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Tami Johnston-Parise FTM CD 255 1850 Louisiana Census
& 1790 - 1907 Land Records
Jan Wise Family Tree Maker CD # 358  
Penny Delery 1880 Census 
Noel Pujol 1880 Census 
Ed Hagan  
  • "West Bank Cemeteries" 1993 Edition
    • West Bank Genealogy Society
      PO Box 872
      Harvey, La 70059-0872
Charlotte Sehon
  • ''Foreign French" Nineteenth-Century French Immigration into Louisiana V1 1820-1839
  • Diocese of Baton Rouge Catholic Church Records 1,9,10,11,12,13,14,15
  • Marriages and Family Relationsips of New Orleans 1820-1830
  • Archdiocese of New Orleans Sacramental Records V1 1718-1750
  • U.S. Census Terrebonne Parish 1870
  • Louisiana Marriage Contracts 1725-1758
  • Some Late Eighteenth-Century Louisianians
Jan Erwin Dunham  
  • A History of the German Churches in Louisana (1823-1893)" by J. Hanno Deiler
Jan Strickland  Marriages and Family Relationships of N. O. - 1820-1830 (Charles R. Maduell, Jr.)
Marriages and Family Relationships of N. O. - 1830-1840 (Charles R. Maduell, Jr.)
New Orleans Marriage Contracts - 1804-1820 (Charles R. Maduell, Jr.)
Spanish Citizens Entering N. O. from (Jan)1820-(Dec 1839)1840 (Charles R. Maduell, Jr.)
Hunting For Bears, Inc. - Marriage Records - Orleans Parish, LA 1830-1900, Vol VIII "M"
Hunting For Bears, Inc. - Marriage Records - Orleans Parish, LA 1830-1900, Vol VI "H-I-J"
Jan Strickland  Copies of New Orleans "Genesis" for the following:
January, March, June & September, 1973
March, June & September, 1977
June & September, 1978
June & September, 1979
March & June, 1981
January & July, 1986
January, 1991
July, 1993
October, 1999
July, 2003
January, April, July, 2005
Joshua D RomaTimes-Picayune 1972-present   

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