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1930New Orleans Soards Directory Churchs15Jun 2002

Eva Brechtel

bhrf1860.txt1860 CensusBoy's House of Refuge7Feb 2002NOVA
ceme1859.txt1859 SoardsCemeteries2May 2002Colleen Fitzpatrick
ceme1930.txt1930 SoardsCemeteries5Jun 2002Eva Brechtel
cere1860.txt1860 Census Steamer Ceres2Feb 2002NOVA
cfoa1850.txt1850 CensusCatholic Female Orphan Asylum 19Sep 2002NOVA
char1850.txt1850 CensusCharity Hospital 141Dec 2002NOVA
char1860.txt1860 CensusCharity Hospital50Mar 2002NOVA
chcr1870.txt1870 CensusConvent Holy Cross11Jun 2002NOVA
chhomeep.txt1860 Census Children's Home of the Protestant Episcopal Church of New Orleans3Dec 2001NOVA
chur1859.txt1859 SoardsChurches & Ministries in New Orleanss5May 2002Colleen Fitzpatrick
churches.txt1718-1925Churches Of The Archdiocese Of New Orleans8Feb 2001Anne Nemeth-Barath
cith1860.txt 1860 Census City Hotel 11Feb 2002NOVA
coaj1860.txt1860 CensusCarrollton Orphan Asylum4Mar 2002NOVA
cofh1860.txt1860 Census Coffee House (with Steam Boatmen and Tow Boatmen)3Feb 2002NOVA
corp1860.txt1860 CensusCatholic Boys and Girls Orphan Asylum9Sep 2002 NOVA
cour1861.txt1861 Gardner'sCourts in New Orleans3Nov 2000Ed Hagan

1870 Census

St. Vincent's Asylum (Orphanage)3Mar 2002NOVA
desorph.txt1860 CensusSociety for the Relief of Destitute Boys - Protestant5Nov 2001NOVA
dist1879.txt1879 Soards' 1879 City Districts and Their Boundaries2Apr 2002Millie Burgett
doc1842.txt1841-1842Doctors, Cuppers, and Apothecaries in New Orleans2Jan 2000Beth D. Mendel
fire1859.txt1859 SoardsFire Department3Dec 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
forpha60.txt1860 CensusFemale Orphan Asylum Ward 106Mar 2002Penny Delery
hserefgl.txt1860 CensusHouse of Refuge for Girls2Dec 2001NOVA
hsgdshep.txt1860 Census House of the Good Shepherd4Feb 2002NOVA
jewwidor.txt1860 CensusAssociation for the Relief of Jewish Widows & Orphans4Dec 2001NOVA
libr1859.txt1859 Soards'Public Libraries1Nov 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
lmoa1870.txt1850 CensusCity of Lafayette Male Orphan Asylum8May 2002
  1. Penny Delery
  2. NOVA
mcoa1850.txt1850 CensusCatholic Male Orphan Asylum of the 3rd Municipality10Apr 2002NOVA
merh1860.txt1860 CensusMerchant's Hotel2Feb 2002NOVA
morpha60.txt1860 CensusMale Orphan Asylum3Mar 2002Penny Delery
mshd1860.txt1860 CensusMaison de Sante& Hotel Dieu6Mar 2002NOVA
mtca1870.txt1870 CensusMt. Carmel Asylum6May 2002
  1. Penny Delery
  2. NOVA
muap1870.txt1870 CensusMonastery Ursula & Asylum of the Poor9Jun 2002NOVA
news1859.txt1859 Soards'Newspapers and Periodicals2Nov 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
not1842.txt1774-1842Notaries Public of New Orleans6Jan 2000Beth D. Mendel
orpasy60.txt1860 Census Orphan Asylum - New Orleans3Dec 2001NOVA
orpfem60.txt1860 CensusFemale Orphan Asylum Ward 220Apr 2002NOVA
orphgrls.txt1860 CensusHome for Destitute Orphan Girls - Catholic5Nov 2001NOVA
poaf1850.txt1850 Census Poydras Orphan Asylum for Females13Oct 2002 NOVA
porp1860.txt1860 Census Poydras Orphan Asylum8Sep 2002NOVA
rail1859.txt1859 Soards'Railroads2Nov 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
rail1861.txt1861Railroads in New Orleans2Nov 2000Ed Hagan
rrho1860.txt1860 Census Rail Road Hotel 3Feb 2002NOVA
schl1859.txt1859 Soards'City Public Schools13Nov 2001Colleen Fitzpatrick
seam1860.txt1860 Census Steam Boatman / Tow Boatmen / Seamen6Feb 2002NOVA
stanne.txt1860 Census St. Anne's Asylum or Widow's Home - Protestant9Dec 2001NOVA
stch1860.txt1860 Census St. Charles Hotels and other Hotels31Feb 2002NOVA
stelizor.txt1860 CensusSt. Elizabeth House of Industry - Catholic Orphan Asylum (Girls)7Dec 2001NOVA
stma1870.txt1870 CensusSt. Mary's Asylum24Jun 2002NOVA
stmc1880.txt1880 CensusSt. Mary's Catholic Orphan Boys Asylum41Sep 2002 NOVA
stvorp60.txt1860 Census St. Vincent's Infant, Orphan Asylum3Dec 2001NOVA
tele1879.txt1879Telephone Subscribers9Mar 2002
  1. Colleen Fitzpatrick
  2. Margo Rhinehart
ursu1860.txt1860 Census Ursuline Orphan Convent13Feb 2002
  1. Kathy Balestrini
  2. Penny Delery
  3. Shannon Lovell
  4. KaCee Moore
  5. Patrice Wilson
veho1860.txt1860 CensusVerandah Hotel 2Feb 2002NOVA
wkhs1860.txt1860 CensusWorkhouse24Mar 2002NOVA
strt1924.txt1924 Street Changes Street Name Changes 192419Mar 2021Rita Curry-Pittmann

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