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Lincoln Parish, Louisiana, Archives:
Marriage Records

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Autrey, William J.
Mira Moore
Mar 1999
Jo Autrey
Bartlett, William W.
Crotia A. Barnett
Jun 2001
Ray Bartlett
Carter marriages
Apr 2007
Clara Cornell
Cook, B. F.
Annie B. Bartlett
Jun 2001
Ray Bartlett
Cook, W. H., Dr Jessie Rinehart
Apr 2007
Lora Peppers
Franklin, Robert
Belle Leachman
Mar 2006
Linda Green
Gipson, J.N. Norris, Emma E.
Apr 2007
Lora Peppers
Harkins, Isaac Wilburn
Martha Washington Shipp
Aug 2001
Don Russell
McKnight, Joseph Baker
Bertie Estelle Goodwin
Nov 1997
Tommy Goodwin
Noles, Huey D.
Christine Stickdorn
Oct 2005
Brandy Marter
Norris, Tommie J. May Warren
Apr 2007
Lora Peppers
Thompson, William Allen
Julia Marie Jimmerson
July 2004
Tracy Jackson
Wright, Charlie
Gertrude Noles
Oct 2005
Brandy Marter





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