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from The Times Picayune

Total # of Annoucements
File Name
# Per File
Marriage Annoucements
Groom Surnames starting with...
tp-a.txt178225Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-b.txt519625Feb 2006NOVA
tp-c.txt370439Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-d.txt322379Feb 2006NOVA
tp-e.txt7693Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-f.txt196239Feb 2006NOVA
tp-g.txt279331Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-h.txt303357Feb 2006NOVA
tp-i.txt1517Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-j.txt149177Feb 2006NOVA
tp-k.txt126153Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-l.txt282328Feb 2006NOVA
tp-m.txt466563Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-n.txt86101Feb 2006NOVA
tp-o.txt6781Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-p.txt252302Feb 2006NOVA
tp-q.txt1316Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-r.txt280338Feb 2006NOVA
tp-s.txt447527Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-t.txt210255Feb 2006NOVA
tp-u.txt1317Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-v.txt7994Feb 2006NOVA
tp-w.txt249276Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-x.txt01Feb 2006NOVA
tp-y.txt1115Feb 2006 NOVA
tp-z.txt2533Feb 2006NOVA
File Name Marriage Annoucements for....SizeUpdatedSubmitter
00000001.txtVoivedich-Corso Wedding 2May 2005Larie Tedesco
00000002.txtFederico Perricone & Cora Tedesco Marriage1May 2005Larie Tedesco
00000003.txtTedesco- Martino2May 2005Larie Tedesco
00000004.txtAnthony Tedesco & Camille Martino2May 2005Larie Tedesco
00000005.txtJoseph Corso & Miss Nellie Gilder1May 2005Larie Tedesco
00000006.txtFrank W. Corso & Miss Grace Williamson1May 2005Larie Tedesco
00000007.txtJoseph Corso & Miss Margie Kulivan1May 2005Larie Tedesco
00000008.txtWedding - Runfalo-Sablich2May 2005Larie Tedesco
00000009.txtMarriage - Saverio Tedesco & Miss Francis Taranto1May 2005Larie Tedesco
00000010.txtWalsh, John & Kean, Marianne J.1May 2005Jan Strickland
Carolyn Tregre


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