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  Last modified: 13 May 2017

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Acosta, Byron C.
Acuna, Joyce Crow
Anderson, Charles William "Bill", Jr.
Angelette, Gwendolyn "Gwen" Duet
Anselmi, Anna Callais
Armstrong, Julieta "Julie"
Aupied, Mary Joyce Zeringue
Babin, Gary J.
Babin, Kelli Ann

Basford, Michael Edwin
Batiste, Dorothy Reed
Bergeron, Beulah Marie Thibodaux
Bergeron, Dorothy Landry
Bergeron, Nita Foret
Bergeron, Virginia Mary Lirette
Betemps, Henry "Moonie", Jr.
Blanchard, Myrtle Eve Louviere
Blanchard, Robert A., Sr.
Boquet, Eula Mae Pinell
Boquet, Verina LeBoeuf
Boudreaux, Claude Joseph
Boudreaux, Harry Joseph
Boudreaux, Judy Zeringue
Boudreaux, Phillip "Philbo"
Bourgeois, Mary Francis Melancon Naquin

Bourgeois, Rosemary Papa
Bourgeois, Sharon Richard
Boyd, Aubrey, Jr.
Braud, Nicholas Paul
Breaux, Bernard Fedless, III
Breaux, Thelma Landry
Brunet, Elsie Marie Sevin
Brunet, Mary Mae "Granny"

Buquet, Aline W. Babin
Butler, Mary Duhon
Caallahan, Donna Samanie
Carreras, Teny Garnet
Cheramie, Florine "Flo" Raymond
Clement, Guy Wilbert
Clement, Margery Hutchinson Boudreau
Cole, Robert E.
Collins, Roy "Big Roy" J.
Conerly, Marion Wilson Ruffin
Cosse, Arnold J., Jr.
Crosby, Joseph Pierre
Daigle, Helen Landry
Dempster, Jerry "Yogi" Paul
Derouen,  Beverly Ann Babin
Detiveaux, Rose Lajaunie

Dillard, Rosalie Ann Domangue
DiMaggio, Darryl "Boogie". Sr.
Doucet, Mary Evelyn

Dove, Linda Jo Tye
Dufrene, Scott A.
Duplantis, Valmore "V.J.", Jr.
Dupre, Mary Ruth Toups
Evans, Edward Lamar, Sr.
Falgoust, Neslie Brock
Fitch, Jacob J.
Freeman, Mazie F.
Galliano, Moise "Moe", Jr.

Gamberella, Nolan T.
Gautreaux, Kylie Nicole
Gonzzales, Bobby Joseph, Sr.
Graham, Thelma Artigue
Gros, Gaston "Monkey" Frederick
Guidroz, Elmire Lefort

Guidry, Clebert "Nue"
Guidry, Wyatt Thomas
Hebert, Christina Cockeram
Hebert, Marie Elaine Comeaux
Hodovsky, Herbert Carl "HC"
Hoffmann, Mollie Ruth Rollins Lirette
Hollis, Yvette Marie
Howard, Da'Ronte "RonnieJ"

Hutchinson, Anthony Joseph "Tony"
Hymel, Albon Pierre, Jr.
Johnson, Dorothy Kennedy
Kenney, Helen Francis "T.T." Funderburk
Knoblock, Dan Paul
Kraemer, Natasha Adair

Lagarde, Beatrice Marie
LeBlanc, Sarina
LeBlanc, Susan Marie Soudelier
Ledet, Aljean, Sr.
Legendre, Kevin Francis

Linder, Christopher Joseph
Lirettte, Lolita Benoit
Loupe, Lacey Lynn
Luquette, Ava Detiveaux

Mahler, Elta M. "TaTa" Molaison
Maize, Robert Lee
Marcel, James Jeffery "Tuddy", Jr.
Marcel, Joseph "Joe", Jr.
Marrero, Carlos
Martin, Ella Marie Pellegrin
Matherne, Cleveland

Matherne, Forence Clement
Matherne, Gloria Rousseau
Mayet, Irma Guidroz
McMillan, Cora Lee Webre
Medina, Linda Ann
Mueller, Todd
Naquin, Esthelina Gaudet
Naquin, Gary "Parran" Joseph
Ockman, Russell J.
Orgeron, Angela
Parr, George J.
Patterson, Sylvester "SP", Sr.
Pennison, Jimmy Anthony
Picou, Olen Ann Champagne
Plaisance, Henry "Frog", Jr.

Plaisance, Vina Guidry
Poiencot, Russell Anthony, Sr.
Prejean, Levie Ledet
Price, Mary Beth
Richard, Andree Marie Thibodaux
Robicheaux, Jene Joseph "Gene"
Robinson, Clara Mae Davis

Rodrigue, Deena Jaccuzzo
Rodrigue, Jacqueline Lefort
Rodrigue, Ty Michael
Rose, Roy
Serigny, Gordon Joseph
Simon, Allen
Square, Antoine "Twins"
Talbot, Ethel Gaubert "Pullet"
Talbot, Leta Gwen Reynolds
Taub, Diane Humel
Terrebonne, Kylie Nicole Gautreaux

Theriot, Barbara Peck
Theriot, Beverly Ann Pellegrin
Thibodaux, Daniel J.
Thibodaux, Eve Hebert
Thibodaux, Nolan Joseph
Thibodeaux, Melissa Marie
Thomas, Joyce Ann
Toups, Charles Joseph
Usey, Hortense Louise Tabor
Valure, Chester John
verdin, Thomas "Picky"
Vice, Earl Anthony

Vizier, Rosie Jane
Voisin, Mildred Eschette
Voisin, Samuel Joseph

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