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Morehouse Parish Vital Records

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VITAL Records
Filename File Size Date Submitter
Gabe Moss Death Certificate (text) 3 K Feb 2003 Sherry Zorzi
Gabe Moss Death Certificate (image) 40 K Feb 2003 Sherry Zorzi
1865 Murders of Wolff Silberuagel & Mr. Levi 3 K May 2004 Timothy Hudson
1911 Death Certificates 3 K Sep 2006 Annette Carpenter Womack
Aulds Death Index 1 K Dec 2007 Gina Brown
1910 Louisiana Death Index for Morehouse Parish 1 K Dec 2007 Gina Brown
1912 Louisiana Death Index 1 K Dec 2007 Gina Brown
Groouped Marriage Records
1869-1870 Marriages   April 2005 Ann Allen Geoghegan
1871-1872 Marriages   April 2005 Ann Allen Geoghegan
1873-1875 Marriages   April 2005 Ann Allen Geoghegan
1876 Marriages   Oct 2006 Gina Brown
Adams Marriages   Dec 2007 Gina Brown
Alexander Marriages   Dec 2007 Gina Brown
Broadnax Marriages   Dec 2007 Gina Brown
Vinson Elder Marriages   Nov 1998 Al Vinson
Individual Marriage Records
Ainsworth, Loyd C. & Sistrunk, Minnie Lee   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Baker, Travis H. & Cheshire, Katie O.   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Bell, William & Carver, Sallie   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Clark, Alvin W.& Holland, Annie Lee   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Clark, Robert, & Stewart, Mattie   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Coleman, Sam & Thomas, Eliza   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Dantzler, Abe & Haynes, Juretta   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Hawkins, George & Thorner, Rosie B.   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Jones, Picknet & Kinderman, May   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Lewis, Miles & Moore, Mollie   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Nicks, James Julius & Moore, Bernice   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Parker, Steve & Ladd, Birda   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Peters, Tour & Johnson, Ida   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Robinson, Lewis & Strowder, Melissa   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Rogers, Benjamin J. & Faulk, Orella   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Scarbrough, Charley & Harrison, Bessie L.   Aug 2008 Donald Roddy
Sims, W.C & Nolan, Clara   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Smith, George & Johnson, Estelle   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Taylor, Gentry & Williams, Judy   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Terrentine, Fred & Dierrls, Mary   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Wright, Glen & Holmes,Laura   Aug 2008 Gina Brown
Vernon Owens and Esla M. Dewailly marriage license 1929 Scanned image   Mar 2003 Yvonne Owens Hatch


We are looking for any historical documents, articles, photos, etc. Everyone is urged to donate transcriptions of Morehouse Parish bible records, cemeteries, court records, old newspaper articles, biographies of residents, old letters, census data, obituaries, family histories, parish histories, military records, old photographs, etc.

The USGenWeb has provided an easy to use form for submitting a RECORD of any type to the Louisiana GenWeb Archives. It will be forwarded to me for the Morehouse Archives. You can still submit a free form text document if you choose not to use the form provided. Click here to go to the FORMS page or send your formatted documents, according to the GUIDELINES below, to Gina Brown if you would like to contribute to the Morehouse Parish Archive Project.

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