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Naturalization Records

File #DateRecordSizeSubmittedSubmitter
00110-15-1874Naturalization Records5Jun 1999Annette Womack
00210-16-1874Naturalization Records6Jun 1999Annette Womack
00310-17-1874Naturalization Records10Jun 1999Annette Womack
00410-19-1874Naturalization Records6Jun 1999Annette Womack
File #DateNaturalization RecordSizeSubmittedSubmitter
00511-24-1843Opdenweyer, Joachim3Jul 2001Bertrand Macpherson
00605-22-1924Palisi, Antonio3Sep 2000Frank Palisi
01110-15-1868Bulger, William 3Feb 2004Craig Borne
01204-22-1846Carreras, John 1May 2004Glen Carreras
01309-08-1886Siminari, Salvatore 2May 2004Larie Tedesco
01410-30-1891Tedesco, Giuseppe 2May 2004Larie Tedesco
01509-07-1886Tedesco, Victorio 2May 2004Larie Tedesco
016 08-09-1882Todesky, Augustine3May 2004Larie Tedesco
01708-29-1883Tedesco, Severio 3May 2004Larie Tedesco
01808-09-1882Todesky, Augustine 3May 2004Larie Tedesco
01902-19-1919Naturalizations - Biloxi, Mississippi2May 2005Larie Tedesco
02008-02-1899Quartana, Guiseppe 3Aug 2005Joe Aveton
File #New Orleans Card FileSizeSubmittedSubmitter
009Carberry - Naturalization Records2Oct 2001Doris Reese Ryan
007Ryan - Naturalization Records13Oct 2001Doris Reese Ryan
008Sheridan - Naturalization Records3Oct 2001Doris Reese Ryan
010Miscellaneous (Italian) Naturalization Declarations6May 2002Frank Palisi III

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