topsy) Catherlean T-400 1984 Pat Berel
Tilley, Minnie Irene T-400 1982 Pat Berel
Tingle, Laura T-524 1969 Pat Berel
Tipton, Agnes Elizabeth T-135 1968 Pat Berel
Tipton, Noel M. T-135 1968 Pat Berel
Tirpack, Patricia Yvonne T-612 2000 Pat Berel
Toba, Dora T-100 1962 Pat Berel
Toby, Jim T-100 1986 Michael LeRoy
Toby, John T-100 1962 Pat Berel
Toby, Mary P. T-100 1994 Michael LeRoy
Toby, Nancy T-100 1961 Pat Berel
Toby, Paul T-100 1951 Pat Berel
Toby, Vicenta T-100 1954 Pat Berel
Toby, Will T-100 1959 Pat Berel
Todd, Jessie Mae Jamison T-300 1997 Pat Berel
Todd, S. W. (Rev) T-300 1960 Pat Berel
Todd, Vekma Lee (Black) T-300 1952 Pat Berel
Tompkins, Mrs A.S. T-512 1959 Pat Berel
Tompkins, Ruby Elizabeth T-512 1986 Michael LeRoy
Tompkins, Ruth T-512 1998 Michael LeRoy
Tonione, James Bruck T-550 1994 Michael LeRoy
Tooke, Alvin Aaron T-200 1995 Pat Berel
Tooke, Cecil A. T-200 2001 Pat Berel
Tooke, James Allen T-200 2000 Pat Berel
Tooke, James Alvin T-200 2000 Pat Berel
Tooke, James Arthur T-200 1965 Pat Berel
Tooke, Mary Julia T-200 1979 Pat Berel
Tooke, Parrott Franklin T-200 1999 Michael LeRoy
Toopes, Jerry Don T-120 1996 Michael LeRoy
Torres, Ernest R. T-620 1986 Michael LeRoy
Torres, Josephine T-620 1975 Pat Berel
Touchton, Henry Russell T-235 1957 Pat Berel
Touchton, Ollie Eardes T-235 1978 Pat Berel
Touchton, Robert Odum T-235 1975 Pat Berel
Townsend, Homer Lee T-525 1977 Pat Berel
Townsend, Jimmie Joseph, Jr. T-525 1998 Michael LeRoy
Tramel, Amanda T-654 1968 Pat Berel
Tramel, Arthur B. Dr. T-654 1979 Pat Berel
Tramel, Bertie T T-654 1980 Pat Berel
Tramel, Charley B, Dr. T-654 1995 Pat Berel
Tramel, Cora T-654 1970 Pat Berel
Tramel, Eura Evelyn T-654 1972 Pat Berel
Tramel, James A. T-654 1955 Pat Berel
Tramel, James Henry T-654 1996 Michael LeRoy
Tramel, James Henry, Sr. T-654 1984 Pat Berel
Tramel, James Wyatt T-654 1970 Pat Berel
Tramel, Janie Merlyn T-654 1985 Michael LeRoy
Tramel, Lizzie T-654 1969 Pat Berel
Tramel, Pearl T-654 1980 Pat Berel
Tramel, Tallulah T-654 1957 Pat Berel
Trautz, Audrey T-632 1956 Pat Berel
Travis, Fairy T-612 1990 Michael LeRoy
Travis, Rennie Lee T-612 1966 Pat Berel
Travis, Renny Howard T-612 1956 Pat Berel
Treadway, Alice Elizabeth T-630 1970 Pat Berel
Treadway, David Thomas T-630 1972 Pat Berel
Treadway, Herbert Clifton T-630 2001 Pat Berel
Treadway, Infant T-630 1955 Pat Berel
Treadway, James Walter T-630 1971 Pat Berel
Treadway, Mary Kathern T-630 1997 Pat Berel
Treese, Mary Alice T-620 1991 Michael LeRoy
Triplett, Robert Blake T-614 1985 Michael LeRoy
Troha, Dosky Dean (Dot) T-600 1995 Pat Berel
Trollinger, Joe A. T-645 1987 Michael LeRoy
Troquille, Newton Bernard T-624 1996 Michael LeRoy
Troquille, Paul Gregory T-624 1980 Pat Berel
Trosclair, Linda T-624 1973 Pat Berel
Tryon, Clifford Edwin T-650 1991 Michael LeRoy
Tuppen, Ollie T-150 1985 Michael LeRoy
Turner, Benjamin Franklin T-656 1955 Pat Berel
Turner, Ella Graham T-656 1972 Pat Berel
Turner, Nettie T-656 1978 Pat Berel
Turner, Otis Red (Black) T-656 1954 Pat Berel
Turner, Pearl T-656 1974 Pat Berel
Turnley, Annie Bell T-654 1972 Pat Berel
Turnley, Jennie T-654 1957 Pat Berel
Turnley, John Junior T-654 1992 Pat Berel
Turnley, John T. T-654 1950 Pat Berel
Tuttle, Bobbie C. T-340 1954 Pat Berel
Tuttle, David William T-340 1995 Pat Berel
Tuttle, Mytrle T-340 1985 Michael LeRoy
Tyler, Carl T-460 1975 Pat Berel
Tyler, Debra Sue Tyler T-460 1956 Pat Berel
Tyler, Gerald Wayne T-460 1989 Pat Berel
Tyler, Infant T-460 1966 Pat Berel
Tyler, Jewel T-460 1978 Pat Berel
Tyler, Kizzie M T-460 1963 Pat Berel
Tyler, Lydia T-460 1967 Pat Berel
Tyler, Mary T-460 1992 Pat Berel
Tyler, Oliver T-460 1954 Pat Berel
Tyler, R.L. T-460 1984 Pat Berel
Tyler, Tera T-460 1974 Pat Berel
Tyler, Thomas E. T-460 1951 Pat Berel
Tynes, A.G. T-520 1969 Pat Berel
Tynes, Bell T-520 1956 Pat Berel
Tynes, Dwight Lee T-520 1967 Pat Berel
Tynes, Goldie May T-520 1985 Michael LeRoy
Tynes, Marie T-520 1995 Pat Berel
Tynes, Ronald David T-520 1976 Pat Berel
Tynes, Samuel Mason T-520 1982 Pat Berel
Tyree, Edna Viola T-600 1998 Michael LeRoy
Tyus, Minnie T-200 1987 Michael LeRoy


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