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Please note that the Volunteers, Colleen, nor I have the certificates in the indexes.
To receive a copy of any of the certificates in any of the Birth, Death or Marriage Indexes,
Please send $5.00 with the NAME, Volume & PAGE # to

Louisiana Archives
3851 Essen Lane
P.O. Box 94125
Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9125

File #Record "A"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomia.txtA308kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "B"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomibabh.txt BA-BE394kMay 2003NOVA
nomibibo.txt BI-BO260kMay 2003NOVA
nomibrbz.txt BR-BZ330kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "C"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomicacl.txt CA-CL365kMay 2003NOVA
nomicmcz.txt CM-CZ273kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "D"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomidadl.txt DA-DL351kMay 2003NOVA
nomidmdz.txt DM-DZ253kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "E"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomie.txt E169k May 2003 NOVA
File #Record "F"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomifafl.txt FA-FL220kMay 2003NOVA
nomifmfz.txt FM-FZ196kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "G"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomigagl.txt GA-GL234kMay 2003NOVA
nomigmgz.txt GM-GZ265kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "H"SizeSubmittedSubmitter



May 2003NOVA



May 2003NOVA
File #Record "I"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomii.txt I32kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "J"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomij.txt J323May 2003NOVA
File #Record "K"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomik.txt K324kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "L"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomilald.txt LA-LD214kMay 2003NOVA
nomilelg.txtLE - LG199May 2003NOVA
nomilhlz.txt LH-LZ166kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "M"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomimamb.txt MA-MB285kMay 2003NOVA
nomimcmh.txt MC-MH 239kMay 2003NOVA
nomimimz.txt MI-MZ360kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "N"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomin.txt N 138k May 2003NOVA
File #Record "O"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nobio.txtO111kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "P"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomipaph.txt PA-PH231kMay 2003NOVA
nomipipz.txt PI-PZ206kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "Q"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomiq.txt Q 17K May 2003 NOVA
File #Record "R"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomirarn.txt RA-RN275kMay 2003NOVA
nomirorz.txt RO-RZ236kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "S"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomisasd.txt SA-SD311KMay 2003NOVA
nomiseso.txt SE-SO314kMay 2003 NOVA
nomispsz.txt SP-SZ244kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "T"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomit.txt T309kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "U"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomiu.txt U 24k May 2003NOVA
File #Record "V"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomiv.txtV153kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "W"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomiwawi.txt WA-WI306kMay 2003NOVA
nomiwiwz.txt WI-WZ276kMay 2003NOVA
File #Record "XYZ"SizeSubmittedSubmitter
nomixyz.txt XYZ 79k May 2003 NOVA

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