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ABINGTON, Ellen Young Ed & Sue Anderson
ANDERSON, Adolph N. Ed & Sue Anderson
ANDERSON, Annie E. Ed & Sue Anderson
ANDERSON, Erion E. Ed & Sue Anderson
ANDERSON, Ernest Alton Rodney & Rebecca Smith
ANDERSON, James A. Ed & Sue Anderson
AULDS, Elizabeth Blackwell Rodney & Rebecca Smith
BARHAM, Henry Alfred Ed & Sue Anderson
BARHAM, Lockie Harper Ed & Sue Anderson
BLACKARD, James Alexander Rodney & Rebecca Smith
BLACKARD, Sarah Crayton Rodney & Rebecca Smith
BOONE, Ethridge Wallace Ed & Sue Anderson
BRODNAX, Ethel Hindmon Rodney & Rebecca Smith
BRODNAX, Frank Rodney & Rebecca Smith
BRODNAX, Lula Evans Gina Brown
BRODNAX, Otis F. Gina Brown
BUFFINGTON, Carey G. Rodney & Rebecca Smith
BYARGEON, Little Mary Rodney & Rebecca Smith
BYARGEON, Mary Lee Rodney & Rebecca Smith
BYARGEON, William Carlton Rodney & Rebecca Smith
CANFIELD, O.A Rodney & Rebecca Smith
CARPENTER, Bobbie Jo Gina Brown
CARPENTER, Claude E. Gina Brown
CARPENTER, Claude Jr. Gina Brown
CARPENTER, Colvin Shaw Rodney & Rebecca Smith
CARPENTER, Viola Shaw Rodney & Rebecca Smith
COATS, Lewis Leavell Gina Brown
COBB, Alonzo Lawrence Rodney & Rebecca Smith
COBB, Lorene Gina Brown
COBB, Viola Hardie Gina Brown
COLLETT, W.L Gina Brown
COOK, Benny E. Ed & Sue Anderson
COOK, Florine Gladney Ed & Sue Anderson
COOK, Mittie Earnestine Ed & Sue Anderson
COX, Ida Kitts Gina Brown
CRAWFORD, Darwin Rodney & Rebecca Smith
CROUCH, A.H Tommy Rodney & Rebecca Smith
CROUCH, Florence H. Rodney & Rebecca Smith
CROUCH, Karen D. Rodney & Rebecca Smith
CROUCH, Mamie Allen Rodney & Rebecca Smith
CURTIS, Fred Vernice Ed & Sue Anderson
DOUGLASS, Susie Turner Rodney & Rebecca Smith
DUNN, Alma Brodnax Gina Brown
DUNN, Fannie Mae Goodwin Gina Brown
DUNN, Henry H. Gina Brown
DUNN, John W. Jr. Gina Brown
DUNN, Ralph Franklin Gina Brown
ELLARD, Clifford Gina Brown
EVANS, David M. Ed & Sue Anderson
EVANS, Flora Kelle Ed & Sue Anderson
EVANS, Ralph P. Ed & Sue Anderson
FINK, Harold Gina Brown
FINK, Oma Shaw Gina Brown
FREELAND, Gladys J. Gina Brown
FREELAND, Luther Harrison Gina Brown
GARNER, Bonnie Shoemaker Gina Brown
GARNER, William A. Gina Brown
GIBBES, Anna Ruth Todd Gina Brown
GIBBES, Frank Thigpen Gina Brown
GLADNEY, Edwin Lee Ed & Sue Anderson
GLADNEY, John Bonner Ed & Sue Anderson
GLADNEY, Minnie Evans Ed & Sue Anderson
GLADNEY, Robert Earl Ed & Sue Anderson
GLADNEY, William Kelly Gina Brown
GOODNIGHT, Austin Thurman Gina Brown
GRAVES, Kyle Glennon Gina Brown
GUNTER, Brian R. Ed & Sue Anderson
GUNTER, Walter C. Ed & Sue Anderson
HADLEY, Eliza L. Jones Gina Brown
HALL, William L. Ed & Sue Anderson
HARPER, Barbara Ann Gina Brown
HARPER, James Clayborn Gina Brown
HARPER, Rebecca Houston Gina Brown
HAWKINS, Flora T. Gina Brown
HAWKINS, Harold Gene Ed & Sue Anderson
HENDERSON, Mary Moss Madison Gina Brown
HERRINGTON, Clarence Earl Gina Brown
HERRINGTON, Mabel McCarty Gina Brown
HOOD, Benjamin Ulrich Gina Brown
HOOD, Raymonde Flandrin Gina Brown
HOOD, Scott E.M. Rodney & Rebecca Smith
HURST, Robert H. Ed & Sue Anderson
IVEY, Annie Michie Rodney & Rebecca Smith
JOHNSON, James Firley Rodney & Rebecca Smith
JOHNSTON, Dr. C.Brewer Rodney & Rebecca Smith
JOHNSTON, James Douglas Rodney & Rebecca Smith
JOHNSTON, Pauline Spyker Rodney & Rebecca Smith
JONES, Bennie Alford Rodney & Rebecca Smith
JONES, Cecile Williams Gina Brown
KELLER, Annie Anderson Ed & Sue Anderson
KELLER, Douglas J. Ed & Sue Anderson
LUDLUM, Clarence V. Ed & Sue Anderson
LUDLUM, George T. Ed & Sue Anderson
LUDLUM, J. Reginald Ed & Sue Anderson
LUDLUM, Oliver K. Ed & Sue Anderson
PEERS, Celeste Octavia Ed & Sue Anderson
WILLIAMS, Balford F. Ed & Sue Anderson
WILLIAMS, Clara L. Ed & Sue Anderson
WILLIAMS, Grace V. Ed & Sue Anderson
YOUNG, John Collins Ed & Sue Anderson
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