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updated 02/02/2009

St Roch Cemeteries # 1 & # 2

Interment Books
Books we have are............
Book # 1 1904 - 1934
Book # 2 1935 - 1959
Book # 3 1960 - 1995
Book # 4 1996 - 1998

Some of the older interments starting in 1904 have no location listed. These loacations are not known to anyone in the cemetery or on any of the records. They are lost forever enless on a tombstone. 1904 starts in March and 1998 is only a few months, This is where they started using computers and not the books. *In May I found some loose paper files that were going to be thrown away. I was able to dry these out, pull them apart and copy the burial info off them. They can also be found on the above link at the bottom of the page. These cover parts of 1997 - 2005* The Cemetery no longer list the info in Interment Books. The main office sends the Sexton a copy of the burial sheet and all the info is stored in computers now. On a recent trip I have received some of these burial papers from Oct 2005 to Dec 2007. Completed Febraury 2, 2009

St Roch Cemetery # 1 Burial Cards and Tombstone Photos
Broken down By the Squares on the Map
Pic of Cemetery 1 during the flooding of Katrina
Square "A" Square "B" Tombes
Square "B" Wall Vaults Sections 1,2,3
Square "C" Tombs
Square "C" Block "2"
Square "C' Wall Vaults Section 1, 2, 3, 4
Square "D" Tombs
Square "D" Blocks 1, 2, 3
Square "D" Wall Vault Sections 1, 2, 3, 4
Station Statues Joan of Arc Mausoleum

St Roch Cemetery # 2 Burial Cards and Tombstone Photos
Broken down By the Squares on the Map
Square "A" Ranges Square "B" Sections
Square "B" Ranges Square "C" Sections
Square "C" Ranges  
Square "D" Ranges  
St Roch Cemetery # 2 Mausoleums
Our Lady Queen Of Angels Mausoleum # 1 St Ceclia Memorial
Our Lady Queen Of Angels Mausoleum # 2 Star of the Sea Mausoleum
Our Lady Queen Of Angels Mausoleum # 3 St Michael the Archangel Chapel

Progress Notes
Cem-1 Older burials in Sq-C Sec-1 and Sec-2 are no longer there. Most have been transfered to Sq-C Block 2. Sq-C Sec-1 is now St Magnus Memorial Vaults as Sq-C Sec-2 is now St Stanislaus Memorial Vaults. I am trying to find out what year this was done.
Cem-2 Cem-2 Ground Burials, Interior and Exterior Mausoleum are no longer (use to be St Michael's Chapel) Also some of the Ranges are no longer in the cemetery, the Mausoleums were built on these. More then likely the ground burials were in these Ranges.
Interment Books 104 years Complete, This includes burial sheets from 1998 - 2007.
Burial Cards & Tomb Pics
Left to type
Cem-1 Sq-B Sections 1 & 2
Cemetery-2 Mausoleums 2, 3, Cecilia, Michael Star of Sea and the wall vaults Sq-B and Sq-C
Photos All photos have been taken. Some of the higher Mausoleum Vaults with flowers need to be retaken or names copied off of it, as I can not read everything on the stones.
Finished Typing
(If I have it, it is online)

Cem-1 Sq-A
Cem-1 Sq-B Tombs
Cem-1 Sq-C
Cem-1 Sq-D
Cem-1 Sq-E

Cem-2 All Ranges All Squares
Cem-2 Sq-D Mausoleum-1

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