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"Tri-Parish Times"
(Terrebonne, Lafourche and St. Mary Parishes)
Houma, Terrebonne, La.

December 2012

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The names are in alphabetical order.  All of these obituaries are in one file.  Click here to view obituary details.  Click here to view photo of a highlighted name below.
Adams, Ethel Chiasson
Ambler, Julie Voisin
Andras, Tina Ordoyne
Arcement, Irene Rogers
Arnold, Alaina Zeringue
Aupied, Ann Guidry

Authement, Louis
Authement, Whitney Joseph, jr.
Babin, Joyce Fanguy
Babin, Rita Collins
Bahm, Helen Louise Champagne
Barbier, Connie Taylor
Barras, Silby Chiasson
Bascle, Lindy Lou Robichaux
Becnel, Gordon James
Becnel, Lucille Lyons
Belanger, Evelyn Joyce Ledet
Belanger, Genevieve Arson
Benoit, David H.
Berger, Charles "Bu-Butte" Herman
Bergeron, Dorothy Bourg
Bienvenu, John Bartholomew
Bijeaux, Bonnie Lee
Black, Nikki Savoie
Blackledge, Jimmie
Blanchard, Larry joseph
Bordelon, Clara Mae Ledet
Boudreaux, Forrest J., Sr.
Boudreaux, Margaret Marie Chamberlain
Boudreaux, Wallace Joseph
Bourg, Willard Joseph, Jr.
Bourgeois, Chantelle Therese
Bourgeois, JoAnn Theriot
Bourgeois, Walter Joseph "Pop"
Brazan, Gaspard James
Bright, Henry O.
Brooks, Vivian Ann
Brown, Ja'Kharia
Bryan, Carol Moore

Burnett, Dodie Claire Legendre
Callahan, Carrie gros
Callais, Julie "Sue" Trosclair
Campbell, Kilbern Kenneth
Cancienne, Cleveland J. "Pee Wee"
Cenac, Donald Joseph, Jr.
Charles, Pauline Taylor
Cheramie, Leonard J. "Red"
Chiasson, Jesse Joseph
Chiasson, Winnie Navarre
Clay, Bobbie "Poppy" G.
Collins, Gertie Brunet
Cosper, Donna
Crosby, Zenobia "Mully" Sacco Fleanders
Dangerfield, Donald "Duck" Ray
Danos, Lois Roddy Scott
Darcey, Terry Joseph
Delatte, Mary Ann M.
Domangue, Thomas Joseph
Duet, Wayne P.
Dufrene, Lillian LeBlanc
Dumont, Kerry P.
Duplantis, Donna Robichaux
Duplantis, Myrtis Robicheaux
Duplantis, Wedgir Junius, Jr.
Dupre, Cecile, Malbrough
Edwards, Evelyn "T Mae"
Eschete, Donald Joseph
Falgout, Genevieve Breaud
Falterman, Darnell A.
Fitch, Raymond Wilbert
Flores, Anthony Michael
Floyd, Carolyn Ann Walter
Folse, Carolyn Navarre
Fonseca, Elta Leontine Savoie
Fondren, James W.
Foret, Dennis P.
Foret, George Joseph, Jr.
Foret, Waidle "SueSue" Ann Smith
Gage, A'Kila
Gaspard, Sandra Sue Guidry
Gisclair, Miranda A.
Grabert, Victoria Navarre
Gravois, Theodore "Teddy"
Gray, Paul Kenneth
Gremillion, Ernest J. "E.J."
Gros, Bessie D.
Guidry, Didia "Junior" Anthony, Jr.
Hadaway, Mary Eva bergeron
Hebert, Alex Joseph, Jr.
Hebert, Elise Giroir Metcalf
Hebert, Richard Lawrence
Hebert, Sarah Dufrene
Henderson, James D. "J.D."
Himel, Norman "Speck", Sr.
Holliday, Patricia Ann McClain
James, Junior Paul "Poorie"
John, Josephine Joseph
Johnson, Ernest Lee
Johnson, John "Johnny" Palmer
Johnson, Marie Breaux
Johnson, Mary Louise "Moot"
Jones, Henry "Big Jim"
Jones, Louis "Joe", Sr.
Kees, Murrel Landry
Kliebert, Mary Benoit

Lafont, Henry Joseph, Sr.
Lagarde, Dorothy Johnson
Landry, Louise Mae Breaux
Landry, Mary Trosclair
Landry, Paul Douglas
Lark, Wayne A.
LeBlanc Barry "Duck" Andrew
LeBlanc, Georgette
LeBlanc, James Anthony
LeBoeuf, Carl "Click" Joseph
Lee, Marvin Joseph
Lemoine, Fred A.
Leonard, Genevieve T.
Lowe, Ramona Champagne
Mahoney, Warren
Matherne, Lucia LeBoeuf
Matherne, Terry Paul
McWhorter, James G.
Morris, William "Bill" C., Jr.
Naquin, Bobby Joseph, Sr.
Naquin, Morris "Nootsie" A.
Naquin, Morris "Nootsie" A.
Nells, Joan Dell Mart
Olsen, Rodney Gypsy, Sr.
Ostheimer, Lucius "Lou" Raymond, Jr.
Oubre, Elton J.
Patterson, Marks, Sr.
Perrin, Cecile "Cess"
Pierce, Raymond Franklin, Jr.
Pitre, Donna R.
Pitre, Robert J., Sr.
Porche, Doreen Doubleday Stagni
Preston, April Thibodeaux
Pugh, Jean Hemphill
Pugh, Verda Mae "Mary"
Reado, Rosa lee
Rebstock, Joseph "Joe"
Reed, Alva Elizabeth Womack
Richard, Mary June Rodrigue
Ritchie, Marjorie F.
Robert, Edmonde "Dee" Rayne
Robichaux, Lawrence "Larry" J.
Robinson, Joseph Mark "Joe"
Roddy, Paul Rodney
Rougeau, Mabel Aysenne
Rousse, Norris "T-Nu" C., Sr.
Roussell, Bella Foret
Ruffin, Rineys
Ryan, Charles "Chuck" Robert
Sagona, Emma Francis Skinner
Samanie, Beatrice Mary Duplantis
Samanie, Leola Gautreaux
Sampey, Betty Sevin
Savoie, Mathilde Eymard
Shanklin, Eulas
Smith, Martin "Tuttie", Sr.
Sndras, Tina Ordoyne
Songy, Rev. Msgr. James B.
Stein, Leonard Joseph
Steverson, Dorothy "Miss Dot" Bonvillain
Steward, Wallace, Sr.
Strickland, Barbara Nell Triggs
Swanner, Jamie Beth
Taplett, Peter Lee, Sr.
Terrebonne, Michael "Mitch"
Theriot, Lauri Toups
Thibodeaux, Chad Michael
Thibodeaux, Jules E.
Thibodeaux, Odile Olivier
Thibodeaux, Rena Mae
Thomas, Lionel "J.J."
Triche, Joseph Wilfred, Sr.
Turner, Ethel Hills
Usie, Oscar Anthony, Sr.
Vedros, George Anthony
Vincent, Marguerite
Waguespack, Helen Pierron
Ward, Craig
Ward, David, Sr.
White, Royal, Sr.
White, Sylvester "A.B.", Jr.
Williams, Jasper, Jr.
Wyre, Dorothy Mae


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