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"Tri-Parish Times"
(Terrebonne, Lafourche and St. Mary Parishes)
Houma, Terrebonne, La.

November 2016

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Abrams, Berrnice Ray Law
Adams, Eric "Big E" Joseph
Allemand, Betty "Belle" Naquin
Allemand, Lawrence
Allen, Virginia "Jenny" Marie
Anderson, Daisy Mamie Williams
Andras, Deborah Arceneaux
Arceneaux, Betty Orgeron
Authement, Hayes Joseph
Authement, Marlene Richard
Babin, Barbara Boudreaux
Banta, Charles R., III
Barbera, Mamie Tramonte
Becnel, James Joseph
Becnel, Raymond Alvin
Benoit, Emma Usea
Bergeron, Nicole "Nikki"
Bernard, Eugene "Gene Tu-B" J., Jr.
Bernard, Robert "Bob" James
Billiot, Clifford Joseph
Bishop, Franklin "Frank"
Blanchard, Rachel Grace
Boudreaux, Anna Hebert
Boudreaux,  Delvin P.
Boudreaaux, Donna Suzanne
Boudreaux, Edga Mae Ledet
Boudreaux, Everett James "Dreauxs"
Boudreaux, Jarryd John
Boudreaux, Rhoda St. Upery
Boudreaux, Sterling Josepph, Sr.
Brien, Russel James
Brunet, Ophelia Naquin Convillier
Brunet, Sostine J., Sr.
Callouet, Stephen "Steve"
Cavaliere, Laura Lucia
Champagne, Percy A.
Chauvin, Mary Ann
Clement, Shirley Picou
Coffman, Randolph
Collins, Floyd Joseph, Sr.
Corn, Matthew Thomas
Coulston, Emelda Dufrene
Coy, Henry Aaron
Crochet, Kathryn Joyce Ginder
Crochet, Kevin Michael
Daggs, Jerome "JJ/Big Red" Jr.
Danos, Odson A., Jr.
Dardar, Eula Mae Serigny
Delatte, Darlene "Blaze" Ann
Domangue, Robert "Robbie"
Duet, Bob, Sr.
Dufrene, Patrick W. "Pat", Sr.
Dugas, Lawrence Paul
Duplantis, Stella Dupre
Dupre, Annie "Laurie" Laura Boudreaux
Dupre, Elda "DaDa" Marie LeBouef
Dupre, Wickliff Joseph "Mr. Wuz"
Eschete, Lorina Danos
Falgout, Vicki Lynn
Foret, Richard Anthony
Frazier, Ethel Mae
Frost, Cambron "Camo"
Galjour, Loretta "Sis"
Gaspard, Rose Naquin
Gaubert, Bobbie Moore
Gautreaux, Thomas "Tommy"
Gisclair, Reese Elizabeth
Gisclair, Stanley A.
Glynn, Martin
Grabert, Ronny Gregory
Griffin, Harold J., Sr.
Guedry, Charles J., Jr.
Guidry, Buford
Guidry, Calvin "Pechon" Paul, Sr.
Guilbeau, Fercy Joseph, Jr.
Hall, Catherine Suzette "Pebbles" Micele
Harrison, John Kenneth-Wayne
Hebert, Ann Marie Fanguy
Helmer, Kenneth Thomas, Sr.
Henry, Juanita Ann Savoie
Jackson, Ray Noble, Sr.
Johnson, Mona Pitre
Kinniff, Daniel Ray
Kinniff, Laura Bergeron
Lamartina, Rosalie Kramer
Lambert, Paul Arthur
Landry, Gary Gerard
Landry, Junius Joseph "Slim"
Landry, Virginia Gautreaux
Laque, Dorothy "Dot" Clement
LeBlanc, David Paul
LeBoeuf, Tony James, Sr.
Liner, Mabel "Meb" Rogers
Matherne, Cerene "FiFi"
Matherne, Linda Griffin
Mayet, Lillian Rome
Melancon, Marie Stella Levron
Molinaire, Andrew "Harrison, Sr.
Naquin, Donna
Naquin, Pernell James
Naquin, Rozelia Billiot
Neyland, Michael
Nixon, Rosemary Woods
Ordoyne, Bessie Thiboaux
Pellegrin, Steven Bernard, Sr.
Perera, Leroy
Peter, Godfrey W., Sr.
Pierre, Lionel
Plaisance, Nita Marie Guidry
Ponder, Jimmy Nolan, Sr.
Pontiff, Yvonne "Bonnie" Klingman
Pope, Bonnie Beasley
Poyner, Sherry
Price, Emily Thrasher
Prince, Donald John
Rau, Mary Lynn
Ray, Mildred Brown
Rhodes. Earl J.

Robertson, Duell Joseph
Robinson, Evans John
Rodriguez, James, Sr.
Sassoni, Linda Redden
Smith, Kimberley Dale Petterman
Smith, Robin Benita
Steib, Christopher
Stockwell, Juanita "Tootsie"
Theriot, Lee J., Sr.
Thibodaux, Cecile Scioneaux
Thibodaux, Lloyd J.
Thibodaux, Sally LeRay
Thompson, Michelle Leigh
Tillman, Audrey Mae
Touro, Emma Pitre
Verdin, Karen Bouchard
Verrett, Gracie Leweis
Victor, Michael W. "Mike"
Voclain, Donna Sue
Wainwright, Tina Runore
Westerman, Glenn J.
Whitmire, Clem Allen
Williams, Angela "Angie"
Williams, Michael Grammer
Zerinfue, Lucy Himel


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