Used with permission of Richard Moriarty;, Trinity Church, Cheneyville.  Additional information was provided by Thomas Cardwell;

Leroy Augustus Stafford of Greenwood Plantation Late Brigadier General, Confederate States Army

GeneralStafford.gif (11455 bytes)Leroy Augustus Stafford

The plaque to the left is found at the Wilderness Battlefield, Fredericksburg, Virginia and states as follows:

"Confederate General Leroy A. Stafford of Louisiana fell mortally wounded in this vicinity during the afternoon fighting. General Ewell, however, continued to reinforce this line, extending it farther to the north, your left. When the Federals attempted to outflank Ewell's men at 7:00 p.m., they discovered a Virginia brigade overlapping their battle front. Bitter combat at a range of 150 yards or less raged until darkness enveloped the Wilderness and ended the bloodshed. The Confederate line north of the Orange Turnpike had held fast all day, May 5th."


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