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Louisiana Military Resources

World War II: 1941 – 1945
Record Description Date
Caldwell Parish Casualties
[army, air force]
Oct 1999 J. Solomon
Caldwell Parish Casualties
[navy, marines, coast guard]
De Soto Parish Casualties Aug 2000 Trudy Marlow
Arthur P. Norred, Sr. Jul 1999 Deandra Norred Pardue
103rd Infantry Division Oct 1998 Kenneth E. Seguin
WWII Medal of Honor Recipients Oct 1998 Donald W. Johnson
WWII Reminiscences of Mary Savage Jun 1999 Mary Savage
Claiborne Parish Veterans
Mar 2000 Susan Herring
S Sgt. H. L. Boyette, Jr., Liberated, 1945 Jun 2000 Michael Drewett
Pfc. Ed Collins, Jr. , Liberated, 1945
Harold Drewett Released from Army, 1945
Jimmie Harrell ... Liberated, 1945
Sgt. J.E. Hershel Shaw, Liberated - 1945
MIA - Navy - Calcasieu Ph. Jul 1999 Evelyn Corbett Cunningham
Obituaries from the Sabine Index

Jul 2000

Carl Dilbeck
Corporal Gurney J. Richard Dec 1998 Mary Dee Richard Nicks

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