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Marriage IndexesSizeSubmittedSubmitter
Selected Marriage Records:7Nov 97Anne Wise
Marriage IndexesSizeSubmittedSubmitter
Fullmer1Jan 2002Darnell Brunner
Granzin2Dec 2001Darnell Brunner
Haggerty2Jan 2002Darnell Brunner
Joyce1Jan 2002Darnell Brunner
Rice Marriage Application Index8Apr 1999Colleen Fitzpatrick
Satter2Dec 2001Darnell Brunner
Schiro Marriage Index3May 2001Patricia Schiro
Suter2Dec 2001Darnell Brunner
Sutter3Dec 2001Darnell Brunner
Sutterer2Dec 2001Darnell Brunner
Vinson Marriages {modified for Orleans Parish Only}1Dec 2001Al Vinson
Waldron2Jan 2002Darnell Brunner

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