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LaFourche Parish Obituary Records

"Tri-Parish Times"
(Terrebonne, Lafourche and St. Mary Parishes)
Houma, Terrebonne, La.

August 2017

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Starting with August 2017, the detailed obituary is discontinued and only a summary is given.  Enough information is provided to obtain further data from other websites specializing in newspapers and cemeteries.  Click here to view photo of a highlighted name below.
Albert, Marjorie 24-Oct-1930 9-Aug-2017 Landry St.Philomena 14-Aug-2017
Anderson, Mary Elizabeth Belanger 26-Sep-1950 22-Aug-2017 Chauvin St. Francis-2 26-Aug-2017
Aubert, Inez Tassin 100 yrs 16-Aug-2017 Millet-Guidry St. Philip 19-Aug-2017
Authement, Joyce Triche 20-Mar-1937 18-Aug-2017 Samart St. Louis 19-Aug-2017
Aysen, Howard, Sr. 14-Feb-1928 20-Aug-2017 Landry St.Philomena 23-Aug-2017
Battise, Angela Luke 14-Sep-1975 5-Aug-2017 Samart N/A N/A
Beadle, Darrin Paul 50 yrs 28-Aug-2017 Falgout Sunset 30-Aug-2017
Beamon, Dontrell James 7-Apr-1988 9-Aug-2017 Kennedy Moses 19-Aug-2017
Becnel, Kirk F. 63 yrs 23-Aug-2017 Samart-Mothe Lady of Peace 28-Aug-2017
Benoit, Sedonia Dugas 13-Oct-1949 20-Aug-2017 Thibodaux St.Joseph-Thib. 25-Aug-2017
Bergeron, Helen Hendricks 20-Oct-1935 17-Aug-2017 Chauvin Gar.Mem.-Gray 17-Aug-2017
Billiot, Robert "Bobby" 29 yrs 29-Aug-2017 Falgout Holy Family 4-Sep-2017
Blanchard, Hattie Trosclair 24-Nov-1917 13-Aug-2017 Samart Holy Rosary 17-Aug-2017
Blanchard, Juanita Maria Authemant 22-Nov-1931 9-Aug-2017 Chauvin St.Joseph-Chau. 14-Aug-2017
Bohannon, Rachel Fae Pierre 18-May-1972 22-Aug-2017 Chauvin Gar.Mem.-Gray 30-Aug-2017
Boudreaux, Jeanette Marie Theriot 30-Jan-1927 3-Aug-2017 Chauvin Holy Rosary 7-Aug-2017
Boyer, Oliver Joseph, Jr. 27-Aug-1918 30-Aug-2017 Chauvin N/A N/A
Braud, Judy Trimble 75 yrs 31-Aug-2017 Falgout St. Francis-2 2-Sep-2017
Breaux, Cleveland Joseph 90 yrs 31-Aug-2017 Falgout St.Mary-Race. 2-Sep-2017
Breaux, Guy J. 1-Jul-1953 5-Aug-2017 Thibodaux N/A N/A
Brou, Amedee L., Jr. 13-Jan-1925 23-Aug-2017 Samart N/A N/A
Bulick, Shirley Folse 87 yrs 4-Aug-2017 Falgout Gar. Mem. Met. 7-Aug-2017
Bull, Walter H. 22-Jan-1930 29-Aug-2017 Landry N/A N/A
Champagne, Johnny 85 yrs 2-Aug-2017 Falgout St. Charles 7-Aug-2017
Chiasson, Clara Mae LeBlanc 90 yrs 20-Aug-2017 Falgout Holy Savior 23-Aug-2017
Clifton, Thurmon Lee "Blue" 2-Feb-1939 11-Aug-2017 Landry St.Philomena 13-Aug-2017
Cooper, Alice Joy Goodwyn 4-Jun-1942 8-Aug-2017 Chauvin Patroon Cem. 12-Aug-2017
Costa, Lena Todaro Fontenot 19-Apr-1926 15-Aug-2017 Thibodaux Jefferson 21-Aug-2017
Curole, Gloria "Gloricia" Dantin 82 yrs 22-Aug-2017 Samart-Mothe Sacred Heart 24aug20177
Daigre, Karen "Jo" Bice 69 yrs 6-Aug-2017 Falgout Gar.Mem.-Gray 10-Aug-2017
Dardar, Melissa J. 53 yrs 24-Aug-2017 Samart-Mothe Holy Rosary 29-Aug-2017
Davis, Elaine 66yrs 23-Aug-2017 W&S N/A N/A
Domangue, Melissa Marie Venable 5-May-1974 19-Aug-2017 Samart N/A N/A
DuBois, Louella Cunningham 22-Dec-1925 15-Aug-2017 Chauvin Holy Rosary 17-Aug-2017
Dufrene, Gary P. 72 yrs 26-Aug-2017 Falgout St.Mary-Race. 28-Aug-2017
Dupre', Glenn Joseph, Sr. 16-Dec-1947 14-Aug-2017 Samart N/A N/A
Eschete, Shirley Lee 91 yrs 11-Aug-2017 Falgout Terre. Mem. 16-Aug-2017
Fanguy, Theresa Pinel 4-Mar-1936 20-Aug-2017 Samart St. Elie 23-Aug-2017
Fazzio, Colonel R. 65 yrs 20-Aug-2017 Falgout Holy Rosary 30-Aug-2017
Folse, Dave Paul 88 yrs 19-Aug-2017 Falgout St.Mary-Race. 22-Aug-2017
Folse, Dolores Comeaux 83 yrs 13-Aug-2017 Falgout St.Mary-Race. 16-Aug-2017
Foret, Chad Michael 12-May-1980 31-Aug-2017 Samart St.Joseph-Chau. 7-Sep-2017
Foret, Mae Frances Breaux 12-May-1923 30-Aug-2017 Chauvin Holy Rosary 4-Sep-2017
Garrison, Jeanette Curole 86 yrs 16-Aug-2017 Samart- Mothe Sacred Heart 21-Aug-2017
Gautreaux, Johnnie Spell Little 88 yrs 1-Aug-2017 Falgout Garden-Cross 4-Aug-2017
Griffin, Mandy Elizabeth 52 yrs 22-Aug-2017 Samart-Mothe St.Joseph-Gal. 29-Aug-2017
Guidry, Earl J., Sr. 20-Jul-1931 10-Aug-2017 Thibodaux St.Joseph-Thib. 15-Aug-2017
Guidry, Gregory 60 yrs 6-Aug-2017 Samart St. Eloi 14-Aug-2017
Guidry, Juanita Rousse "Jan" 79 yrs 12-Aug-2017 Samart-Mothe Sacred Heart 17-Aug-2017
Guidry, Ulysses "Use" 26-Aug-1927 11-Aug-2017 Chauvin St. Francis-2 15-Aug-2017
Haynes, Tim, Jr. 30-Apr-1931 18-Aug-2017 Samart N/A N/A
Head, Owen James 5-Aug-1946 29-Aug-2017 Thibodaux St. Hilary 2-Sep-2017
Jones, Randy James N/A 9-Aug-2017 Jones Southdown 19-Aug-2017
Jones, Timothy Darnell 54 yrs 5-Aug-2017 Jones Union Benev. 11-Aug-2017
Jordan, Charles Herbert 20-Oct-1930 5-Aug-2017 Chauvin St. Francis-2 19-Aug-2017
Karl, George "Red" Henry, Jr. 23-Mar-1936 6-Aug-2017 Chauvin St. Francis-2 12-Aug-2017
Lacabon, Rita 11-Sep-1926 3-Aug-2017 Falgout N/A N/A
Lagarde, Moira Horan 13-Jan-1956 11-Aug-2017 Thibodaux Green Oaks 17-Aug-2017
Landry, Patricia "Pat" Ann 28-Sep-1946 6-Aug-2017 Landry St.Joseph-Thib. 16-Aug-2017
Lasserre, Norman "Pop" Jean 14-Sep-1928 9-Aug-2017 Thibodaux Lady of Peace 12-Aug-2017
LeBlanc, Anna Mae Pellegrin 23-Mar-1935 19-Aug-2017 Chauvin St.Joseph-Thib. 22-Aug-2017
LeBlanc, Joyce Arceneaux 7-Jun-1926 6-Aug-2017 Chauvin St. Ann 9-Aug-2017
LeBoeuf, Ethel Crochet 20-Sep-1924 5-Aug-2017 Samart St. Louis 7-Aug-2017
LeBoeuf, Marie Hilda 8-Sep-1931 1-Aug-2017 Samart Bisland 4-Aug-2017
Ledet, Harry "Pop" 2-Sep-1930 19-Aug-2017 Thibodaux St.Joseph-Thib. 22-Aug-2017
Lewis, Ruth Edith 90 yrs 6-Aug-2017 Jones Woodlawn Ranch 18-Aug-2017
Lirette, Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann Campbell 14-Dec-1958 30-Aug-2017 Chauvin N/A 4-Sep-2017
Links, Nedra Duplantis 23-Jul-1962 16-Aug-2017 Samart St. Francis-2 26-Aug-2017
Livas, Eric, Sr. 64 yrs 19-Aug-2017 Jones Halfway 5-Sep-2017
Lofton, Pearl Coleman 24-Apr-1927 11-Aug-2017 Kennedy Brooklyn 18-Aug-2017
Marcel, Randy 22-Jul-1956 12-Aug-2017 Samart N/A N/A
Martin, Glen Anthony, Sr. 67 yrs 25-Aug-2017 Falgout St. Hilary 28-Aug-2017
Matherne, Bernadette Porche 62 yrs 20-Aug-2017 Falgout Holy Savior 25-Aug-2017
Matherne, Lionel "Quittem" 51 yrs 18-Aug-2017 Samart-Mothe St. Mary-Race. 25-Aug-2017
Matthews, Melinda 4-Feb-1955 28-Aug-2017 Jones Halfway 8-Sep-2017
Matthews, Melissa O. 43 yrs 30-Aug-2017 W&S N/A N/A
McGee, Betty Jo Welch 5-Nov-1937 9-Aug-2017 Chauvin Gar.Mem.-Gray 12-Aug-2017
McGee, Sarah Dartez 25-Oct-1939 28-Aug-2017 Chauvin Gar.Mem.-Gray 1-Sep-2017
McNaughton, James "Jim" 11-Jan-1967 1-Aug-2017 Chauvin N/A N/A
Moore, Bobby "Hick" 65 yrs 6-Aug-2017 Jones Blue Lilly 11-Aug-2017
Musso, Benny Francis 23-Aug-1942 10-Aug-2017 Thibodaux St.Joseph-Thib. 16-Aug-2017
Naquin, Irvin Joseph 11-Feb-1935 30-Aug-2017 Chauvin Bisland 1-Sep-2017
O'Prien, Idell Elizabeth Charles 26-Jun-1931 31-Aug-2017 Jones Morgan City 9-Sep-2017
Ogden, Bruce Edward 18-Apr-1951 24-Aug-2017 Samart N/A N/A
Oncale, Elma Marie Clause 11-Jul-1926 5-Aug-2017 Thibodaux St.Joseph-Thib. 12-Aug-2017
Parker, Paul E. 68 yrs 28-Aug-2017 Falgout St.Mary-Race. 31-Aug-2017
Parks, Allan "Bam Bam" 25-May-1932 11-Aug-2017 Samart Gar.Mem.-Gray 14-Aug-2017
Pellegrin, Brian Anthony 59 yrs 24-Aug-2017 Falgout N/A N/A
Pippen, Robert David, Jr. 2-Nov-1967 3-Aug-2017 Samart Rogers 8-Aug-2017
Pitre, Diane Marie 3-Nov-1949 25-Aug-2017 Samart St.Joseph-Chau. 29-Aug-2017
Pizzolato, Charles John 26-Dec-1933 27-Aug-2017 Chauvin St. Francis-2 30-Aug-2017
Portier, Roland Paul "Red", Sr. 81 yrs 5-Aug-2017 Falgout N/A N/A
Prejeant, Marie Louise Ledet 20-Dec-2022 15-Aug-2017 Landry St.Joseph-Thib. 21-Aug-2017
Richard, Nicholas "Nicky" Userile, Jr. 66 yrs 12-Aug-2017 Ordoyne N/A N/A
Rodrigue, Maisie Teracina 5-Oct-1928 30-Aug-2017 Thibodaux OLPS 1-Sep-2017
Rousse, Dorothy "Sis" Lee 75 yrs 24-Aug-2017 Falgout Cheramie 26-Aug-2017
Sampey, Godwin Joseph 25-Jan-1926 13-Aug-2017 Chauvin N/A N/A
Sauce, Ann 16-Nov-1956 3-Aug-2017 Thibodaux N/A N/A
Schexnayder, Joyce Chanagnier 3-Feb-1929 28-Aug-2017 Chauvin St. Francis-2 31-Aug-2017
Schexnayder, Mary Alice Rome 24-Aug-1916 9-Aug-2017 Chauvin Terre. Mem. 12-Aug-2017
Sheffield, William "Bill" 20-Sep-1946 23-Aug-2017 Samart St. Ann 26-Aug-2017
Smith, Ronnie 31-Aug-1951 23-Aug-2017 Ordoyne N/A N/A
Solet, Tiana Nicole LeBouef 24-Nov-1975 29-Aug-2017 Chauvin N/A N/A
Starks, Albert Joseph "Red" 25 yrs 9-Aug-2017 Jones Fst. Bapt. Schr. 18-Aug-2017
Tate, Stephan Robert 46 yrs 5-Aug-2017 Falgout St.Charles-Lu. 8-Aug-2017
Thiac, Timothy, II ABT. 1990 27-Aug-2017 Landry N/A N/A
Thibodaux, Lola Morvant 26-Apr-1934 27-Aug-2017 Thibodaux St.Joseph-Thib. 29-Aug-2017
Toups, Mary Rachel Janiise 68 yrs 24-Aug-2017 Falgout St. Francis-2 28-Aug-2017
Trahan, Mary Anselmi 72 yrs 21-Aug-2017 Falgout Cheramie 24-Aug-2017
Tregre, Alice 16-Feb-1948 20-Aug-2017 Thibodaux N/A N/A
Usey, Vanessa Ann 31-Jan-1956 25-Aug-2017 Ordoyne N/A N/A
Wallace, Daisy Lonalee 81 yrs 9-Aug-2017 Jones New Mt. Zion 14-Aug-2017
Westley, Edward, Jr. 67 yrs 27-Aug-2017 Jones Southdown 8-Sep-2017
Williams, Claude 62 yrs 9-Aug-2017 Community Deweyville 19-Aug-2017
Williams, Kristy Hue 3-Sep-1976 22-Aug-2017 Landry N/A N/A

Bisland Cemetery, Bourg, La.
Blue Lily (Livas) Cemetery, Johnson Ridge, La.
Cheramie Cemetery, Galliano, La.
Deweyville Cemetery, Houma, La.
First Baptist Church Cemetery, Schriever, La.
Garden of Memories Cemetery, Gray
Garden of Memories, Airlne Dr., Metairie, La.
Garden of the Cross Memorial Cemetery, Houmaa
Green Oaks Cem, Florida Blvd., Baton Rouge, la.
Halfway Cemetery, Gray, La.
Holy Family Cemetery, Dulac. La.
Holy Savior Cemetery, Lockport, La.
Jefferson Memorial Gardens, St. Rose, La.
Morgan City cemetery, Morgan City, La.
New Mt. Zion Cemetery, Main St., Larose, La.
Our Lady of Most Holy Rosary Cemetery, Larose, La.
Our Lady of Peace Cemetery, Vacherie, La.
Our Lady of Prompt Succor Cemetery, Thibodaux, La.
Patroon Cemetery, Patroon, Texas
Rogers Cemetery, Bayou Blue Rd., Houma, La.
Southdown Cemetery, Library Dr., Houma, La.
St. Ann Cemetery, Bourg, La.
St. Chartles Cemetery, Luling, La.
St. Elie Cemetery Houma, La.
St. Francis deSales Cemetery, No.2, W. Main St.,Houma, La.
St. Hilary of Poitiers Cemetery, Raceland, La.
St. Joseph Church Cemetery, Chauvin, La.
St. Joseph Church Cemetery, Galliano, La.
St. Joseph Church Cemetery, Thobodaux, La.
St. Louis Catholic Cemetery, Bayou Blue Rd., Lafourche, La,
St. Mary Nativity, Raceland, La.
St. Philomena Church Cemetery, Labbadieville, La.
St. Plilip Cemetery, Hwy 18, Vacherie, La.
St.Joseph Church Cemetery, Chauvin, La.
Sunset Cemetery, Bayou Gauche, St. Charles La.
Terrebonne Memorial Park, Main St., Houma, La.
Woodlawn Ranch Cemetery, Jim Bowie Rd., Houma, La.

Falgout Funeral Homes, Raceland, La
Jones Funeral Homes, West Park Ave., Houma, La.
Kennedy Funeral Home, Raceland, La.
Landry Funeral Home, Canal Blvd., Thibodaux, La.
Millet-Guidry Fneral Home, Airline Hwy., LaPlace, La.
Ordoyne Funeral Home, Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes, La.
Samart Funeral Homes, Houma and Gray, La,
Samart-Mothe Funeral Homes, Cut Off and Raceland, La.
Thibodaux Funeral Home, St.Patrick Hwy., Thibodaux, La.
Williams and Southall Funeral Home, Lafourche, La.


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