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File #
053FranceSouth Carolina, 15 May 18557 Jan 1999Regina Bailey
File #Passenger List Port of New Orleans
001Althaus 3Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
006Belin, Beling 2Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
064Billet2Feb 2002Colleen Fitzpatrick
007Borel 2Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
009Caliva 2Jun 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
065Carney, Carny, Karney, Kearn, Kearne, Kearney, Kearns, Kearny11May 2002Colleen Fitzpatrick
012Cavanaugh/Cavanagh/Cavannah/ Cavanoch/Cavanugh 3Apr 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
013Conway 3Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
072Conray, Conreux, Conrey, Conrie, and Conroy Apr 2004Colleen Fitzpatrick
071Domingo, Domingon, Dominguez, Dominguz, Dominic, Dominica, Dominici,
Dominick, Dominico, Dominique, Domino, Dominiquer, Domiques

10Feb 2004Colleen Fitzpatrick
017Fitzpatrick/Fitspatrick/Fitzpatreek 9Apr 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
019Gabriele, Gabrieli, Gabrielle, Gabrielsky 3Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
020German, Germann 3Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
021Glesinger, Glockner, Glodwin, Gloeck, Gloechner, Gleoke, Gloessen 6Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
022Grego 3Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
067Giuferia, Giuferria, Giuffre, Giuffri, Giuffria2May 2003 Colleen Fitzpatrick
023Hanlon 3Mar 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
025Indelicato 2Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
030Kech/Keck/Kechthouser/Kieck27Apr 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
031Kelley/Kellie/Kelling/Kelly29Apr 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
032Laciura2Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
033Lahey (Immigration Index)2Jun 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
034Lanz 3Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
035Leinhard, Leinhardt, Leinhaus, Lenert, Lenerts, Lenhard, Lienhards, Lienhardt, Lienharth 5Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
036Lorio 2Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
037Lyons6Mar 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
038Macaluso, Macaleso, Macalusa8Jun 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
041Nuccio/Nucco5Jun 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
043Palisi and Palizzi7Oct 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
044Papania, Papanina, 3Oct 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
045Pericone 2Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
046Presitigiacomo, Prestifilippo, Prestisimone3Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
048Quirk4Mar 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
049Randazin, Randazo, Randazza, Randazza, Randazzio, Randazzo8Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
050Rice4Mar 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
051Schiro13Jun 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
052Sconza2Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
068Shea 19May 2003 Colleen Fitzpatrick
062Sheehan, Sheehy, Sheel, Sheelan, Sheehy, Sheeld7Oct 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
054Sulpice2Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
055Sword and Swords2Mar 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
066Tortoricce, Tortorice, Tortorich, Tortorici8May 2003 Colleen Fitzpatrick
057Verdichizy, Verdichirzzi, Verdichizzi 3Jul 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
File #
Passenger List Indexes
00001-28-1882Ital Bark Alfeo - Palermo to New Orleans4Aug 2001Donna Volker
00302-24-1870Ital Bark Biaggio - Palermo to New Orleans2Aug 2001Donna Volker
01402-25-1877Ital Bark Domenico - Palermo to New Orleans2Aug 2001Donna Volker
00404-03-1877Ital Bark Emma - Palermo to New Orleans4Aug 2001Donna Volker
01504-06-1878Ital Bark Emma - Palermo to New Orleans4Aug 2001Donna Volker
01802-21-1870Bark Francesca - Palermo to New Orleans7Jul 2001Donna Volker
00211-03-1881SS Atlantico - Leghorn(Livorno) to New Orleans4Aug 2001Donna Volker
06310-28-1889SS Letimbro - Palermo to New Orleans24Nov 2001Donna Volker
00502-18-1870SS Battista - Palermo to New Orleans3Jul 2001Donna Volker
00810-29-1894SS Califonia - Palermo to New Orleans24Aug 2001Donna Volker
01012-31-1883SS Caradoc - Palermo to New Orleans6Aug 2001Donna Volker
01104-22-1869SS Caterina - Palermo to New Orleans2Jul 2001Donna Volker
06005-28-1888SS Columbia - Palermo to New Orleans8Sep 2001Donna Volker
01601-04-1893SS Entella - Palermo to New Orleans5Sep 2001Donna Volker
02601-03-1890 SS India - Palermo to New Orleans11Aug 2001Donna Volker
02712-12-1892SS Iniziativa - Messina & Palermo to New Orleans13Aug 2001Donna Volker
02805-23-1892SS Italia - Palermo to New Orleans9Aug 2001Donna Volker
02911-17-1884SS Jason - Palermo to New Orleans21Aug 2001Donna Volker
03905-03-1897SS Maurice Reunion - Palermo to New Orleans5Jul 2001Donna Volker
04011-14-1892SS Montebello - Palmermo to New Orleans36Sep 2001Donna Volker
05811-22-1895SS Montebello - Palermo to New Orleans
10Sep 2001Donna Volker
06110-30-1897SS Montebello - Palermo to New Orleans52Oct 2001Donna Volker
04202-21-1878SS Nuovorattler - Palermo to New Orleans7Aug 2001Donna Volker
04712-09-1883SS Printz Georg - Palermo to New Orleans5Aug 2001Donna Volker
02402-09-1888SS Sidonian - Palermo to New Orleans2Aug 2001Donna Volker
05611-07-1892SS Trinacria - Palermo to New Orleans32Jul 2001Donna Volker
06910-26-1898SS Bolivia - Italy to New Orleans13Jan 2004Rose Albrizio
Thomas B. Wales - Liverpool to New Orleans4Jan 2004 Thomas B Wales
0731846Ship Vesta Passenger List -- Port of New Orleans 16Sep 2004Noelle Seigneur

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