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  Last modified:  15 July 2016

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Adams, Lawrence J.
Aucoin, Rickey "Lil Rick" L., Jr.

Battaglia, Dominic
Beasley, Michelle Lynne
Belaire, Wallace P., Sr.
Bergeron, Katie Renee
Bernard, Douglas John
Billiot, Ida Schexnayder

Billiot, Jennifer Alleno
Bonvillain, Jonayhan Paul, Sr.
Boudreaux, Jude C.
Boudreaux, Sterling Paul
Bourg, Doris Dae Smart Kern
Bourg, Eula Mstherne
Bourgeois, Therese Delatte

Brasseaux, David Allen, Sr.
Breaux, Carla Dupre'
Breaux, Holly A.
Brinson, Barnie Joe
Brown, Mildred
Caillouet, Aaron E. L.
Champagne, Sylvia
Chiasson, Raymond Joseph, Jr.
Chiaasson, Thelma
Clause, Lester Paul, Sr.
Collins, Melva Marie

Cook, Wayne Allen, Sr.
Cooks, Clara Smith
Crawford, Vincent Roy "Big Lo"
Cunningham, Deborah A.
Cunningham, Joseph "J.C.", III
Dardar, Percy B., Sr.
Darjean, John, III
DeHart, Curtis "Curt" Paul, Sr.
DeHart, Lucy Armond

Dehart, Rodney Joseph
Deroche, Troy Anthony
Deslatte, Harry James
Dombrowski, Faye  E.
Doucet, Eddie Theodore
Duet, Evelyn Marie Freeman
Dufrene, Sherry Ann Benoit
Dugruise, Orelie Joseph, III

Duplantis, Arthur Paul, Jr.
Dupre, Merle "Pookie" Lirette

Dupre, Sharon "Sherry" Tvonne Byrams
Dupuy, Lawrence "Larry Dupe"
Ellender, Joseph William, Sr.
Fayette, James P.
Frank, Alglone Banks
Gaubert, Elizabeth "Liz" Ann Adams
Gautreaux, Ora Therese Mary
Grevais, Werly P.

Gill, Geraldine "Dadeen" Pellegrin
Gilmore, Mabel Nini
Giroir, Racquel Lynn Bergeron
Griffin, Earl "Mandut", Sr.
Griffin, Weldon P. "Wille"
Hardy, Mary Lirette
Harmon, Francis "Mama Fran" Emeline
Hebert, Huey P.
Hebert, Willis John
Hicks, Donald Wayne
Iver, George E., Jr.
Jackson, Aaron Michael
Jackson, Alfred "Jack", Sr.

Johnson, Geraldine Stovall "Nellie"
Johnson, Moise
Johnson, Rosie Robertson

Kay, Samuel Matthew, Sr.
LaBauve, Marie M. Cowan
Landry, Rose Signorelli Simmons

Lawson, Catherine "Cat" Williams
LeBlanc, Lola Louise Bourg
Ledet, Claude J., Jr.
Ledet, Justin M.
Ledet, Mary Lou

Leese, Martha Josephine Jones
Leonard, Richard Patrick "Bean"
Lirette, Kathey Marie Portier
Lorio, Earl J.
Martin, Maybe Marguerite LeCompte
Matherne, Aaron "Armadillo" James
Matherne, Floyd Francis
Mayet, Emilie griffin
McElroy, George Joseph, Sr.

Mitchell, Carrie Moultrie
Mobley, Jonathan P.
Morvant, Mabel Mahler
Musgrove, Celine Ledet
Nails, Raymond
Naquin, Doris Brunet
Naquin, Kandi Matherne
Naquin, Mary Jean Farve
Naquin, Paul Joseph, Sr.
Moyes, Lois Eakin Cape Gammage
Ocampo, Elpidio "Pillo" Ortiz
Odomes, Gloria Mae
Ordoyne, Ora "Jackie"
Orgeron, Elsie Rebstock

Pellegrin, Eunice Marie Neil
Pellegrin, Francis "F.J." "Frank", Jr.
Percle, Marguerite Boudreaux
Pierce, Nolan A.
Pineda, Jose "Chepe" Jorge Illescas

Plaisance, Lawrence James
Powers, James Robert
Redmond, Raymond "Billy"
Redmond, Zeovie Durkins
Rivet, Henry A.
Robicheaux, Nancy Kay Dudek
Rogers, J. Michael

Rogers, Mary Lee Billiot
Sandras, Helen Plaisance
Schouest, Gerald Jeffery
Simon, Albert Joseph
Smith, William, Jr.
Songe, Ronald "Digger" Paul

Stovall, Willie Mae
Theriot, Eugene, Jr.
Theriot, Patrick "Pat" Anthony
Touro, Mary Saprito
Trahan, Doris Norma Ann Guillot
Trahan, Paul Michael
Tran, Joseph Tu
Turner, Richard "Dickie" E.
Voss, Marilyn Marie
Weaver, Myrlee Marquis
Williams, Lloyd

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