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Sabine Parish Funeral Surname Index Br-By

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Filename Yr. of Death Submitter
Bradshaw, Lamar Stephen 1998 Michael LeRoy
Brady, Jack 1953 Pat Berel
Brady, Margaret Lavaine 2000 Pat Berel
Braly, Doris 1979 Pat Berel
Branam, Malinda Jane 1963 Pat Berel
Branam, William B 1973 Pat Berel
Branan, Keith 1961 Pat Berel
Branch, George L 1989 Pat Berel
Branch, Mfabel 1955 Pat Berel
Branch, Stephen Edward 1958 Pat Berel
Brandenburg, Nannie Beatrice 1988 Pat Berel
Brandon, Cleo Maxine 1996 Michael LeRoy
Brandon, Delbert 1952 Pat Berel
Brandon, Elmo 1958 Pat Berel
Brandon, Estelle Ellen 1997 Pat Berel
Brandon, Harvey 1989 Pat Berel
Brandon, Honea Lea 1982 Pat Berel
Brandon, Infant 1955 Pat Berel
Brandon, Infant 1953 Pat Berel
Brandon, Jennie V 1982 Pat Berel
Brandon, Jerry Lee 1975 Pat Berel
Brandon, Mattie Francis 1967 Pat Berel
Brandon, Morris 1994 Michael LeRoy
Brandon, Nathan "Bob" 1999 Michael LeRoy
Brandon, Nathional Webster 1959 Pat Berel
Brandon, Quinton 1995 Pat Berel
Branham, John A. 1991 Michael LeRoy
Brannon, Billie Jean 1988 Pat Berel
Brannon, Jens James 1989 Pat Berel
Branson, Chelsea Earl, Major 1998 Michael LeRoy
Branstetter, Ruth L. 1994 Michael LeRoy
Brantley, Lena Lee 1989 Pat Berel
Brantley, Malva M 1971 Pat Berel
Brantley, Rena 1980 Pat Berel
Brantley, William I 1977 Pat Berel
Braud, Davis Joseph 1998 Michael LeRoy
Bray, Amanda Armenda 1980 Pat Berel
Bray, Annie 1962 Pat Berel
Bray, Clifton Lee 1977 Pat Berel
Bray, David M. Sr. 1967 Pat Berel
Bray, David Martin, Jr. 1996 Michael LeRoy
Bray, Edward C. 1963 Pat Berel
Bray, Infant 1957 Pat Berel
Bray, James Reece 1978 Pat Berel
Bray, Kelsie Cade 1999 Michael LeRoy
Bray, Kermit Ray 1977 Pat Berel
Bray, Letha 1977 Pat Berel
Bray, Mildred Aline 1991 Michael LeRoy
Bray, Minervia Elizabeth 1975 Pat Berel
Bray, Sudie 1998 Michael LeRoy
Breedlove, Eva 1954 Pat Berel
Brennan, Thomas Francis, Jr. 1998 Michael LeRoy
Breshears, Mrs. Charlie Modenia 1984 Pat Berel
Brewer, Arvel L 1992 Pat Berel
Brewer, Elizabeth V. 1983 Michael LeRoy
Brewster, Amos Roy 1991 Michael LeRoy
Brewster, Beatrice F 1976 Pat Berel
Brewster, Carra 1952 Pat Berel
Brewster, Clarence Jackson 1985 Michael LeRoy
Brewster, Gladys Leas 1989 Pat Berel
Brewster, Henry Joseph 1971 Pat Berel
Brewster, Ida Mae 1976 Pat Berel
Brewster, J.H. 1964 Pat Berel
Brewster, Jessie Pearl 1975 Pat Berel
Brewster, Linda Diane 1994 Michael LeRoy
Brewster, Maggie Estelle 1970 Pat Berel
Brewster, Mattie 1961 Pat Berel
Brewster, Ruben Preston 1994 Michael LeRoy
Brewster, Thurman Rosco 1959 Pat Berel
Brewster, Willie Kay 1972 Pat Berel
Brewster, Willie g 1977 Pat Berel
Brian, Cora Elizabeth 1986 Michael LeRoy
Brian, Leslie Carl 1986 Michael LeRoy
Brian, Oliver Conley 1992 Pat Berel
Bridges, Albert G 1999 Michael LeRoy
Bridges, Charles Larry 1993 Michael LeRoy
Bridges, Danna Lee 1981 Michael LeRoy
Bridges, Earl Hampton 1918 Joy Fisher
Bridges, Edward Curtis 1996 Michael LeRoy
Bridges, Edward O 1962 Pat Berel
Bridges, Ernest 1976 Pat Berel
Bridges, Eva Lee 1988 Pat Berel
Bridges, Hattie Lucille 1961 Pat Berel
Bridges, Hazel A 1989 Pat Berel
Bridges, Jack M 1980 Pat Berel
Bridges, Joan Mary 1999 Michael LeRoy
Bridges, John, Jr. 1975 Pat Berel
Bridges, Lee 1971 Pat Berel
Bridges, Louis Clifton 1953 Pat Berel
Bridges, Matthew Cole 1995 Pat Berel
Bridges, Mina 1986 Michael LeRoy
Bridges, Parum Porter 1993 Michael LeRoy
Bridges, Randy Alan 1975 Pat Berel
Bridges, Sarah Beatrice 1988 Pat Berel
Bridges, Tessie Brumley 1987 Michael LeRoy
Bridges, W.E. 1973 Pat Berel
Bridwell, Roger Dale 1984 Pat Berel
Briggs, Alda Evelyn 1963 Pat Berel
Briggs, Clara Belle 1996 Michael LeRoy
Briggs, Jerry Raymond 1988 Pat Berel
Briggs, Julian E 1973 Pat Berel
Briggs, Martin S. 1949 Pat Berel
Brister, Arthur Mack, Sr. (Rev.) 1997 Pat Berel
Brister, Charles C 1957 Pat Berel
Brister, Heywood Van 1961 Pat Berel
Brister, Jewel Onita 1964 Pat Berel
Britt, A.J. 1978 Pat Berel
Britt, A.J., Sr. 1973 Pat Berel
Britt, Agnes 1976 Pat Berel
Britt, Annie Belle 1956 Pat Berel
Britt, Donnie Gale 1955 Pat Berel
Britt, Douglas 1974 Pat Berel
Britt, Enoch Dunkin 1957 Pat Berel
Britt, George W. 1987 Michael LeRoy
Britt, James A. 1981 Michael LeRoy
Britt, John Henry 1966 Pat Berel
Britt, John Henry 1979 Pat Berel
Britt, Lula Belle 1999 Michael LeRoy
Britt, Mary 1976 Pat Berel
Britt, Salley 1974 Pat Berel
Britt, Sarah Frances 1951 Pat Berel
Britt, Solaman 1958 Pat Berel
Britt, Troy Elijah 1997 Pat Berel
Britt, Willie May 1978 Pat Berel
Brittain, Robert Thomas 1958 Pat Berel
Brittain, Verlene 1982 Pat Berel
Broadway, Arthur 1978 Pat Berel
Broadway, Arvie "Buster" 1996 Michael LeRoy
Broadway, Bruce Wayne 1969 Pat Berel
Broadway, Cleo 1975 Pat Berel
Broadway, Ed. B. 1968 Pat Berel
Broadway, Evie Sadie 1996 Michael LeRoy
Broadway, Fetchell Sam 1951 Pat Berel
Broadway, John H 1972 Pat Berel
Broadway, Johnny Clyde 1987 Michael LeRoy
Broadway, Julius Wade 1976 Pat Berel
Broadway, Lena 1978 Pat Berel
Broadway, Lois Evelyn 2001 Pat Berel
Broadway, Mahaley Jane 1953 Pat Berel
Broadway, Mollie 1955 Pat Berel
Broadway, Shirley Jean 1991 Michael LeRoy
Broadway, Willis Edward 1965 Pat Berel
Broadway, Willis Hubert 2001 Pat Berel
Brock, Effie Lee 1988 Pat Berel
Brock, Shirley Ann 1993 Michael LeRoy
Broday, Infant Kimberly Lee 1964 Pat Berel
Brogdon, Kenneth Martin, Jr. 1999 Michael LeRoy
Brook, Lillie Pearl 1986 Michael LeRoy
Brooks, Caroline 1964 Pat Berel
Brooks, Donna 1976 Pat Berel
Brooks, Elizabeth 1966 Pat Berel
Brooks, Emmett Loy 1959 Pat Berel
Brooks, James Robert 1986 Michael LeRoy
Brooks, Lula Alvina 1982 Pat Berel
Brooks, Morgan Randolph 1967 Pat Berel
Broomfield, Oather 1969 Pat Berel
Browing, Joseph Edward 1957 Pat Berel
Brown, Annie Elizabeth 1972 Pat Berel
Brown, Annie Lee 1980 Pat Berel
Brown, Aris 1974 Pat Berel
Brown, Asalee Rhoda 1965 Pat Berel
Brown, Atlas Carnival 1993 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Audrey W 1977 Pat Berel
Brown, B.F. 1953 Pat Berel
Brown, Barbara Ann 2000 Pat Berel
Brown, Benjamin Roy 1984 Pat Berel
Brown, Billie June 1999 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Ms. Blandon 1959 Pat Berel
Brown, Charles Roland 1988 Pat Berel
Brown, Chrisie E. 1959 Pat Berel
Brown, Clifton 1971 Pat Berel
Brown, Cora M. 1981 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Dora 1952 Pat Berel
Brown, E.T. (Bear) 1974 Pat Berel
Brown, Edward Gethern 1983 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Ellie Aletha 1986 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Elmer Elmo 1994 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Elmer Ernest 1991 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Fallon Rae (Infant) 1999 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Flora Ann 1997 Pat Berel
Brown, George Arnold 1972 Pat Berel
Brown, Harmon H. 1970 Pat Berel
Brown, Hazel 1983 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Headirick 1996 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Henry 1972 Pat Berel
Brown, Hewitt 1959 Pat Berel
Brown, Hiram Dunca 1987 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Homer 1992 Pat Berel
Brown, Ida Velda 1967 Pat Berel
Brown, Israel (Black) 1951 Pat Berel
Brown, Ive Lee 1975 Pat Berel
Brown, James David, Sr 1954 Pat Berel
Brown, James Gandy 1956 Pat Berel
Brown, James Ray 1953 Pat Berel
Brown, James Richard 1986 Michael LeRoy
Brown, James Stephen 1982 Pat Berel
Brown, Jesse 1958 Pat Berel
Brown, Jesse Lee 1949 Pat Berel
Brown, Jessie James 1965 Pat Berel
Brown, Jessie Lee 1980 Pat Berel
Brown, Jewel 1986 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Jimmie Eugene 1959 Pat Berel
Brown, John Henry 1991 Michael LeRoy
Brown, John L. 1993 Michael LeRoy
Brown, John M. 1973 Pat Berel
Brown, Julia S. 1974 Pat Berel
Brown, Julie 1968 Pat Berel
Brown, Infant Karen Sue 1964 Pat Berel
Brown, Katherine Elizabeth 1992 Pat Berel
Brown, Kenneth Charles 1971 Pat Berel
Brown, Lacy Irene 1999 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Lea Opal 1983 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Lena 1992 Pat Berel
Brown, Lois Oather 1993 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Lola Faust 1988 Pat Berel
Brown, Lorenzo 1950 Pat Berel
Brown, Lue Velma 1976 Pat Berel
Brown, Manuel Reed 1970 Pat Berel
Brown, Marguerite Elizabeth 1998 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Martha Elizabeth 1963 Pat Berel
Brown, Martha Emma 1973 Pat Berel
Brown, Marvin E. 1983 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Mary Vernona 1995 Pat Berel
Brown, Max McLean 1994 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Minnie 1967 Pat Berel
Brown, Minnie L 1965 Pat Berel
Brown, Minnie Ola 1965 Pat Berel
Brown, Nettie 1980 Pat Berel
Brown, Nickless Charley 1987 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Olvin Columbus 1991 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Oneda 1992 Pat Berel
Brown, Opel 1995 Pat Berel
Brown, Oran Fredrick 1985 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Ray J 1988 Pat Berel
Brown, Ryan Hunter 1991 Michael LeRoy
Brown, Mrs Sam 1970 Pat Berel
Brown, Sam 1971 Pat Berel
Brown, T.D. 1973 Pat Berel
Brown, Thad Delmon 1989 Pat Berel
Brown, Virgil Avery 1967 Pat Berel
Brown, W.B. (Black), Jr 1950 Pat Berel
Brown, Wayne Nicholas 1988 Pat Berel
Brown, William H 1964 Pat Berel
Brown, William Jasper 1968 Pat Berel
Brown, William burkett 1976 Pat Berel
Browning, Charita 1976 Pat Berel
Browning, Earl 1975 Pat Berel
Browning, Edward Claude Sr. 1992 Pat Berel
Browning, Edward James 1991 Michael LeRoy
Browning, Katie Derinda 1996 Michael LeRoy
Browning, Letie A 1967 Pat Berel
Browning, Myrtie Effie 1995 Pat Berel
Brownlee, Alvin Maurice 1998 Michael LeRoy
Bruce, Albert Charles 1970 Pat Berel
Bruce, Mabel Naomi 1985 Michael LeRoy
Brumely, Ella 1984 Pat Berel
Brumely, Jane E 1984 Pat Berel
Brumfield, Jennie Lou 1971 Pat Berel
Brumley, Addie Ethel Armour 2001 Pat Berel
Brumley, Ava H 1976 Pat Berel
Brumley, Cecil Burton 1962 Pat Berel
Brumley, Clarence E 1965 Pat Berel
Brumley, Emmitt M. 1956 Pat Berel
Brumley, Evia 1966 Pat Berel
Brumley, Ida Odessa 1949 Pat Berel
Brumley, Ivy Lawrence 1972 Pat Berel
Brumley, James Alfice, Sr. 1990 Michael LeRoy
Brumley, James Burton 1970 Pat Berel
Brumley, James Daniel 2001 Pat Berel
Brumley, James Larry 2000 Pat Berel
Brumley, Jesse Daniel 1974 Pat Berel
Brumley, Jesse Denson 1973 Pat Berel
Brumley, Jessie 1967 Pat Berel
Brumley, Jessie Mae 1997 Pat Berel
Brumley, Jim Tom 1954 Pat Berel
Brumley, John Henry 1959 Pat Berel
Brumley, Lessie Orell 1969 Pat Berel
Brumley, Lorraine 1968 Pat Berel
Brumley, Lucille Aileen 1994 Michael LeRoy
Brumley, Marion Estellle 1992 Pat Berel
Brumley, Sadie Amelia 1976 Pat Berel
Brumley, Samuel Bailey 1960 Pat Berel
Brumley, Shirley Jean 1985 Michael LeRoy
Brumley, Thomas M 1978 Pat Berel
Brumley, Tom J 1975 Pat Berel
Brumley, Vance H. 1969 Pat Berel
Brumley, Vinnie 1982 Pat Berel
Brumley, Walter Houston 1962 Pat Berel
Brumley, Willliam Ira 1978 Pat Berel
Brumley, Zack Wilson 1981 Michael LeRoy
Bryan, William E 1955 Pat Berel
Bryant, Alpha 1977 Pat Berel
Bryant, Charles Waymon 1995 Pat Berel
Bryant, Clara Aileen 1987 Michael LeRoy
Bryant, Clifford Avery 1957 Pat Berel
Bryant, Edward Acey, Jr 1966 Pat Berel
Bryant, Elmer F 1984 Pat Berel
Bryant, George (Black) 1952 Pat Berel
Bryant, Horace Rodolph 1969 Pat Berel
Bryant, Howard B 1976 Pat Berel
Bryant, Lottie 1974 Pat Berel
Bryant, Robert Gipson 1959 Pat Berel
Bryant, Stella 1957 Pat Berel
Bryant, Thomas Edward 1952 Pat Berel
Bryant, Willard Reed 1988 Pat Berel
Bryant, Willard Roger 1982 Pat Berel
Bryant, William Marshall 1961 Pat Berel
Bryars, Wilma 1982 Pat Berel
Bueche, Gladys Van Hook 1963 Pat Berel
Builteman, Bessie 1999 Michael LeRoy
Bullard, Charles Benjamin 1996 Michael LeRoy
Bullard, Charles Boyd 1982 Pat Berel
Bullard, Christel V. 1967 Pat Berel
Bullard, Clarence Glenwood 1992 Pat Berel
Bullard, E.N. 1959 Pat Berel
Bullard, Gertrude C 1967 Pat Berel
Bullard, John Wilmer, III 1997 Pat Berel
Bullard, Mattie 1983 Michael LeRoy
Bullard, Maudie Touchton 1983 Michael LeRoy
Bullard, Minnie Mae 1954 Pat Berel
Bullard, Ovie 1965 Pat Berel
Bullard, Ruby Lee 2001 Pat Berel
Bullard, Rubye 1990 Michael LeRoy
Bullitt, Edward Bryant 1987 Michael LeRoy
Burch, John (Henry Kirby) 1970 Pat Berel
Burciaga, Mable Patricia 2000 Pat Berel
Burke, Verda 1992 Pat Berel
Burke, Wesley Curtis "Bill", Jr. 1999 Michael LeRoy
Burkett, Donald Dewayne 1990 Michael LeRoy
Burkett, Tony Wiley 1971 Pat Berel
Burkhalter, M.H. 1973 Pat Berel
Burkhalter, Ora Lee 1972 Pat Berel
Burlison, Benny Joe, Sr. 1985 Michael LeRoy
Burlison, Clarence Dudley 1992 Pat Berel
Burlison, John Henry 1970 Pat Berel
Burlison, Marie A 1988 Pat Berel
Burlison, Nancy Jane 1982 Pat Berel
Burnett, Joseph W. 1971 Pat Berel
Burnham, Genie Oderlee 1973 Pat Berel
Burns, Alice 1955 Pat Berel
Burns, Ellis Leon, Sr. 1996 Michael LeRoy
Burns, Essie 1982 Pat Berel
Burns, Morgan Franklin 1983 Michael LeRoy
Burns, Nonie Lee 1974 Pat Berel
Burr, Bryant Lane 1966 Pat Berel
Burr, Guy, Rev. 1995 Pat Berel
Burr, Wesley Andrew 1987 Michael LeRoy
Burrow, Carmie Isac 1979 Pat Berel
Burrow, Lena Delores 1981 Michael LeRoy
Burton, Mary E. 1994 Michael LeRoy
Busby, Eli Watson 1980 Pat Berel
Busby, Narvel Lee 1982 Pat Berel
Busby, Ola Mae 1958 Pat Berel
Bush, AB 1968 Pat Berel
Bush, Brenda Jean 1995 Pat Berel
Bush, Celeste 1970 Pat Berel
Bush, Charles Hamilton 1961 Pat Berel
Bush, Clarence 1982 Pat Berel
Bush, Curtis Lee 2001 Pat Berel
Bush, Douglas Ray 1986 Michael LeRoy
Bush, Ernest Alonzo 1993 Michael LeRoy
Bush, Gilbert Absalom 1995 Pat Berel
Bush, Haywood (Black) 1950 Pat Berel
Bush, Henrietta Joan 1994 Michael LeRoy
Bush, James Issac 1980 Pat Berel
Bush, James Wilmer 1977 Pat Berel
Bush, Jennie 1953 Pat Berel
Bush, Lacy H 1975 Pat Berel
Bush, Leo Earnest 1965 Pat Berel
Bush, Lottie Mae 1988 Pat Berel
Bush, Lovie Alice 1999 Michael LeRoy
Bush, Mary Bertha 1968 Pat Berel
Bush, Mary Iona 1988 Pat Berel
Bush, Minnie Pearl 1960 Pat Berel
Bush, Ollie 1981 Michael LeRoy
Bush, Robert Chester 1970 Pat Berel
Bush, Susan Elizabeth 1974 Pat Berel
Bush, Syble 1987 Michael LeRoy
Bush, Thomas A 1963 Pat Berel
Bush, Thomas Jefferson 1977 Pat Berel
Bush, Verlie Gladys 1995 Pat Berel
Bush, William E. 1965 Pat Berel
Bush, William O., Jr 1964 Pat Berel
Bush, William Oliver 1950 Pat Berel
Busher, Infant 1956 Pat Berel
Busher, John 1957 Pat Berel
Busher, Sam L. 1999 Michael LeRoy
Busher, Thelma 1994 Michael LeRoy
Buss, Mildred 1975 Pat Berel
Butler, Allen M 1963 Pat Berel
Butler, Amster Allen 1972 Pat Berel
Butler, Eunice Bessy 2000 Pat Berel
Butler, Kathryn Ruth 1983 Michael LeRoy
Buvens, Annie Mae 1954 Pat Berel
Buvens, Augusta Rae 1989 Pat Berel
Buvens, Catherine Eilene 1971 Pat Berel
Buvens, Felix H. 1945 Pat Berel
Buvens, Felix N 1964 Pat Berel
Buvens, Francis N. 1974 Pat Berel
Buvens, James Louis 1972 Pat Berel
Buvens, Louis Gimet 1983 Michael LeRoy
Buvens, Marie B. 1954 Pat Berel
Buvens, Mary Alberta 1956 Pat Berel
Buvens, Mary Gertrude 1967 Pat Berel
Buvens, Willie Eugene 1949 Pat Berel
Buyea, Earl C. 1960 Pat Berel
Bybee, Ernest J (Rivers) 1962 Pat Berel
Byers, Carl Francis 1981 Michael LeRoy
Byles, Alice Bertha 1958 Pat Berel
Byles, Beadie 1966 Pat Berel
Byles, Dorothy Vernice 1995 Pat Berel
Byles, Ellen 1978 Pat Berel
Byles, Grover C 1978 Pat Berel
Byles, Jim B. 1985 Michael LeRoy
Byles, Louis E 1989 Pat Berel
Byles, Mack Reed 1968 Pat Berel
Byles, Mary Buna 1996 Michael LeRoy
Byles, Robert S. 1960 Pat Berel
Byles, Roy Leon 1985 Michael LeRoy
Bynum, Albert Jim 1969 Pat Berel
Bynum, George Oneal 1958 Pat Berel
Bynum, Neal 1959 Pat Berel
Bynum, Nora 1949 Pat Berel
Byrd, Ada 1981 Michael LeRoy
Byrd, Amos 1961 Pat Berel
Byrd, Arthur Edward 1999 Michael LeRoy
Byrd, Bertha Alma 1966 Pat Berel
Byrd, Carrie Augusta 1988 Pat Berel
Byrd, Charlene 1954 Pat Berel
Byrd, Christene 1986 Michael LeRoy
Byrd, Clarence Miles 1976 Pat Berel
Byrd, Commodore B, Jr. 1973 Pat Berel
Byrd, Commodore B., Sr. 1950 Pat Berel
Byrd, Cora Lee 1975 Pat Berel
Byrd, Cora mae 1979 Pat Berel
Byrd, Daniel Scott 1961 Pat Berel
Byrd, Doris 1969 Pat Berel
Byrd, Mrs. Ed 1963 Pat Berel
Byrd, Ed 1975 Pat Berel
Byrd, Emmie E. 1998 Michael LeRoy
Byrd, Francis Ray 1988 Pat Berel
Byrd, Frank Leonard 1982 Pat Berel
Byrd, George W 1980 Pat Berel
Byrd, Gracie Mae 1996 Michael LeRoy
Byrd, Hunter 1974 Pat Berel
Byrd, Infant 1961 Pat Berel
Byrd, Jimmie Lester 1965 Pat Berel
Byrd, Joe Foster 1975 Pat Berel
Byrd, John Fletcher 1961 Pat Berel
Byrd, Joseph W 1978 Pat Berel
Byrd, Julian Comodore 1997 Pat Berel
Byrd, L.L. 1959 Pat Berel
Byrd, Mrs. L.W. 1962 Pat Berel
Byrd, Lee 1960 Pat Berel
Byrd, Lizzie H. 1959 Pat Berel
Byrd, Luther 1973 Pat Berel
Byrd, Martha Aline 1992 Pat Berel
Byrd, Mary Agnes 1990 Michael LeRoy
Byrd, Mary E. 1955 Pat Berel
Byrd, Mary Elizabeth 1951 Pat Berel
Byrd, Mattie Louise 1978 Pat Berel
Byrd, Richard Dean 1971 Pat Berel
Byrd, Rufus L 1957 Pat Berel
Byrd, Sylvester Jack 1954 Pat Berel
Byrd, Thomas Alfred 1956 Pat Berel
Byrd, Thomas Jessie 1978 Pat Berel
Byrd, Infant Velvet Dawn 1964 Pat Berel
Byrd, Virginia Antoinette 1998 Michael LeRoy


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