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The errors are:      Robinson, Lonie  (Groom)        Brooks, Elisha (Bride)
Correct is        Brooks, Elisha   (Groom)         Robinson, Lonie (Bride)
My father was the brother to Lonie and I know for a fact that she was the BRIDE. Carolyn Robinson Loveless
Early Rapides Post Marriages, ca 1796-1797
Contributers to Rapides Parish Marriages


Andrew Ashworth - Martha Strother 1889 Judith Greer

Bergen, David M. - Sarah M.E. Smith 1879
Judith Greer

Burgins, David M. - Francis L. Smith 1885 Judith Greer

Buxton, Mitchell - Katie Johnson Ware
Judith Greer

Buxton, Valentine - Polly Ann Johnson 1887 Judith Greer

Buxton, Valentine - Sophia Strother 1872 Judith Greer

Clark, Calvis Vollie - Edna Marie Cobb 1933 Cindy Cobb Smiley

Clark, William - Sarah Hazelton
Dewona Rollins

Dial, Lewis - Harriet Sweat 1833 Jane P. McManus

Duplissey, Adolphus - Matilda Ann Franks
2004 Bobby Duplissey

Johnson, David Crockett - Elizabeth Strother 1886 Lisa Franklin

Johnson, Gadi - Martha Ashworth
Judith Greer

Johnson, Gideon - Appelonia Perkins **** Lisa Franklin

Johnson, Obediah - Elizabeth Gibson 1865 Lisa Franklin
Photo McCullough, James B. - Harriet Bryant
Bill McCullough

McNutt, Nicholas - Emily Powell (bond) 1868 Diane Tynes Eckert

McNutt, Nicholas - Emily Powell (license) 1868 Diane Tynes Eckert

Perkins, Israel - Celia Ann Maricle 1884 Lisa Franklin

Strother, Henry Z. - Malissa Ann Conley
Lisa Franklin

Strother, John - Olive Ray 1859 Judith Greer

Strother, Oscar - Ellie Mae Johnson
Lisa Franklin

Terrell, Morgan - Lucinda Nichols 1871 Jane P. McManus
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Rapides Parish Marriages, 1816-1906
Chere Lee

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